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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures

S01E01 An Ocean Runs Though It 18/09/1993 A visit to the Bahamas includes the aquarium at Paradise Island's Atlantis Resort. Observed: spiny puffers; parrotfish; and reef sharks in the ocean.
S01E02 Together for Life 02/10/1993 The bond between animals and their trainers at Marine World Africa USA in Vallejo, Cal. Included: a young orangutan, a killer whale and old lions.
S01E03 Man's Best Friend 09/10/1993 Canine companions for people with disabilities.
S01E04 A Day With the Greatest Show on Earth 16/10/1993 Circus animals.
S01E05 Return of the Dinosaurs 23/10/1993 Dinosaur descendants, cousins and look-alikes.
S01E06 Baby Boom 30/10/1993 Baby animals at the Columbus (Ohio) Zoo.
S01E07 Struggle and Survival 06/11/1993 Coastal development; loggerhead turtles; manatees.
S01E08 Hidden Treasures of Monterey 13/11/1993 California; Monterey Bay; Cannery Row; shark festival.
S01E09 So You Want to Work With Animals 20/11/1993 Zoo keepers.
S01E10 Close Encounters 27/11/1993 Animals close-up: sharks, bay rays, otters.
S01E11 Memories of the Wild 04/12/1993 Included: footage of wildlife in Africa and Borneo filmed in the 1920s and '30s by famed explorers Martin and Osa Johnson. Also: a talk with a woman who accompanied the pair on their last African safari.
S01E12 Swamp Things 11/12/1993 Alligators and snapping turtles at a New Orleans Zoo; a visit with a veteran beekeeper.
S01E13 Rhino on the Brink 25/12/1993 Efforts to save the rhinoceros from extinction.
S01E14 Wake-Up Call 02/04/1993 Efforts to save Florida's wildlife in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew.
S01E15 Sanctuary 09/04/1993 Jack visits a bird sanctuary in Florida that has been treating injured animals since the early 1970s.
S01E16 House Calls 16/04/1994 Jack accompanies a Los Angeles veterinarian who makes house calls. His patients include a frog with a broken leg, a restless llama and a sick pig.
S01E17 Arabian Nights 23/04/1994 A visit to an equestrian dinner theater in Kissimmee, Fla., includes Jack's entry in a chariot race.
S01E18 Desert Mirage 30/04/1994 A visit to California includes ostrich and camel racing at a date festival in Indio and an exploration of the Living Desert in Palm Desert.
S01E19 Water Babies 07/05/1994 Jack visits SeaWorld in Orlando, where he encounters baby killer whales and manatees, and penguin chicks; and observes a treatment center for injured marine life.
S01E20 Mating Games 14/05/1994 Jack observes mating habits of animals in captivity in California, including the blue-footed booby at a Monterey aquarium, camels on a Vallejo preserve and California condors at the Los Angeles Zoo.
S01E21 Uncommon Canines 21/05/1994 A look at unusual canines in California includes a San Diego man's dog that plays basketball and baseball, and a Calabasas woman who is devoted to protecting wolves.
S01E22 Playing in Paradise 28/05/1994 A visit to a preserve for exotic birds and primates in Miami.
S01E23 Horsin' Around 04/06/1994 Bo Derek's horse ranch in California; cowboys in Florida; Arabian stallions and miniature horses in California.
S01E24 Down Under in the Deep South 11/05/1994 A visit to a kangaroo sanctuary in Georgia.
S01E25 Fun and Games 18/06/1994 Highlights of past episodes. Also: Jack's encounter with an orangutan.
S01E26 A View From Outer Space 25/06/1994 A look at the use of animals in space missions.
S02E01 Wildlife in the Windy City 01/10/1994 A look at efforts by the Chicago Academy of Sciences to help endangered peregrine falcons. Also: Pacific walruses and a giraffe at the Brookfield Zoo in Illinois.
S02E02 Animal Actors 08/10/1994 Jack visits with animal trainers to learn the fundamentals of their occupation. Also: trained animals used in films.
S02E03 Later Gator 15/10/1994 Alligators are observed at Gatorland in Florida. Included: herpetologists discuss the feeding of alligators and the hatching of eggs.
S02E04 Man and Mammal 22/10/1994 A visit to Chicago's Shedd Aquarium to observe marine mammals, including beluga whales; Alaskan sea otters; and dolphins.
