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The show centered on Matthew Burton (Bateman), a teenage scam artist who lived in a Van Nuys, California apartment with his older sister Julie (Cast) and widowed mother Eileen (Kaye). Matt ran various underhanded dealings with his high school friends, especially his sidekick Eli (Adam Sadowsky), such as term paper sales, exam answer keys, and blackmail. The status quo of Matthew's world changed forever in the series' pilot, when Norman Lamb (Garrison) moved into the apartment across the hall. A quick-witted but impoverished writer from Chicago, Norman struck up a friendship with Eileen and the two were soon dating. Dismayed that his mother had chosen someone so far beneath her, Matt set upon sabotaging their relationship, but soon finds he has met his match -- Norman reveals himself to be cut from the same cloth as Matthew, and foils plot after plot. Matt and Norman's cat and mouse game continued and escalated for thirteen episodes, fighting relentlessly while always shielding the aggressively gullible Eileen from one another's true nature.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de It's Your Move

S01E01 Pilot 00/00/0000 Imagine J.R. Ewing at the age of 14. That's Matthew Burton. Imagine Matthew Burton 20 years on. That's Norman Lamb. When Norman moves into the apartment across the hall and takes a shine to Mrs Burton, Matthew moves into action with a fiendish opening gambit. Will it soon be checkmate, or has Matthew finally met his match?
S01E02 Put to the Test 00/00/0000 Matt's plans to sell answers to an upcoming English test hit a snag when his teacher goes on maternity leave.
S01E03 Dating Games 00/00/0000 In a rare righteous moment, Matt assures his friend Eli of a date with Julie to the Harvest Ball. Julie has no intention of dating 'this lower life-form', forcing Matt into his bag of tricks to save face.
S01E04 Night Work 00/00/0000 For the first time in his young life, con-artist Matt meets resistance to his devious courting strategies, which are complicated by some clever monkey business from his new neighbour, Norman.
S01E05 Pajama Party 00/00/0000 Matt and Eli plan their greatest conspiracy - bugging Julie's pajama party!
S01E06 Love Letters 00/00/0000 Romance may be slipping through Matt and Norman's fingers as a web of suspicion surrounds love letters each receives from supposed secret admirers
S01E07 Dad and Me 00/00/0000 When burglars clean out the Burtons' apartment, Matt and Norman are forced into an unlikely partnership - posing as father and son on a TV game show in the hope of furniture...
S01E08 The Rival 00/00/0000 Matt is determined to break up his mother's and Norman's relationship and hits on a scheme guaranteed to drive Norman into a jealous rage - a trait his mother despises in men.
S01E09 Top Dog 00/00/0000 Matthew finds he has created a monster when his scheme to prevent Norman from replacing his retiring teacher goes horribly wrong.
S01E10 Don't Leave Home Without It 00/00/0000 When Norman gets a new credit card, it means two things - a romantic weekend alone with Eileen and freedom from Matt's economic clutches.
S01E11 The Christmas Show 00/00/0000 The Burton family is poised to celebrate their Christmas in their traditional fashion, complete with Christmas-day bowling, guacamole, and picking up the San Diego channel on their aluminum Christmas tree. Norman, however, has more traditional plans that include thick, gooey egg nog and making his own Christmas presents. Plans go awry when traditions clash. Matt saves the day and still successfully makes Norman look like a fool.
S01E12 The Dregs of Humanity (1) 00/00/0000 The band Matt and Eli put together for the school dance creates an impression that is out of this world, and trouble that leaves the boys' bones ratling.
S01E13 The Dregs of Humanity (2) 00/00/0000 The apparant success of Matt and Eli's ""band"" hits a snag when various money-hungry lowlifes sue the nonexistant group for 25 million dollars. In order to save face, Matt and Norman collaborate on a way to kill-off the band by driving Norman's new car off a cliff and scattering the band's clothing around the scene of the accident.
S01E14 Caught in the Act 00/00/0000 Eileen's image of her perfect son is permanently shattered after his scheme to get her a well-deserved pay-rise backfires.
S01E15 Eli's Song 00/00/0000 When a reluctant Norman is appointed coach of the high school's losing soccer team, Matt persuades him to give Eli the opportunity of a lifetime and make him second-string goalie...
S01E16 A Woman Is Just a Woman 00/00/0000 When Eileen turns down a marriage proposal, opting for Norman's affections over fame and fortune, Norman feels obliged to make an equally noble gesture.
S01E17 The Experts 00/00/0000 Acting on Matt's financial advice, Norman and Dwight make a killing on the stock market. But rather than dining out on their new-found wealth, they soon find themselves singing for their supper.
S01E18 Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen 00/00/0000 The story of Julie Burton, a cheerleader. But, strangely enough, a cheerleader without cheer. For a perverse crime is about to strike Julie down. A crime from the hands of one she trusted.