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"It Takes a Choir" follows the dapper and charismatic British sensation Gareth Malone as he travels across the U.S. to unite an unexpected mix of characters through the spellbinding power of music. A true fish out of water, in both his environment and teaching style, Malone finds himself in the craziest situations with some of the biggest characters. Each episode culminates in a unified and powerful public performance from the choir in front of their family, friends and community.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de It Takes a Choir

S01E01 Fort Riley's Army of Voices 29/12/2014
S01E02 Breakfast Club at Brashear 29/12/2014
S01E03 Bad News Blues Hockey 29/12/2014
S01E04 Senioritis 29/12/2014
S01E05 On Fire in Colorado 29/12/2014
S01E06 Crabbin' and Choirin' in Crisfield 29/12/2014
S01E07 Bringin' Back Berwick 29/12/2014
S01E08 Singing With a Full Deck 29/12/2014

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