S02E05 The Bear Facts 29/10/1994 Jack visits a man who has raised a black bear since it was a cub; and the Grizzly Discovery Center in West Yellowstone, Mont.
S02E06 New England Sea Creatures 05/11/1994 Marine life near Martha's Vineyard, Mass., including finback and minke whales. Also: a naturalist discusses whale behavior.
S02E07 Glacier National Park 12/11/1994 Wildlife at Montana's Glacier National Park, including bears, wolves and goats. Also: Hanna talks with a wildlife photographer.
S02E08 Animal Pilgrims of Plimoth Plantation 19/11/1994 Jack visits Plymouth, Mass., to examine an animal-breeding program designed to preserve endangered species.
S02E09 Yellowstone National Park 21/01/1995 Wildlife at Yellowstone National Park, including grizzlies, wolves, deer, bison and cougars. Also: rangers recall the park's history.
S02E10 Keeper Connections 28/01/1995 A visit to Busch Gardens in Tampa. Observed: koalas, black rhinos and white tigers.
S02E11 Going Buggy 04/02/1995 A visit to the Cincinnati and Columbus zoos to observe insects, including hissing cockroaches and assassin bugs.
S02E14 Veterinary Medicine 08/04/1995 The work of veterinarians. Included: the treatment of a bear and a horse.
S02E15 A Feline Festival 15/04/1995 Domestic and wild cats. Included: cheetahs, tigers and mountain lions.
S02E16 Outside City Limits 22/04/1995 A look at zoo animals that travel as part of education programs. Included: animals from the Columbus (Ohio) Zoo, observed with elementary-school students in Connecticut.
S02E18 Some Ruff and Grizzly Characters 05/05/1995 A visit with animal trainer Doug Seus, who trained the grizzlies that starred in the 1988 film "The Bear."
S02E19 The Wilder Side of Las Vegas 20/05/1995 Jack observes animals in Las Vegas, including bottlenose dolphins that are used to help autistic children; tortoises at a conservation center; and wild burros.
S02E20 The Great Apes 13/06/1995 A look at apes. Included: gorillas, chimps and orangutans.
S03E01 Special People, Special Dogs 30/09/1995 People who train unusual canines include a woman who teaches deaf dogs to understand sign language; those who train guide dogs for the blind; and law-enforcement officials who teach dogs to detect drugs.
S03E04 Chimpanzees of Chambura Gorge 21/10/1995 Chimpanzees are observed near Uganda's Charbura River Gorge. Also: a trip to a wildlife education center that cares for orphaned animals.
S03E05 Saving Endangered Species 28/10/1995 Jack travels to Kenya to visit a wildlife center and a sanctuary to learn ways to protect endangered animals. Included: caring for baby elephants and black rhinoceroses.
S03E06 Safari Through The Masai Mara 04/11/1995 Wildlife in Masai Mara, Kenya; plants; a bushman demonstrates survival techniques.
S03E07 Education Worldwide 12/11/1995 In Kenya, Jack visits a giraffe center and a school where children are learning about wildlife conservation.
S03E09 On Safari with Jack 00/00/0000 Jack's trip to Africa is highlighted with clips and anecdotes.
S03E10 Ugandan Gorillas 00/00/0000 In Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable Rain Forest, Jack seeks the mountain gorilla.
S03E12 Arctic Expedition 13/01/1996 Jack's search for polar bears in the Arctic includes a look at an Eskimo community and an overnight stay in an igloo.
S03E13 A Special Bond 00/00/0000 Jack investigates the bond that unites conservationists, zookeepers, researchers and animals.
S03E14 Swimming with the Manatees 00/00/0000
S03E15 Turtle Hospital 00/00/0000 At a Florida turtle hospital, Jack helps free a wounded turtle from a fishing line and learns about a new virus.
S03E17 Dolphin Research Center 24/02/1996 In the Florida Keys, Jack visits a dolphin research center; and observes the endangered key deer.
S03E18 Cayman Encounter 02/03/1996 Jack travels to the Cayman Islands to study stingrays. Also: tarpon are observed.
S03E19 Miami Serpentarium 17/02/1996 Hundreds of snakes await Jack at a Florida serpentarium, where venom is extracted for various uses.
