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Gleason's first variety series was aired on the DuMont Television Network under the title Cavalcade of Stars. The show's first host was Jack Carter, who was followed by Jerry Lester. After Lester quit in June 1950 (soon to become the star of NBC's first late-night series, Broadway Open House), Gleason—who had made his mark on the first television incarnation of The Life of Riley sitcom—stepped into Cavalcade on July 15, 1950, and became an immediate sensation. The show was broadcast live in front of a theater audience, and offered the same kind of vaudevillian entertainment common to early television revues. Gleason's guests included New York-based performers of stage and screen, including Bert Wheeler, Smith and Dale, Patricia Morison and Vivian Blaine. Production values were modest, owing to DuMont's humble facilities and a thrifty sponsor (Quality Drugs, representing most of the nation's drug stores). In 1952, CBS president William S. Paley offered Gleason a considerably higher salary. The series was retitled The Jackie Gleason Show and premiered on CBS on September 20, 1952. Paley used the show's position on CBS to showcase artists like Frankie Laine, Frankie Avalon, Doris Day and teenage guitar prodigy Zane Ashton. While much of DuMont's programming archive was destroyed after they ceased broadcasting, a surprising number of Cavalcade of Stars episodes survive, including several episodes at the UCLA Film and Television Archive. At least 14 Gleason episodes survive at the Paley Center for Media. See also: List of programs broadcast by the DuMont Television Network See also: List of surviving DuMont Television Network broadcasts In his book The Forgotten Network, author David Weinstein mentions an unusual aspect of the DuMont version. He notes that while Drug Store Productions was technically the sponsor, they in turn sold the commercial air time to various companies and products. Weinstein notes this as an early examp


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S02E01 Sprained Thumb 19/09/1953
S02E02 Lucky Number 26/09/1953 While at a ball game with Ed, Ralph wins a $1000 as part of a contest at the ball park. When they get home Ralph tells Alice all about all the things he going to spend the money on but she thinks they should put in the bank. Later when they decide to celebrate they decide to do it at home with some Chinese food. He sends Ed and Trixie leaves obviously upset. Alice tells Ralph that he's being selfish and he should share some with Ed. Later when the bread company representative arrives to give him the prize they tell him they want pictures for advertising.
S02E03 Episode 02-03 00/00/0000
S02E04 Hot Dog Stand 10/10/1953
S02E05 Two Tickets to the Fight 24/10/1953 Ralph has a chance to go to a important fight but Alice's uncle George is coming over. He fakes being ill to get the uncle to leave. This plan fails when Ed asks Uncle George to go since Ralph is sick. So Ralph is left home.
S02E06 Halloween Party 31/10/1953 The Kramdens and the Nortons are going to a Halloween party. Alice has made their costumes and Ralph doesn't like his. He decides to go a bum and rips up his only suit. Alice tries to stop him but he insists he won't need the suit again. When the people they were supposed to go with arrive he finds out it's not a Halloween party it a formal dance for his bosses birthday. Once Ralph realizes he can't go to this party he winds up having to apologize to Alice who of course forgives him.
S02E07 Champagne and Caviar 07/11/1953 Ralph's boss is coming over, and he thinks that if he makes a big impression on him he'll get the next big promotion. So he puts on a suit, and gets champagne, caviar, and Cuban cigars. Mr. Marshall spends only a little time with Ralph and when he leaves he wants Ralph to come to work early to help him show the board how they can cut the other drivers pay because Ralph is getting along so well on his salary.
S02E08 Letter to the Boss 14/11/1953
S02E09 Finger Man 28/11/1953 Ralph spots a wanted criminal on his bus. He comes up with a story that the bus has broken down to get people off the bus and notifies a cop. The bad guy is caught and Ralph is a hero. The press and the police chief show up at Ralph's house just in time to find out that the bad has escaped and vowed to get the guy who turned him in. While Ralph is trying to decide where to hide the police approach the "hero" to act as a decoy to help them re-arrest the criminal.
S02E10 Santa and the Bookies 05/12/1953 Believing that Alice is pregnant, Ralph takes a job as a sidewalk Santa, with Norton as his helper, in order to earn extra money. But they are unaware of the fact that their new bosses are bookies who are using Ralph and Norton as a front to receive their betting slips.
