Affiche Jana of the Jungle
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From the creator of Johnny Quest comes Jana. A beautiful blonde haired vine swing jungle queen and her animal friends. Jana joins forces with a game warden and a powerful mystical native in search of her missing father and to protect the jungle.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Jana of the Jungle

S01E01 The Golden Idol of the Gorgas 09/09/1978 Two people come to the jungle and ask Jana for help claiming their son is lost in dangerous territory. But can they be trusted?
S01E02 Katuchi Danger 16/09/1978 A plane carrying medical supplies crashes in the "valley of the lost" where legend says live the Katuchi A dangerous tribe of ape-men. Can Jana save the passengers of the downed aircraft?
S01E03 The Cordillera Volcano 23/09/1978
S01E04 The Animal Snatchers 30/09/1978
S01E05 The Renegade 07/10/1978
S01E06 Rogue Elephant 14/10/1978
S01E07 The Prisoner 21/10/1978
S01E08 The Invaders 04/11/1978
S01E09 Dangerous Cargo 11/11/1978
S01E10 The Sting of the Tarantula 18/11/1978
S01E11 Countdown 25/11/1978
S01E12 Suspicion 02/12/1978
S01E13 Race for Life 09/12/1978