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Lunar Jim is a preschool-oriented stop-motion television show produced in Canada by Halifax Film and Alliance Atlantis. The show is based on an original concept created by Alexander Bar, and was script-edited in Season 1 by Peter Sauder of Nelvana fame. Season 2 was helmed by award-winning veteran producer/writer Jed MacKay. Award winning animator/director Benny Zelkowicz served as a series director on the first season, and provided Jim's voice.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Jim l'astronaute

S01E01 Meteor Mystery 00/00/0000 When Rover and Ted get all twitchy and an oversized beanstalk grows out of control, there's a mystery to be solved and adventure to be had.
S01E02 That Sinking Feeling 00/00/0000 While out positioning a new satellite dish, Jim accidentally lands in the clenching clutches of some lunar dust. Unable to use his communication equipment, Jim gets a bright idea of how to flash a distress signal.
S01E03 Pest Problem 00/00/0000 Eco is distraught when a critter sneaks into his garden for a taste of moon melon rinds and blue moon banana peels. Jim discovers the culprit to be an adorable lunar worm with an appetite for compost.
S01E04 The Secret of Crystal Cave 00/00/0000 Moonaluna is growing dimmer by the minute as the crew's supply of light bulbs runs low. When Jim discovers some unusual glowing crystals, it seems to be just the solution.
S01E05 The Moon Thief 00/00/0000 Some strange disappearances have Jim and the rest of the crew playing detective as they try to discover who stole their equipment and Gnordegrin the garden gnome, and who tried to filch Ted!
S01E06 That's Odd, Where's the Pod? 00/00/0000 The crew loses contact with the supply pod and a search-and-rescue mission is organised. While they don't find the pod during their quest, they do discover tracks of a six-footed alien. Yikes!
S01E07 Up, Up, and Away (almost) 00/00/0000 Ted's bungled attempt to drive the Lunar Crawler leaves them trapped inside a cave. It's up to Jim, Rover and Ripple to put their heads together to come up with a solution.
S01E08 The Whistling Craters 00/00/0000 An annoying whistle has everyone at MoonaLuna scratching their heads and plugging their ears. It takes all of them to realise that the problem leads to a patch of stinky moon melons.
S01E09 Wrong Way, TED 00/00/0000 When Rover goes missing, Jim and TED are hot on his trail and find not only the robo-pup but a fabulous lunar playground. Problem is navigator TED can't remember the way home.
S01E10 Running on Empty 00/00/0000 A lunar sand clam snaps off Rover's tail ball, leaving the poor mutt without the ability to recharge. As his energy is slowly sapped, a lesson in botany with Eco provides the sand clam solution.
S01E11 Jim Gets Mucky 00/00/0000 With Eco on a flower-finding expedition, Jim, Ripple and TED tackle the chores in the Ecodome.
S01E12 Forget Me Nots 00/00/0000 The discovery of a new flower proves to be big trouble when one sniff of it causes all the humans to forget what they are doing. It takes some serious nosing about by the robots to help get things back to normal.
S01E13 Recipe for Rover 00/00/0000 The Moonaluna gang rush to save Rover when he becomes trapped in a supply pod that is scheduled to blast off in less than an hour. It turns out that one of Jim's donuts is exactly what they need to rescue their pal.
S01E14 Voice Recorder TED 00/00/0000 It's oodles of giggles when TED accidentally zaps himself and begins involuntarily recording anything and everything anyone says.
S01E15 Real Slick, TED 00/00/0000 The discovery of a slippery moon-moss field gives Jim and his friends a chance to have some good old sliding fun. But when poor Ted ends up wedged between some rocks, it takes a team effort to get him back on his feet.
S01E16 The Space Pirate 00/00/0000 When strange nightly occurrences begin in Moonaluna, a terrified Ted is convinced that Eco's tale about Captain Moonbeard is true. Some detective work proves, however, that the culprit is a sleepwalking Eco.
S01E17 Puddle Predicament 00/00/0000 Jim is in a real mess when he lands in a pool of goop that hardens around him as he leaves the puddle. With a chocolate-flavoured revelation, Ripple and Eco are able to melt away all of his troubles.
