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A single mother (Christina Applegate) tries to find love again with her new boyfriend Diego, of whom her father disapproves. She gets help from her two brothers (one voluntarily mute) and two girlfriends at work (her father's bar). Complicating matters is her ex-husband, who walked out on her 7 years before, but is back to try and reinsert himself into the family. The last thing Jesse Warner needs is another man in her life. A single mom in Buffalo who works in her dad's bar, she has her hands full looking after her father, son and two brothers (one a deep thinker who refuses to speak, the other a gadfly who dreams up get-rick-quick schemes). Jesse has no time for romance, that is, until a handsome Chilean moves in next door.


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S01E01 A Side of Chile 00/00/0000 Diego moves next door to Jesse Warner and her family, and asks her out.
S01E02 Goober Up the Nose 00/00/0000 Jesse's movie date with Diego ends up in the emergency room when she gets a piece of candy stuck in her nose.
S01E03 Bees Do It, Birds Do It, But Not in a Car 00/00/0000 Jesse's been taking it real slow in her relationship with Diego, but things begin heating up and she may not wish to cool them off.
S01E04 Live Nude Girl 00/00/0000 Jesse learns that Diego once had a relationship with the nude model he's been painting at his house.
S01E05 Boo! He's Back 00/00/0000 On the eve of Halloween, Jesse gets quite a scare---her ex shows up after seven years and wants to be back in Little John's life.
S01E06 The Methadone Clinic 00/00/0000 Jesse's brush with an art-gallery owner may cost Diego a chance to show his work.
S01E07 The Kiss 00/00/0000 Jesse's ex-husband surprises her with a kiss, just after she and Diego have a spat.
S01E08 The Cheese Ship 00/00/0000 Jesse invites Diego to Thanksgiving dinner, even though her ex will be in attendance.
S01E09 Barko, the Holiest Dog in the World 00/00/0000 Little John is in a school play, Darren is in a commercial and Diego goes to great lengths to try to prove to Jesse that Roy is a jerk but Jesse won't listen.
S01E10 Boo! He's Gone 00/00/0000 Diego decides that if Jesse wants Roy he won't stand in the way. So he goes to Roy's to tell him, but he catches Roy with another woman. He tries to tell Jesse but she won't listen, that is until Junior finally speaks and tells her it's true. She throws Roy out.
S01E11 The Best Deal Possible 00/00/0000 Diego and Jesse pretend to be husband and wife while shopping for a car. Also now that Junior talks, he and Darren try and pick up girls.
S01E12 The Mischievous Elf 00/00/0000 Jesse decides to go back to high school. Her teacher asks her out and she doesn't know if she should say yes because he's her teacher. She finally decides to go out with him but finds out that he's a weirdo so she dumps him. Diego dates a student.
S01E13 My Casual Friend's Wedding 00/00/0000 Jesse, Linda and Carrie go to the wedding of a former high school classmate and Jesse is asked to be the maid of honor because the bride's sister couldn't make it. Jesse agrees. Linda makes out with a guy in the coat checkroom only to find out later that he's the groom. Jesse goes to talk to him to set him straight but the bride walks in as Jesse is giving him a hug and she thinks that Jesse is the one that was making out with him. When Jesse tries to cover for Linda, Linda says that it was actually her that made out with him. Then practically every woman in the room says that they also made out with him.
S01E14 Hickory, Dickory, Death 00/00/0000 Although they have split up, Jesse turns up for a date with Diego that they arranged long before, only to find him about to go out with his new girlfriend. Jesse deals with it by acting it out her fantasies of a forties film noir.
S01E15 Crazy White Female 00/00/0000 Diego feels that Gwen is becoming increasingly clingy, but Jesse thinks she is just being nice, until Gwen transforms herself into a Jesse look-alike. John Warner Sr. dates an old friend, Mary Anne that he meets up with after thirty years.