S03E20 Wildlife Waystation 16/03/1996 Jack visits a shelter in Los Angeles that cares for rescued animals. Observed are lions and grizzly bears.
S03E22 Friends of a Feather 06/04/1996 A bird trainer introduces Jack to a talking parrot and demonstrates his training techniques with macaws and condors.
S03E23 Rescue Dogs 13/04/1996 Jack examines a training program for rescue dogs, such as those used in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing.
S03E25 World of Birds 27/04/1996 On a visit to South Africa, Jack tours a bird park in Capetown; and observes penguins on Boulder Beach.
S03E26 The Elusive Cheetah 04/05/1996 Cheetahs are studied in South Africa. Also: wild dogs and hyenas.
S03E27 Operation Rhino 11/05/1996 The black rhinoceros is observed in South Africa. Also: lions, giraffes and elephants.
S03E28 Crocodile Lady 18/05/1996 Crocodiles and hippopotamuses are observed in the St. Lucia Wetlands in Africa where Jack talks with a researcher studying crocodile feeding and breeding habits.
S06E01 Air Buddy 26/09/1998 The story of Buddy, star of the film "Air Bud," who died from cancer. Included: the next generation of the Buddy line.
S06E02 J.J.'s Release 03/10/1998 The story of J.J., the gray whale who was stranded on California's shoreline but was rescued and released by Sea World.
S06E03 Hoofin' It 10/10/1998 Spotting Alaskan wildlife. Also: a musk ox farm.
S06E04 Amazing Animals 17/10/1998 A look at a secondary school where students learn what it takes to be an animal trainer. Jack interviews trainer Sid Yost., owner of the Orlando school.
S06E05 Galloping Thunder 24/10/1998 A behind-the-scenes look at the Arabian Nights horse show and how horses are being used in mental-health therapy.
S06E06 Second Chance 00/00/0000 Jack visits trainer Joel Slaven, who works with animals from humane societies.
S06E07 Katmai Bears 07/11/1998 A look at the brown bears that fish for salmon in Katimia National Park in Alaska.
S06E08 Bloopers 14/11/1998 Scenes with animals that didn't make the show's final cut.
S06E09 Grant's Farm 21/11/1998 A journey to Grant's Farm, where more than two hundred animals are kept, including the famous Clydesdale Horses.
S06E10 Alaska's Big Little Zoo 12/12/1998 A visit to the Alaska Zoo includes a look at moose calves and an elephant.
S06E11 Kenai Connection 19/12/1998 The Sea Life Center in Seward, Alaska. Also: a boating adventure in Kenai Fjords National Park.
S06E12 Wings 'N Wolves 26/12/1998 A St. Louis Zoo exhibition that allows children to interact with animals. Also: an educational program at a bird sanctuary; and efforts at an animal reserve to rescue endangered wolves.
S06E13 Australia Zoo 09/01/1999 Jack visits the Australia Zoo in Queensland, where he encounters crocodiles, several varieties of poisonous snakes and an over 160-year-old Galápagos tortoise named Harriet that was collected by Charles Darwin in 1835 for scientific research.
S06E14 Under Down Under 23/01/1999 Jack travels to the Australian island of Tasmania, where he encounters Tasmanian devils, wombats and the Eastern quoll, and learns about a search for the allegedly extinct Tasmanian tiger.
S06E15 What a View, Mate! 06/02/1999 A visit to Australia includes a stop at Sydney's Taronga Zoo, a study of a little penguin colony and a bike tour of the Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo.
S06E16 Creatures of the Aussie Rainforest 13/02/1999 A look at Australia's unique wildlife, including the cassowaries, large, flightless birds that are remnants of the age of dinosaurs.
S06E17 Australia's Great Barrier Reef 20/02/1999 Jack explores the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia, where he observes coral, clams and tropical fish, and visits an aquarium in Townsville.
S06E18 Koalas of Pilliga 27/02/1999 Jack visits the Pilliga Forest in New South Wales, Australia, and provides assistance on a project dedicated to the health and habitat of koalas.
S06E19 Making Waves 09/03/1999
S06E20 On the Move 10/04/1999 The modes of transportation deployed for various animal adventures, from submarines to covered wagons to the old fashioned way: on foot
S06E21 Currumbin Sanctuary 01/05/1999 Jack explores Australia's Gold Coast.