S01E18 The Chime Flowers 00/00/0000 Ripple ends up having an unplanned siesta when she wanders into a meadow of sleep-inducing flowers and Jim, Rover and TED have to find a way to wake her without snoozing themselves.
S01E19 Mind and Muscle 00/00/0000
S01E20 Moonbubbles and Bellyburps 00/00/0000
S01E21 The Big Switcheroo 00/00/0000
S01E22 A Little Moon Music 00/00/0000
S01E23 Rover's Big Dig 00/00/0000
S01E24 The Big Sneeze Mystery 00/00/0000
S01E25 Too Many Fluffies 00/00/0000
S01E26 Jim and TED's Wild Ride 00/00/0000
S01E27 Cosmic Kite 00/00/0000
S01E28 Crater Critter 00/00/0000
S01E29 Lost and Found Friends 00/00/0000
S01E30 Space Junk 00/00/0000
S01E31 Ripple's Moon Blast-Off Board 00/00/0000
S01E32 Force Field Trampoline 00/00/0000
S01E33 The Fallen Star 00/00/0000
S01E34 Big Bowling Bash 00/00/0000 When Jim teaches TED how to bowl, he starts to get obsessed with bowling. He reluctantly goes with Jim and his friends for a treasure search, but the cave with the treasure is blocked by large rocks. It turns out bowling is the solution to the answer when they notice a large boulder on a slope, which could be pushed to knock away the large rocks.
S01E35 Scooperbot Hide'n'Seek 00/00/0000
S01E36 Ripple's Web Sprayer 00/00/0000
S01E37 Moon Mischief 00/00/0000
S01E38 Short Circuit Gloves 00/00/0000
S01E39 I'm Like a Bird 00/00/0000 A beautiful moon bird leads Jim and friends on a merry chase all over the moon. It all comes to a screeching halt when the bird manages to snatch the key to Jim's vehicle and they need to find a way to get it back.
S01E40 Lunar Lily Pads 00/00/0000 Jim's discovery of some marvellous lunar lily pads proves to be just the right solution when Eco and the Hopper end up in a mucky mess.
S01E41 The Topsy Turvy Zone 00/00/0000 Everything is the wrong way around when Jim starts doing everything backwards - he's eating breakfast at night, even flying and walking in reverse. A return trip to the Topsy-Turvy Zone will set him right again.
S01E42 Robo Puzzle 00/00/0000 The team rescues a battered and broken Colby and put their heads together to put him back together.
S01E43 Lunar Litter Bugs 00/00/0000 Jim dives into Stinky Lake to find out what's wrong with the pipes and is thrilled to discover a beautiful underwater world.
S01E44 Rhyme Me a River 00/00/0000 A day in Moonaluna turns into rhyme-time when a stone with special powers is discovered.
S01E45 Incredibly Shrinking TED 00/00/0000 It's a weird and wacky day in Moonaluna when blue moon bananas grow to giant size and poor Ted shrinks smaller than a moon rat. It takes the sweet strains of Eco's music to restore harmony.
S01E46 Rover's Rocket Roamer 00/00/0000 The super robo-pup takes the controls when his small size is just what the team needs to save the supply pod.
S01E47 TED and the Beanstalk 00/00/0000 Intrepid explorer Ted discovers an amazing seed that sprouts like a sky-scraper. But instead of bringing it home to Moonaluna, he has to use it in an "up, up and away" rescue.
S01E48 Moon Pixies 00/00/0000 There's lots of moon monkey business when a shovel plays baseball with a rake, chairs spin on their own and Ted's head get stuck facing backwards. What could be causing all this trouble?
S01E49 Lunar Attraction 00/00/0000 Crashing comets! Ted is bonked on the head by a comet chunk and loses his memory.
S01E50 The Floating Fruit 00/00/0000 After eating some recently discovered fruit, both Jim and Eco experience pretty strange side effects. A balanced diet turns out to be the cure.
S01E51 Cowboy TED 00/00/0000 It's a rootin' tootin' time at the Moonaluna corral as Ted goes western and saves the day with his lassoing skills.
