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Join Jamie Oliver and his good mate Tobie Puttock (Tobie & Matt) as they open the first Fifteen restaurant in Australia, giving Australian kids the opportunity to follow their career aspirations and star in the warts and all series Jamie’s Kitchen Australia. To prove their conviction that it’s a passion for food not academic qualifications that makes a good cook, they’re training a group of 16-24 year old disadvantaged Australians, with the Fifteen Foundation, to work as chefs in the kitchen of the new Melbourne restaurant. From backgrounds of homelessness, learning difficulties and substance abuse these trainees face the nerve-racking world of what it takes to become a chef. Come behind the scenes as we follow their journey, capturing the drama of selecting the site and the inspiring stories that evolve from the selection and training of the first group of trainees and culminating in the opening of Fifteen Melbourne.


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S01E01 Episode 1 14/09/2006 Jamie Oliver is set to open a new Fifteen restaurant on the other side of the world in Melbourne. He enlists the help of Fifteen’s original Head Chef, Tobie Puttock. The selection process for 20 under-privileged trainees begins and the hunt for the perfect Fifteen restaurant site commences.
S01E02 Episode 2 21/09/2006 The gruelling selection process continues. The remaining 60 applicants complete a taste test of which only 30 of them are invited to a challenging 3-day Outward Bound trip where a final decision is made. Who will make the final cut? Jamie Oliver offers his opinion and support, and major problems are already becoming apparent with the restaurant site.
S01E03 3 28/09/2006 The final trainees are inducted into the Fifteen program and TAFE training begins. Jamie Oliver congratulates the trainees on their success, but little do they know the pressure they must face in the coming weeks. Problems with the restaurant continue and Jamie is concerned that it won’t be ready for the scheduled launch.
S01E04 4 05/10/2006 Not even a week into their TAFE training and already some of the trainees are beginning to crack under the pressure. Who will survive the Fifteen program? Plus Tobie presents his plans for the restaurant to Jamie but will the new design meet with Jamie's approval?
S01E05 5 12/10/2006 Several of the trainees continue to struggle with their attendance and their attitude. Difficult dynamics amongst the group sees one of the trainees cross the line. But will it destroy their chances with Fifteen? The trainees face a crucial test and Jamie gets his first tour of Fifteen Melbourne.
S01E06 6 19/10/2006 The trainees are taken on a tour of the Fifteen restaurant and cook up a storm for the builders who are working around the clock to finish renovations in time for Jamie Oliver’s arrival. The pressure to become part of Fifteen Melbourne builds and tough decisions need to be made, including the future of one of the trainees. The second TAFE assessment produces some unexpected results.
S01E07 7 26/10/2006 A final decision is made about who will go through to work at the Fifteen restaurant and for two trainees a trip of a lifetime to the UK to meet Jamie Oliver in person. The successful trainees begin their work placements… Can they handle working for the first time as chefs? Jamie Oliver arrives in Australia… will the restaurant be ready in time for the launch?
S01E08 8 02/11/2006 After much anticipation, the time has finally arrived for the remaining trainees to meet their hero. Jamie Oliver takes the time to get to know each of the trainees and there are plenty of nerves as they are put to their biggest test yet - cooking with Jamie at an important function. Jamie visits the Fifteen restaurant for the first time - is it up to his standard
S01E09 9 09/11/2006 The nerves and excitement builds as the restaurant's launch day finally arrives. After 3 months of gruelling preparation, are the trainees ready to stand side by side as a team? Will the final touches to the restaurant be completed in time? Is Jamie happy with Australia's first Fifteen restaurant?
S01E10 10 16/11/2006

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