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Be prepared to laugh, cry and everything in between with the very best of British drama.


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S255E01 The Day Hitler Died 24/01/2016 Historical documentary telling the definitive story of Hitler's final hours as told by the people who were there. The programme features exclusive interviews originally filmed in 1948 - only recently rediscovered after 65 years and never before seen in the UK - with the inner circle who were trapped with Hitler in his bunker as the Russians fought to take Berlin. Parts of the bunker are rebuilt according to this eyewitness testimony in order to forensically chart the last hours, days and minutes of the Fuhrer's life.
S255E02 Harry Price Ghost Hunter 27/12/2015 Ghost hunter Harry Price is summoned to investigate claims that an MP's house is haunted.
S255E03 Added by mistake - edit this one 00/00/0000
S255E04 Death of a Princess 00/00/0000 Death of a Princess is a British 1980 drama-documentary produced by ATV in cooperation with WGBH in the United States. The drama is based on the true story of Princess Misha'al, a young Saudi Arabian princess and her lover who had been publicly executed for adultery. The documentary's depiction of the customs of Saudi Arabia led many governments to oppose its broadcast, under threat of damaging trade ramifications.
S255E05 Stockwell 21/01/2009 A dramatic reconstruction of the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes.
S255E06 My Boy Jack 11/11/2007 Based on 1915 poem by Rudyard Kipling of the same name, this television dramatization of the 1997 stage play 'My Boy Jack' stars Daniel Radcliffe as John "Jack" Kipling, David Haig as Rudyard Kipling, and Kim Cattrall as Caroline Kipling. Davig Haig is the writer of both the stage play and the television screenplay. 'My Boy Jack' examines how grief affected Rudyard Kipling following the death of his son during World War I at the Battle of Loos in 1915.
S255E07 You Can Choose Your Friends 07/06/2007 A one-off, semi-autobiographical comedy drama by Richard Herring, that broadcast on June 7th 2007 (on ITV). Featuring Anton Rodgers, Julia McKenzie, Gordon Kennedy, Claire Skinner & several others
S255E08 The Good Samaritan 16/06/2007 Three men, two wives and one rooftop. Brian Guest is a man who has the best of intentions but always seems to get things wrong. When he thinks he's responsible for a man's death and sets out to make amends, he embarks on a journey of epic proportions.
S255E09 Catwalk Dogs 21/10/2007 Feature length romantic comedy starring Kris Marshall and Georgia MacKenzie as Michael and Sally - a couple whose fragile relationship falls apart when a Fox Terrier puppy enters their lives. While Sally moves in next door to a local dog breeder and his formidable Rottweiler-breeding mother, Michael's life unravels as he loses his job and starts drinking heavily - until he finds the disparate but caring members of a local dog club, who might be able to help him win Sally back.
S255E10 Half Broken Things 28/10/2007 Penelope Wilton is note-perfect as Jean, a lonely, seemingly harmless housesitter who builds an elaborate fantasy world when she collides with two other lost souls in this dramatisation of Morag Joss's subtle, absorbing novel. Jean is well-meaning, but after a chance meeting with thief Michael (Daniel Mays) and pregnant girlfriend Steph (Sinead Matthews, see below), she embarks on a desperate course when the three are bound by tragedy. It's an excellent, slow-building thriller that fills the viewer with trepidation at each inexorable step, as the three spend an idyllic summer at Jean's "borrowed" home (a gorgeous manor house). Though highly improbable (there are plenty of plot holes, if you want to look for them), Half Broken Things works extremely well, thanks to the three central performances and a prickly feeling that all will not turn out well.

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