S06E22 Underwater World 00/00/0000 Visiting the Underwater World Oceanarium in Mooloolaba, Australia, to dive with sharks.
S06E23 Fraser Island 15/05/1999 Jack explores Australia's Fraser Island.
S06E24 Atlantis: Lost and Found 00/00/0000 Underwater explorations in and around the Bahamas to examine sunken wreckage, reef sharks and piranha.
S07E01 Making Waves 14/08/1999 Jack goes to the Bahamas, where he encounters sharks, dolphins and sea lions.
S07E02 On the Move 28/08/1999 A survey of the modes of transportation deployed for various animal adventures, from submarines to covered wagons to the old fashioned way: on foot.
S07E03 Currumbin Sanctuary 11/09/1999 Jack explores Australia's Gold Coast, where he visits a wildlife preserve. Also: up-close encounters with fruit bats, kangaroos, koalas, and a pond of carnivorous eels.
S07E04 Underwater World 25/09/1999 At an underwater park in Australia, Jack dives into a tank filled with sharks. Also: sharks and turtles living in captivity are set free.
S07E06 Fraser Island 02/10/1999 Featured: a trip to a primate exhibition at an Africa zoo that houses a gorilla credited with stopping a criminal on the zoo's grounds. Also included is a segment on the continent's polar bears.
S07E07 Manatee Move 09/10/1999 Jack explores Australia's Fraser Island, where he checks out the locale's dingo population. Also: whale-watching in the Pacific.
S07E08 Atlantis: Lost and Found 16/10/1999 Featured: four manatees travel by air from their Florida home to Ohio for a zoo's exhibit based on Hannah's hopes of exposing the Midwest to coastal sea life.
S07E09 A Paws for Help 30/10/1999 Jack assists in the rescue of two abandoned dogs. He later meets a golden retriever trained to help a handicapped woman with everyday tasks.
S07E10 Vumbura Camp 06/11/1999 In Botswana; Jack and his daughter encounter lions; nature walk; elephants; rock python.
S07E11 Sabi Sabi 13/11/1999 A visit to a game reserve in South Africa where Jack Hanna and his daughter track elephants to a watering hole, encounter lions and drive around in rough terrain.
S07E12 White Shark 20/11/1999 Seeking out the great white shark in Shark Alley, off the coast of South Africa.
S07E13 Jack's Camp 27/11/1999 Kalahari Desert; brown hyena with pups; orphaned zebra foal; village children; digging for scorpions.
S07E14 The Outer Banks 15/01/2000 A visit to North Carolina's Outer Banks includes black bears, migratory birds, red wolves and wild mustangs. Also: a talk with a glider pilot atop a sand dune.
S07E15 The Tropics Bird Refuge 22/01/2000 A visit to a retirement home for exotic birds in North Carolina.
S07E16 Sable Ranch 11/03/2000 A South African endangered species breeding program requires an antelope roundup and relocation of a white rhino.
S07E17 Africa on the Edge 05/02/2000 Jack Hanna and his daughter explore Botswana's Okavango wilderness. Included: Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert and how they extract water from roots.
S07E18 On a Mission 25/03/2000 Jack visits some of his favorite aquariums and parks; new programs focusing on animal enrichment.
S07E19 On the Fly 29/04/2000 In Central Florida; whooping cranes released; bald eagle population.
S07E20 Chitabe Camp 26/02/2000 Jack travels to Botswana to observe leopards on the Okavango Delta. Also: a night safari captures lions and elephants in nocturnal activities.
S07E21 Grin and Bear It 04/03/2000 Jack encounters brown bears in Alaska.
S07E23 Touchdown Alaska 18/03/2000 Jack's daughter Kathleen joins her dad for some bear watching in Alaska. Also: fly-fishing and a profile of a salmon researcher.
S07E27 Wild About Whales 13/05/2000 Hanna dips into the waters off Maui to watch a 40-ton humpback at play. Included: comments from members of the Pacific Whale Foundation about the endangered status of the species.
S07E28 E Komo Mai 20/05/2000 Exploring the underwater scenery of Maui's marine world, including coral reefs, tide pools and sea turtles. Also: swimming with a tiger shark.