S02E11 Christmas Party 19/12/1953
S02E12 New Year's Party 26/12/1953
S02E13 Episode 02-11 02/01/1954
S02E14 Episode 02-12 09/01/1954
S02E15 This is Your Life 16/01/1954
S02E16 Cottage For Sale 23/01/1954 Ralph and Ed spring an idea on their wives to buy a $989.00 cottage. Alice and Trixie are against it, Ralph talks Alice and Trixie into looking at the model. Once they see it the girls love it, Ralph wants to do the negotiating and after finding out the model they were looking at is double the price they expected they take a deal that will supposedly give them the same place minus a "few simple extra's". After they buy it they find out on their first trip to the cottage they were snookered by the salesman and the place they bought is a run down shack.
S02E17 Episode 02-15 00/00/0000
S02E18 Episode 02-16 00/00/0000
S02E19 Episode 02-17 00/00/0000
S02E20 Episode 02-18 00/00/0000
S02E21 Episode 02-19 00/00/0000
S02E22 Episode 02-20 00/00/0000
S02E23 Episode 02-21 00/00/0000
S02E24 Episode 02-22 00/00/0000
S02E25 The Lawsuit 27/03/1954
S02E26 Fortune Teller 03/04/1954
S02E27 The Next Champ 10/04/1954
S02E28 Stand-In for Murder 17/04/1954
S02E29 Move Uptown 24/04/1954 The Kramdens have found a nice new place in the Bronx they want to move to; one big problem the landlord won't let them out of their lease. He must sub-let the place first. After an abortive attempt to move without a sub-letting Ralph decides to force the landlord to throw him out by breaking all the rules of the building. The plot back fires on Ralph when the landlord shows up at his apartment.
S02E30 Man in the Blue Suit 01/05/1954 Ralph wins $73.85 playing poker. He wants to avoid giving all his winnings to Alice so he hides his winnings in a suit he hasn't worn for 5 years. While he's away a charity comes by and asks for any unwanted items. When Ralph finds out what happened to his suit he gets Ed to help him try to get it back. Their plans all fail. But only after he feels he'll never see the money again that Alice tells him the man who picked up the suit found the money and returned it. But not before she tortures him a little to get him for hiding how much he had actually won from her.
S02E31 Hair-Raising Tale 08/05/1954 Ralph over hears two men arguing in the park and intercedes on the smaller ones behalf. While trying to calm down the little man he finds out that they were fighting over a "miracle hair restorer." Supposedly the bigger guy wanted to buy the formula for the hair restorer and the little guy wouldn't sell. The little guy claims to have invented the product and had wanted investors but didn't want to sell. Ralph sees a chance to make some money, and the little guy sees a sucker.
S02E32 Whats the Name 15/05/1954
S02E33 Boxtop Kid 22/05/1954 Alice gets Ralph to go down to see her sister and brother-in-law off on cruise to Europe. Ralph wasn't very happy about it, he doesn't like his brother-in-law anyway so this was to much to take. While on the boat he sees all the other prizes they won, this leads Ralph to the idea of buying a bunch of foods that are running contests. When comes home with a lot of groceries Alice demands he take everything back. Ralph ignores her demands and he and Ed work on entering all the contests on the packages. As luck would have it, Ralph does win one of the contests.
S02E34 Two Men on a Horse 29/05/1954 Ralph gets elected treasurer of the Raccoon Lodge and as part of his duties he takes home $200 that was collected for the Raccoon Dance. He was supposed to deposit it in the bank. After he's unsuccessful retracing his steps he manages to raise $8.00 that he quickly loses when he tries to double his money playing pinball. While he's hanging around the diner he over hears the owner getting a sure thing tip on a horse and they raise another $10.00 to take advantage of the tip he just got. When he gets there he tries to keep the odds on the horse from dropping
S02E35 Goodbye Aunt Ethel 05/06/1954
S02E36 Episode 02-34 12/06/1954
S02E37 Vacation at Freds Landing-Restaging 19/06/1954

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