S01E52 A Surprise for Jim 00/00/0000 Happy birthday Jim! It's a fun-filled mission for Jim as he travels around the moon looking for clues that lead to a big surprise.
S02E01 Tag the Dog 00/00/0000 Rover’s dog tag falls off while he’s testing Ripple’s Space Springers, and he loses his sense ofdirection. He’s discovered high up on a column in Crazy Column Cave. Jim uses the SpaceSpringers to jump up to Rover and rescue him.
S02E02 Homemade Circus 00/00/0000 T.E.D. is extremely disappointed when the Super Space Circus has to cancel their visit to MoonaLuna at the last minute. The day is saved when each of the others transforms a work activity into acircus act.
S02E03 T.E.D.’s Big Bang Boomerang 00/00/0000 A blade on the fan of the Ecodome heater has broken, and it’s getting dangerously cold for theplants. Luckily, a replacement fan blade is scheduled to arrive on the Supply Pod.
S02E04 Magnetic Personality 00/00/0000 T.E.D. has trouble figuring out how to use Ripple’s new magnetizer – magnetizing himself insteadof other objects. But when Rover gets marooned on the thin ice of Glassy Lake, it’s a magnetizedT.E.D. who is lowered down to Rover to lift him off the ice and save the day.
S02E05 Moon Mole Madness 00/00/0000 The base is in need of powerstones that Ripple has discovered buried under the lunar surface. Theonly problem is that the surface is too hard for shovels, drills, or the Earth Eater to break through.
S02E06 Ted & The Stick-um Plant 00/00/0000 When T.E.D. inadvertently sticks himself to Delores with Eco’s sticky tree tar, his hand pops freewhen it comes in contact with Ripple’s frozen lunarberry treats. Who knew lunarberries had thatkind of property?
S02E07 March of the Fluffies 00/00/0000 The Fluffies are on their annual march, and nothing can stop their forward progress as they headfor the lunarberry fields. When Pixel reveals that they’re marching straight toward a deep canyon,something that can function as a bridge has to be found quickly. T.E.D. ends up being the bridge,and the Fluffies cross safely.
S02E08 Lunar Laser Flies 00/00/0000 Jim, T.E.D. and Rover investigate a strange glow in a cave. Its lunar laser flies, who becomeattracted to T.E.D. when he inadvertently gets some of their goopy food on him.
S02E09 Poppin’ Pancakes 00/00/0000 Yik Yak has arrived to share a treat from his home planet with the Moona Luna gang – Poppin’Pancakes. These special pancakes start as a small ball of dough, then pop and expand to 100 times itssize. But before anyone can chow down, Jim has to go to on a mission.
S02E10 Night Light 00/00/0000 Skye is preparing a class assignment on night and day. When Ripple announces a distant solar panelis malfunctioning, Jim, T.E.D. and Skye go out to fix it.
S02E11 Moonshrooms 00/00/0000 Jim, Skye and T.E.D. have discovered some colourful small plants on a fruitless mission to locatesome moon clover for Daisy. Jim gives one little plant to Eco, Skye gives one to Ripple, and Jimsaves one for his house. To his dismay, he and Eco discover that the plant is called a Moonshroom,and it grows very quickly once a year
S02E12 Leaf Thief 00/00/0000 It’s a very hot day on Moona Luna. Eco has found a lunar grove where it’s nice and shady. But whenthe gang arrives, all the leaves from the moon trees are gone! It’s too hot to stay outside, so back tothe Ecodome they go – only to discover that leaves are missing from Eco’s apple trees. There’s a leafthief on Moona Luna!
S02E13 Let’s Get Balloonar! 00/00/0000 Jim and Skye search out the source of some mysterious large balloon-shaped orbs that seem to berising from Bottomless Crevasse. Skye disobeys Jim’s warning about getting too close to the edge ofthe crevasse, and they both slide to the bottom.