S07E29 Island of Tranquility 27/05/2000 A preservation facility for endangered geese is visited on Molokai. Also: a Hawaiian ranch for giraffes, cattle and other four-legged livestock.
S07E30 Primed for Primates 03/06/2000 A visit to two places that provide havens for chimpanzees, orangutans and lemurs that are no longer needed for research projects or can no longer be cared for by private pet owners.
S08E01 Choosing Favorites 23/09/2000 Jack's favorite animal encounters.
S08E02 Conservation Counts 30/09/2000 kids, animals and the environment
S08E03 In Search of the Sisserou 14/10/2000 Jack for searched for The Sisserou, the world's most endangered parrot.
S08E04 Rainforest Eagle 21/10/2000 While at a dense forested island in Panama, Jack goes in search of a Harpy, the world's largest eagle.
S08E05 Isla Tigre 00/00/0000 A Florida professor provides a safe house for primates being reintroduced into the wild.
S08E06 Panama Canal: Jungle Paradise 00/00/0000 Jack and his daughter Kathaleen go on a boating adventure exploring the animal rich rain forest surrounding the Panama Canal.
S08E07 Canopy Tower 00/00/0000 A converted Air Force radar station becomes home to bird watchers at Panama's Soberania National Park.
S08E08 Corcovado, Lost in Time 00/00/0000 In Costa Rica; Corcovado National Park; tapir; raging rapids; Pacuare River.
S08E09 Costa Rica: Snakes and Sloths 25/11/2000 In Costa Rica, Jack encounters reptiles.
S08E10 Diving Into Dominica 03/02/2001 An ocean encounter with Sperm whales to a lazy paddle up the Layou River, father and daughter plunge right into the Nature Island.
S08E11 Belugas and Bears 10/02/2001 Jack and Kathaleen travel to northern Canada to see Beluga whales and Polar bears.
S08E12 Winnipeg Wonders 00/00/0000 Traveling to the Oak Hammock Marsh, a restored natural habitat which functions as a stop for birds on their migratory route.
S08E13 In the Blind 00/00/0000 Jack tries to find the hard to find Hog Nose snake in the rolling dunes of Spirit Sands. Kathaleen watches Black Bear behavior at Riding Mountain.
S08E14 Glacier Bay Adventure 00/00/0000 Viewing the beauty and wildlife of Glacier Bay in Juneau, Alaska; exploring an old gold mine.
S08E15 Galapagos: Plazas and North Seymour Islands 00/00/0000 Jack and Kathleen find iguanas, sea lions, blue-footed boobies and frigate birds in the Galapagos Islands.
S08E16 Galapagos: Fernandina Island 17/03/2001 On Fernandina, Jack investigates the Galapagos penguin population while Kathaleen swims with the world's only marine Iguanas.
S08E17 Jambeli Animal Rescue Center 24/03/2001 Jack and Kathaleen visit Joaquin’s massive farm outside Guayaquil where he provides a haven for 45 species of animals native to Ecuador, including endangered spectacled bears, tapirs and great green macaws.
S08E18 Condor Hausi 31/03/2001 In the Andes Mountains of Ecuador, Jack visits a breeding project focused on saving the endangered condor.
S08E19 Galapagos Giants 28/04/2001 Lonesome George is a giant tortoise at the Charles Darwin Research Station in the Galapagos Islands.
S08E20 Oasis In the Desert 05/05/2001 Jack and Kathaleen journey to the Middle East to experience the animals and culture of Israel.
S08E21 Over the Hump 12/05/2001 Jack learns first hand about the camels unique physiology and important contribution to early trade.
S08E22 Red Sea 19/05/2001 Jack and Kathaleen discover the natural treasures of the Red Sea.
S09E01 In The Beginning 22/09/2001 Old film clips and personal reminisces, Jack recalls his days at the one and a half acre Sanford Zoo.
S09E02 Horse Magic 29/09/2001 Horse training encounters.
S09E03 Discovery Cove 05/10/2001 Jack encounters dolphins, stingrays, and a lagoon full of underwater creatures at Orlando’s newest adventure park.
S09E04 Winging It 13/10/2001 In Costa Rica: Blue Morpho butterfly; Tortuguero, the Caribbean.
S09E05 Corcovado National Park 00/00/0000 In Costa Rica, Jack treks through the Corcovado National Park in search of the jaguar.