S01E16 Bar Remodel 00/00/0000 John Warner Sr. decides to go off to Alaska to climb Mt McKinley with Mary Anne, leaving the bar to the care of his three children. When they fail to sell it, they have to decide between them how to fit in running it with the other things that they want to do in their lives.
S01E17 Touched by an Angel 00/00/0000 Darren suggests a Charlie's Angels theme for the bar. Diego invites Jesse round to dinner, but it is a disaster, capped by her being so fearful that things won't work out well between them that it ruins what is left of the evening. It takes Diego some time to convince her that things could work out better.
S01E18 Cecil, the Angry Postman 00/00/0000 When Jesse writes a love letter to Diego she never plans to send and little John sends it she tries to retrieve it. But she angered the mailman because he doesn't put the mail in the right mail slots and now to anger her he refuses to give her the letter she wrote to Diego because it's addressed to him not her. She then tries to put her arm in the mail slot and retrieve it but she gets stuck.
S01E19 The Parent Trap 00/00/0000 Diego's parents come to Buffalo and Jesse has to go pick them up at the airport but she picks up the wrong Vasquez's. When she goes with Diego to pick up the right Vasquez's they don't seem as happy to see Jesse as the wrong ones were.
S01E20 Momma Was a Rollin' Stone 00/00/0000 Another kid is beating up Little John at school so Jesse goes to talk to his mother. His mother is actually his stepmother and her mother. Jesse now has a stepbrother and Little John has an uncle his own age. She asks Jesse to borrow five grand because her relationship with her new husband, Fez Foose a member of the rock band ""The Ass Police"" isn't going so well. Jesse can only come up with 1200,65$ and her mother takes the money and runs out on her again to go to South America. Jesse goes to confront her mother on the plane and her mother decides to stay.
S01E21 Finders Keepers 00/00/0000 While on a scavenger hunt Jesse and Diego find a baby in the park. Jesse wants to keep it but Diego and her family tell her it's not a good idea. Just as Diego starts to like the baby the mother is found and the baby returned.
S01E22 I Do, I Think I Do 00/00/0000 Jesse gets a full scholarship for nursing school. Diego faces deportation when his visa runs out. He gets a job at UCLA which is California but Jesse doesn't want him to take it because it's so far away from her but he doesn't have a choice. Jesse goes to talk to him and to her surprise he asks her to marry him. To be continued...
S02E14 Jesse Gives Birth 00/00/0000 Jesse recounts the events leading to the birth of Little John when Diego tells her he wants a big family.
S02E15 My Boyfriend Went to Chile and All I Got Was This Lousy Moustache 00/00/0000 Diego returns from Chile with a moustache and decides to shave it off when Jesse asks him but changes his mind when Dr. Danny tells him he's whipped. Linda gets a job as a campus security guard and takes her job too seriously.
S02E16 Jesse's Coat a Useful Crutch, Diego's Kitchen Not So Much 00/00/0000 Jesse earns a blue jacket at work. She wanted it because nobody believes she works there. Diego accidentally sets his house on fire but thinks it was Linda's fault because of the mess she refuses to clean up in the kitchen.
S02E17 The Dump 00/00/0000 Diego has the winter blahs and Jesse tries to cheer him up by buying tickets for them to Bermuda but Diego's passport was hidden in his old fridge and that was sent to the dump. They head to the dump to try to find but have no luck so Jesse gives the tickets to Danny and Carrie.
S02E18 Diego's First Sleepover 00/00/0000 Little John accidentally sees Jesse naked when Diego spends the night and Carrie challenges Linda to a boxing match.
S02E19 First Blood 00/00/0000 Kurt tries to teach Jesse to be a phlebotomist, Diego doesn't get his professorship and he has to share his studio with a British guy who's really rude and doesn't respect his space. Diego gets fired for smashing a nude painting of Jesse over Dawson's (the British guy) head.
S02E20 My Best Friend's Wedding 00/00/0000 Facing deportation again Diego marries Linda because Jesse didn't want to but then she changes her mind but it's too late.

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