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The world in 1999 would have been unrecognisable to anyone from 1900. James May explores the big ideas from the last century, and reveals how they shaped the times we live in now.


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S01E01 Honey, I Shrunk The World 10/07/2007 Documentary series about 20th century innovations. James May discovers how, thanks to planes, cars, televisions and computers, our world suddenly got a whole lot smaller. He takes a flight in the pioneering airplane that created the European mini-break and looks at the Ford Cortina - the classic family car that opened up a new world when he was a young lad. James also takes a Model T Ford for a test drive and finds it so difficult he wonders how motoring ever caught on.
S01E02 Blast Off 10/07/2007 James May investigates what the Space Race did for all of us who never got a chance to blast off into orbit, discovering that the race to the moon began in Chiswick, West London. James gets to road-test a street-legal version of the lunar buggy, but finds out gravity makes the handling difficult. After taking his own satellite photo from 700km above Earth, he then travels to NASA's launch pad in Florida to see for himself the massive Saturn moon rockets that he once made in kit-form in his bedroom.
S01E03 Body Fantastic 17/07/2007 James May discovers just how far he can push his body, exploring some of the most remarkable medical advances over the last hundred years. He begins by testing himself in a centrifuge, a machine used to train fighter pilots and astronauts. He is then invited to watch open heart surgery, where a man's heart stops beating in the middle of an operation. Fortunately, it is all part of the procedure to fit an artificial heart. But his biggest surprise comes when he investigates the 20th century's greatest medical breakthrough - the discovery of DNA.
S01E04 Take Cover 17/07/2007 James May investigates some of the most ingenious ideas to emerge from 20th century warfare. He flies in the RAF's latest supersonic jet as well as a biplane, getting to grips with just how difficult it was for early aviators to hit their targets. James also joins a group of ex-paratroopers to test camouflage painting techniques. It work so well he can't spot a man just a few hundred feet in front of him, and so turns to a hi-tech infrared camera to spot his enemy.
S01E05 Inventing The Teenager 24/07/2007 During the 20th century teenagers evolved to the point of almost becoming a separate species. James May is on a journey to find out how this came about. Was it the promise of sex, the power of pop, or the pull of a 50cc Japanese two-stroke?
S01E06 Big City, Bright Lights 24/07/2007 Each day 180,000 people move into a city somewhere on the planet. James May investigates how the high-rise urban living condition was created.

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