S02E14 Tight Squeeze 00/00/0000 Yik Yak is enchanted by the sound of air escaping from tires – it reminds him of music back on hishome planet. As the gang heads out to clear some meteorites from a Supply Cave opening, Yik Yakslows their departure by deflating one of the Hopper’s tires so the escaping air can accompany hissong of farewell
S02E15 Popper Berries 00/00/0000 Eco is going to bake some Popper berry pie, so Jim, Skye, Rover and T.E.D. set out to pick some.The only problem is that the berries pop when they’re touched. How can they be picked?
S02E16 Moonport Blues 00/00/0000 After much discussion, our team puts bright blue landing lights instead of red ones on the Moonport.But spaceships stop landing at the Moonport. Rover notices that the spaceships are landing in anotherspot.
S02E17 The Lunar Twist 00/00/0000 T.E.D. discovers a creature called a Dansilla, which only communicates through dance movements.While trying to teach it the Lunar Twist – his favourite dance – T.E.D. gets his leg trapped in a lunarrock pile. It’s up to the Dansilla to try and communicate to the Moona Luna gang that T.E.D. is introuble and needs their help.
S02E18 A Prickly Problem 00/00/0000 A satellite dish is broken and needs to be replaced. When Jim and the gang arrive to replace it,they’re bombarded with thistles by nearby plants.
S02E19 Copy That, Jim! 00/00/0000 Skye has made a new substance – called Clomp – in her lab at the Lunar Academy. It starts off soft,but hardens quite quickly – perfect for making moulds and sculptures. When a gear breaks on thebase’s water pump, a perfect replacement needs to be found quickly!
S02E20 The Space Chompster 00/00/0000 Jim and Ripple have ordered a surprise for Eco – a “Choo Choo” plant. But when Zippity delivers it,there appears to have been something else in the cargo bay – a voracious Space Chompster!
S02E21 The Missing Astronaut 00/00/0000 The gang receives an SOS from a stricken spaceship. They manage to bring it in to the Moonport byremote control, but discover there’s no one on board. A search turns up an escape pod fired from theship, but with only a wilted plant inside. Where is the astronaut?
S02E22 Comet Atchou 00/00/0000 Comet Atchou - a rare comet - passes over Moona Luna, sprinkling everyone with its sparkly dust. Alittle while later Jim, Ripple and Eco unaccountably freeze, statue-like, while Rover, T.E.D. andSkye – who has a bad cold – are unaffected.
S02E23 Where’s Jupiterbug? 00/00/0000 Zippity has left a rare Jupiterbug with the gang for safekeeping while he makes a special delivery forEco. When T.E.D. unwittingly lets the bug out of its terrarium, the race to find it is on – made moredifficult by the bug’s chameleon-like ability to change colour.
S02E24 Hatching A Plan 00/00/0000 A spheroid-shaped UFO has appeared on Moona Luna. The gang takes it back to the base, anddiscovers it’s an egg. They try to hatch it by various means, but are unsuccessful until they return itto where they found it – the place where the conditions were perfect in the first place.
S02E25 The Lunar Leaper 00/00/0000 A Lunar Leaper has leapt onto Moona Luna and threatens the base with its reverberating jumps. Allattempts to tire it out fail, until Jim remembers the soothing music he uses to lull himself to sleep.
S02E26 The No-See-Um Ray 00/00/0000 Yik Yak’s No-See-Um Ray has turned Eco’s apple tree and Daisy invisible. Its antidote, thePeekaboo Ray, has fallen somewhere on Moona Luna. It’s found in the nest of a protective LunarLoon. T.E.D. has to turn himself invisible to retrieve the Peekaboo Ray, and thus return Daisy andEco’s apple tree to visibility.
S02E27 The Homeless Crab 00/00/0000 Jim and the gang try to find a new home for a little Lunar Crab, who has outgrown its old one.They try various possibilities – a box, a flowerpot, a moon melon rind – but finally discover that ahollow rock Jim and Rover found is perfect for the little crab
S02E28 The Bouncing Buzzpip 00/00/0000 Skye needs to get a photo of the elusive Bouncing Buzzpip for a project at the Lunar Academy.Many people have tried, but the Buzzpip will never stay still long enough.
