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Joanna Lumley goes on the trip of a lifetime - exploring the longest river in the world, the River Nile, from sea to source. Surprisingly, much of the journey’s first leg is by train. She’s following the world’s longest river from the sea to the source – 4,000 miles away. “It would take us for ever to do it by boat,” she explains, so politely it would be rude to argue this was the point.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Joanna Lumley's Nile

S01E01 Egypt 12/04/2010 She begins her adventure on a fishing boat on Egypt's coast, where the Nile spills into the Mediterranean, before capturing the spirit of Agatha Christie in Cairo and enjoying a Nile cruise. She also travels along the river by train, road and felucca sailing boat, and ends the first part of her trip in Aswan, a town the Victorians described as being on the edge of civilisation.
S01E02 Sudan 19/04/2010 The actress follows the river into the deserts of Northern Sudan, where she meets the survivor of a crocodile attack and goes in search of the creature. She is then introduced to the treasures of Nubia, an ancient kingdom of Africa ruled by the little-known Black Pharaohs, before visiting Sudan's capital city Khartoum, where she talks to nomads who live in the remote sub-Saharan desert.
S01E03 Ethiopia 26/04/2010 The epic river journey brings the actress to Khartoum, where she watches whirling dervishes practising their devotional dancing and experiences a Sudanese beauty treatment that makes use of wood smoke. She then takes a short diversion into Ethiopia's Simien Mountains to meet an unusual group of Olympic hopefuls training in the thin air of the highlands
S01E04 Rwanda 03/05/2010 The actress embarks on the last leg of her epic river journey, flying to Juba in southern Sudan where the fragile peace process has enabled a re-emergence of the country's beauty pageants. She then heads to the Murchison Falls in Uganda and encounters some of Africa's wildlife - including hippos, rhinos and an unusual bird called a shoebill. Finally, Joanna meets explorer Cam McLeay who takes her to the source of the Nile, high up in the Rwandan mountains. Last in the series

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