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Late night re-mix of Jam: Jam is a British comedy television series created by Chris Morris. It was based on the earlier BBC Radio 1 show, Blue Jam, and consisted of a series of unsettling sketches unfolding over an ambient soundtrack. Many of the TV sketches re-used the original radio soundtracks with the actors lip-synching their lines, an unusual technique which added to the programme's unsettling atmosphere. Jam is sometimes referred to as being "controversial", but in spite of containing scenes many would find quite disturbing (and prompting at least one article in the Daily Mail), it nonetheless did not receive the same outraged headlines as the Brass Eye episode on paedophilia Chris Morris produced the following year.


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S01E01 Jaaaaam Session 00/00/0000 When dancing, lost in techno trance, arms flailing gawky bez; then find you snagged on frowns, and slowly dawns: you're jazzing to the beeptone of a life-support machine that marks the steady fading of your day-old baby daughter. And when midnight sirens, lead to blue flash road mash, stretchers covered heads, and slippy red macadam, and find you creeping neath the blankets, to snuggle close a mangled bird, hoping soon you too will be freezer drawered. Then welcome, ooh blue chemotherapy wig, welcome in Jam
S01E02 In a Jaaaaam 00/00/0000 When roped to concrete, and noose your bauble, for car powered head divorce, then find your scheme all twunted by a honda. And when all your taxi journeys come to this. Then welcome, ooh astonishing sod ape, welcome in Jam
S01E03 Jaaaaamin' 00/00/0000 When walk to work, all swig faced, six months since you clowned it up, and old friends cross the street, and no one pays you any heed, except the dung-breathed men, who often now will pick you up, and van you to the fens, to wrestle pigs. Then welcome, ooh PIG, welcome in Jam
S01E04 Brimful Of Jam 00/00/0000 When shakey head, at local paper story of a crime git, then look again and see that he is you, this long lens shifty bugger in the park. When every phone call destroys your life, but the phone aint got a bloody plug. And when waking, wonder where you are, only to find the rest of you is asking where you've gone. Then welcome, ooh arrested for copying dogs, welcome in Jam
S01E05 Jaaaaamming In The Moonlight 00/00/0000 When surface from a four day crash, bluebottle gobbed, and hear the children call you maggot mouth, and rise to find they've roped your guts, so fall you jessop. They crown you king cantaloupe, and gob you up a synapse bomb, so now your hooting leathersnake, not clocking you've been prammed, to serenade the door of your ex wife, clocking glares of ice. Then find you've wandered back to school, and frit the squabs, and now here comes a teacher with a copper. Then welcome, ooh fuss fuss fuss, welcome in Jam.
S01E06 Less Talk, More Jaaaaam 00/00/0000 When dreadful duty, leads you to the place, where you have stored it. And when walking dog, call the children, he won't bite, then see them run, deranged by what you're dragging round, and have been since you found him eyeless stiff and putrid, after seven months of "oh I wonder where hes got to". Then welcome, ooh born dead through your own arse, welcome in Jam.
S01E07 Get Talk, More Jaaaaam 00/00/0000
S01E08 Jaaaaam and the mixer 00/00/0000 This episode is fake please delete it
S01E09 Another Jaaaaam day 00/00/0000 TO delete beta test sorry for that. Api testing. Please delete episode 7/8/9
S01E10 Jaammm and it's Sister 00/00/0000
S01E11 Oh you are here and beauty 00/00/0000
S01E12 Yep it's my life 00/00/0000
S01E13 Please delete episode 7 tot 13 00/00/0000 This was a beta testing sorry for spamming ...
S01E14 And this one tooo 00/00/0000
S01E15 Please delete episode 7 tot 15 and season 2 00/00/0000 Sorry for beta testing my app
S01E16 Last Yep 00/00/0000