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The show is especially about cooking and relatives. The show is about husband and wife who loves each other, and they also tell us how to cook. This show start new story on every episodes of new relatives.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar

S01E01 Apple Cake 28/11/2013 Aditya Khanna gets romantic with his gorgeous Wife Suhani Khanna as it's their 1st Wedding Anniversary.
S01E02 Grill Paneer Zucchini with Cheese 29/10/2013 Panic occurs in Khanna House as Suhani gets to know about Venni Aunt's arrival. Aditya assures Suhani that he will cook a delicious meal for Venni Aunt. Aditya urgently calls Naina Bhabhi to help him out in cooking a Continental food. Aditya decides to cook Grill Paneer zucchini with Cheese.
S01E03 Veg Noodles with Dark Soya Sauce 30/10/2013 Suhani's Boss reveals to Suhani that she has to personally attend one of their important Chinese Clients who is arriving in India. Aditya and Suhani agree to cook a delicious Chinese Food for the client so he starts cooking Noodles but Clients prefer having Indian food. Aditya teaches his special Chinese recipe to Suhani.
S01E04 Something Specia 31/10/2013
S01E05 Kheer 01/11/2013 Panic occurs in Khanna House as Suhani informs Aditya about her Mother-in-law's arrival on Diwali's eve. Aditya's Brother and Bhabhi also join them in welcoming Mummy ji. Mummy Ji arrives in Khanna House. Aditya and Suhani make special Kheer for Mummy ji.
S01E06 Sarson ka Saag & Makki ki Roti 04/11/2013 Aditya's Mother gives some cooking tips to her Daughter-in-law Suhani and Naina. Suhani helps her Mother-in-law in cooking Sarson ka saag & Makki ki roti.
S01E07 Bisi Bele Bhat 05/11/2013 Mohit informs Aditya and Suhani about Chacha's arrival in the city and also requests him to take extra care of him as he is quite choosy about food. Chacha arrives in Adi and Suhani's house. Aditya cooks a special recipe for Chacha.
S01E08 Jamaican Mix Rice 06/11/2013 Aditya requests Naina Bhabhi to find a helper for his House as Suhani and Adi are finding it difficult to manage House and work. New Maid throws tantrums. To make Adi feel better, Suhani cooks Jamaican Mix Rice for her loving Husband.
S01E09 Chilli Garlic Lemon Grass with Lemon 07/11/2013 Sujoy Narayan Das and Laxmi shares their problem with Aditya and Suhani. Suhani and Laxmi's Friend Sujoy decide to cook delicious recipe for Laxmi's Appa. Suhani cooks Chilli Garlic Lemon Grass Rice for Laxmi's Appa so that he can get convinced.
S01E10 Arabi Kaliya 08/11/2013 Aditya, Suhani, Mohit and Naina were about to leave for a 2 day vacation in Mahabaleshwar, Adi's Mamaji arrives with his giant Family. Adi and Suhani cook a special dish for Mamaji.
S01E11 Kesar-E-Pukhtan 11/11/2013 Tauji arrives in the city searching for Aditya and Suhani's House. Aditya and Suhani decide to cook a special recipe. Aditya and Suhani cook Kesar-E-Pukhtan.
S01E12 Gobhi Dalcha 12/11/2013 Suhani urgently rushes to Khanna House as she breaks Traffic rules. Traffic Police comes searching for Suhani Khanna and meets Aditya. Aditya and Suhani decide to cook Gobhi Dalcha for Traffic Police Officer who is strictly against accepting bribe from the citizens of the country.
S01E13 Paneer Pappad Ki Sabji 13/11/2013 A Gujarati Aunt helps Suhani in cooking one of the most popular Gujarati dishes, Paneer Pappad Ki Sabji.
S01E14 Spinach Corn Sandwich 14/11/2013 To persuade Naina, Aditya's Elder Brother Mohit decides to cook a delicious Breakfast for his loving Wife. Mohit cooks Spinach Corn Sandwich for Naina.
S01E15 Achari Bhindi 15/11/2013 Aditya meets his School Principal Mr. Borekar and also introduces him to his Wife Suhani. Aditya is worried as Suhani has invited Adi's Principal for Dinner. Suhani and Adi cook Achari Bhindi for Principal Borekar.
S01E16 Soya Mutter 18/11/2013 Aditya and Suhani get to know that Chachaji is arriving from Village to meet them. Aditya and Suhani come up with an interesting recipe 'Soya Mutter'.
S01E17 Sukhe Chane Ki Dal 19/11/2013 Massive argument takes place between Chachaji and Boss so Aditya and Suhani decide to cook Sukhe Chane Ki Dal for Boss and Chachaji.
S01E18 Bharwa Mirchi Aur Kokum Ka Salan 20/11/2013 Aditya and Suhani Khanna gets scared of the Ghost who was roaming in Khanna House. Aditya, Suhani, Naina and Mohit decide to trap the Ghost. Ghost gets trapped.
S01E19 Aalo Chat Martini 21/11/2013 Suhani and Aditya cook an interesting recipe, Aalo Chat Martini for Babloo on his Birthday. Babloo's Mother expresses her gratitude towards Suhani and Aditya.
S01E20 Makkai Patal Bhaji 22/11/2013 Aditya and Suhani cook Makkai Patal Bhaji for their new guest who has suddenly arrived in Khanna House.
S01E21 Khatte Meethe Baingan 25/11/2013
S01E22 Moong Dal Aamti 26/11/2013
S01E23 Haldi Kaju Mutter Ki Sabji 27/11/2013
S01E24 Pasta Alfredo 28/11/2013
S01E25 Subz Hariyali 29/11/2013
S01E26 Makhmali Kofta 02/12/2013
S01E27 Hari Chawli Aur Dahi Ka Chog 03/12/2013
S01E28 Hari Pyaaz Aur Boondi Ki Sabzi 04/12/2013
S01E29 Methi Ki Kadhi 05/12/2013
S01E30 Narangi Phulao 06/12/2013
S01E31 Tamatar Ka Shorba 09/12/2013
S01E32 Mushroom Chattina 10/12/2013
S01E33 Chukandar aur Masur ki Dal 11/12/2013
S01E34 Alu Mangori aur Aamchuri 12/12/2013
S01E35 Sab Sofiyani Korma 13/12/2013
S01E36 Kacha Kola Dana 16/12/2013
S01E37 Parwal Shahi 17/12/2013
S01E38 Sabj Chinman 18/12/2013
S01E39 Palasli Zunka 19/12/2013
S01E40 Methi Palak ki Puri aur Sarso ka Rayta 20/12/2013

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