S09E06 Costa Rica: World of Reptiles 00/00/0000 In Costa Rica: encountering reptiles at the World of Snakes; Sloth Rehabilitation Center.
S09E07 Caiman Ranch 03/11/2001 In Brazil Jack heads for the Pantanal, the world’s largest wetland and Kathaleen goes snorkeling in a crystal clear river, home to everything from Durado fish to Anaconda, the world’s largest snake.
S09E08 Golden Lion Tamarins 10/11/2001 Jack visits a breeding program that’s slowly restoring the wild population of endangered Golden Lion Tamarins.
S09E09 Iguassu Falls 00/00/0000 Iguassu Falls, nesting site for swifts; coatimundis; toucans, macaws.
S09E10 In Search of Giant Anteaters at Serra da Canastra 24/11/2001 Jack sets off in search of Brazil’s Giant Anteater. Kathaleen visits the Caratinga Primate Center for an look at the endangered Wooly Monkey.
S09E11 For Goodness Snakes 01/12/2001 Jack visits the famed Instituto BuTanTan, which has been producing anti-snake bite serum since 1900. Kathaleen heads for the town of Monte Verde and the Hotel Itapua where she checks out hundreds of Hummingbirds.
S09E12 Saving Beautiful Brazil 00/00/0000 In Brazil: Sao Paulo Zoo, breeding ground for endangered wildcats; the government rehab center in Campo Grande; Bonito.
S09E13 Parque Historico 15/12/2001 In Guayaquil, Jack and Kathaleen visit a park in the mangroves that preserves Ecuador's rural culture, as well as many of the country's endangered animals.
S09E14 Ecuador Conservation 22/12/2001 Jack and Kathaleen visit Joaquin’s massive farm outside Guayaquil where he provides a haven for 45 species of animals native to Ecuador.
S09E15 Condor of the Andes Mountains 29/12/2001 Jack visits a breeding project focused on saving the endangered condor, the largest flying bird in the world.
S09E16 Charles Darwin Research Center 05/01/2002 In the Galapagos Islands Jack and Kathaleen search for giant tortoise.
S09E17 Jerusalem Zoo 12/01/2002 Jack and his daughter Kathaleen experience Asian elephants on a walkabout, Syrian brown bears and the "Animals of the Bible Wildlife Reserve."
S09E18 Hai Bar 19/01/2002 A look at saving wildlife in the desert.
S09E19 Animals of the Judean Desert 00/00/0000 In the Judean Desert, Jack encounters a large herd of Ibex at the beautiful Oasis En Gedi. Kathaleen hikes to the top of Masada, then floats in the Dead Sea.
S09E20 The International Camel Center 02/02/2002 Jack learns first hand about the animal’s unique physiology and important contribution to early trade.
S09E21 Spirit Bear 09/02/2002 At a remote island in the Canadian province of British Columbia Jack and his daughter Kathaleen travel to to catch sight of the rare "Spirit Bear," an all-white black bear.
S09E22 Orcas and Grizzlies 16/02/2002 Jack flies by floatplane to Knight Inlet where he sees Grizzly Bears fattening up for hibernation and Kathaleen boards a boat to find Dahl Porpoises, Pacific White-sided Dolphins and Killer Whales.
S09E23 Campbell River Adventure 23/02/2002 On Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Jack and his daughter Kathaleen experience Canada from above and below the water.
S09E24 Marmots and More 02/03/2002 Jack’s daughter Kathaleen travels to British Columbia to see one of the rarest mammals on earth the Vancouver Island Marmot.
S09E25 Vancouver Aquarium 09/03/2002 Jack and Kathaleen learn about the diverse marine life living in the waters of British Columbia.
S09E26 Surin Elephant Roundup 00/00/0000 The annual elephant festival in Surin, Thailand.
S09E27 Hill Tribe Elephant Trek 04/05/2002 In Thailand Jack Kathaleen Travel to the Lahu Shi Ba Lan Hill Tribe village by the way of ox cart, elephant and bamboo raft.
S09E28 Animals of Thailand 11/05/2002 Jack and Kathaleen get up close and personal with some of Thailand’s animals.
S09E29 Gibbons Release 18/05/2002 Jack and Kathaleen assist in the back-to-the-wild release of two endangered gibbons.