S02E29 T.E.D.’s Pet 00/00/0000 Zippity has brought T.E.D. a new pet. Everyone else thinks it’s just a rock, but T.E.D. insists it’s avery special rock, named Jeffrey. He teaches it tricks, takes it for walks, lets it have a nap, andfinds other moon rock friends for it.
S02E30 Yik Yak in the Crater 00/00/0000 While T.E.D. and Yik Yak are fooling around out at Crater Corner, Yik Yak gets firmly stuck in acrater. All attempts to free him fail, until Eco realizes he can use the pent up gas from his barrel ofFizzyberry juice to blow Yik Yak out of his trap in the crater.
S02E31 Wind Power 00/00/0000 T.E.D. creates havoc when he reverses the motor on Ripple’s vacuum cleaner and blows Zippityright up his conveyor belt into his Mail Rocket. But when Rover is trapped in a Supply Cave by arockslide, all attempts to free him fail until T.E.D. realizes the motor on the Sampler can bereversed.
S02E32 Lunar Legs 00/00/0000 After rescuing Yik Yak – who has gotten himself stuck in a plant – by using some Yik Yak SlikSlak, (a lubricant from Yik Yak’s planet), Jim learns the Yik Yak handshake – high five, low five,palm tickle. Yik Yak has the opportunity to help Eco and Ripple with his Slik Slak – and teachthem his handshake, too. When Jim, Eco and Ripple come down with Lunar Legs – an ailmentwhich causes their legs to move crazily for a while - no one can figure out how they got it.
S02E33 Moonbeard’s Treasure 00/00/0000 Jim discovers an ancient treasure map hidden by Moonbeard, an ancient Space Pirate. It promises atreasure of “Ruby, sapphire, emerald, gold”. The gang has to decipher three clues to find thetreasure – which turns out to be the root-ball of a tree. They plant it, and a Rainbow Tree sprouts,revealing branches of "ruby, sapphire, emerald, and gold".
S02E34 Rocket Pack T.E.D. 00/00/0000 T.E.D. disobeys Ripple’s wishes and tries out her new invention, a rocket pack. There’s only oneproblem – he doesn’t know how to land! Both Jim and Skye try to rescue him – unsuccessfully.Ripple’s Space Pillow Foam – invented to protect Delores’ eggs from breaking – is hastily spreadover the Moonport just as T.E.D.’s fuel runs out above them.
S02E35 Skater T.E.D. 00/00/0000 T.E.D. loves practicing on his new skateboard. The only problem? He keeps getting in everyoneelse’s way! But when the Scrambler breaks down on a mission to get some Cosmic Cactus juicefor Zippity to take on an emergency run to another base, it’s T.E.D. who saves the day.
S02E36 Space Symphony 00/00/0000 The Moona Luna gang is going to perform a live music piece for an intergalactic broadcast. ButT.E.D. doesn’t have an instrument! He and Jim set off to find one.
S02E37 A Major Problem 00/00/0000 T.E.D. klongs his head on Zippity’s mail hatch door as he rushes to get his latest copy of hisfavorite comic “Rocket Robot”. His circuits get scrambled and he thinks he’s Rocket Robot.
S02E38 The Real Ripple 00/00/0000 Ripple is accidentally duplicated by a space copier. Confronted by two Ripples, the gang has tofigure out which one is genuine? Luckily, a “likes and dislikes” quiz T.E.D. gave everyone at thestart of the show provides the clue to revealing the real Ripple.
S02E39 A Sticky Situation 00/00/0000 Eco and Skye, and then Jim, get stuck to a fruit while trying to pick it. Ripple comes to the rescue,but its Rover who notices birds can land on and take off from the fruit with no problem – afterthey’ve landed on a nearby bush. Closer examination reveals pollen on the bush’s flowers, whichnegates the stickiness on the fruit.
S02E40 The Squawker 00/00/0000 A baby bird’s loud squawks are disturbing everyone and making work impossible. Attempts tocalm it down are all unsuccessful, unless T.E.D. is present. The problem is the baby bird keepspecking at the coloured wristband T.E.D. is wearing to remind him of the chores he has to do.Eventually they realize that the colour of T.E.D.’s wristband reminds the baby of its mother’sfeathers.

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