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A short-lived television drama starring Lindsay Wagner as Dr. Jessie Hayden, a psychiatrist employed by a Southern California police department. The series only ran from September 18 to November 13, 1984 at 10:00pm and its short run included several pre-emptions that no doubt hastened the show's demise. Other series regulars included Tony Lo Bianco and Celeste Holm. There is no editor for this show. If you would like to be the editor look here for details.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Jessie

S01E01 Pilot 18/09/1984 Jessie is summoned to help identify the suspect of a series of grisly murders.
S01E02 The Lady Killer 25/09/1984 Jessie tries to convince a battered wife (Julie Carmen) that she should press charges against her husband. Meanwhile, Alex is frustrated by a box-office bandit who also steals his getaway cars. (TV Guide)
S01E03 Flesh Wounds 09/10/1984 Jessie and Ascoli clash over an officer who's burned out from working undercover. Ascoli wants her to go back under, but Jessie feels she's not up to it. Meanwhile, Internal Affairs wants the woman fired after the publication of nude photos that were taken years before she joined the force. (TV Guide)
S01E04 The Long Fuse 16/10/1984 Jessie and Ascoli search for '60s radicals who blew up a health club frequented by Jessie's mother.
S01E05 McLaughlin's Flame 23/10/1984 A police officer’s wife (Kate Mulgrew) opposes help for her husband, who is depressed after suffering burns.
S01E06 King of the Streets 30/10/1984 Jessie advises a veteran cop (Harry Guardino) to ease off on his image of perfection.
S01E07 In the Line of Duty 13/11/1984 A policeman's widow (Millie Perkins) turns to Ascoli for comfort, but Jessie learns a secret from the dead man's partner.
S01E08 Psychic Connection 00/00/0000 Psychics are hired by the police to identify the killer.
S01E09 Valerie's Turn 00/00/0000 Female recruits feel underestimated at the Police Academy.
S01E10 Trick of Fate 00/00/0000 Despite protection, a teenage prostitute (Jonna Lee) refuses to testify about a killing she witnessed.