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S01E01 Episode 1: The Beginning 06/01/2003 The prize up for grabs is Evan Marriott, a man the ladies think is worth $50 million, but in acutality is a $19,000-a-year construction worker.Only the gal who wins over Evan and survives his weekly cuts will learn the truth, but before then producer Jean-Michel Michenaud hints that some "very interesting tensions" crop up among the curious competitors. The gold digging begins in this episode, where everyone convenes at the fantasy man's French chateau. In the beginning of the episode, we learn about Evan. Evan is then trained in ways to act wealthy. Then at some point the girls arrive in horse-and-buggy and we learn about the girls. Afterwards, host Alex McLeod introduces them to the game and announces there will be a ball. Then, Evan comes to meet the ladies on a horse. Afterwards, the girls go to pick their dresses for the ball. Then the butler brings the girls in one by one. Evan dances with each girl individually. Then it is time for Evan to pick the 12 he wants to stay by giving
S01E02 Episode 2 13/01/2003 In this episode, Evan takes the girls on group dates. Group 1- Date: Vineyard Melissa M., Sarah, Brandy, Dana They had to pick grapes at the vineyard Group 2- Date: Train Ride Katie, Mojo, Amanda, Mandy They had to shovel coal into the train's furnace so they could take a train ride through the French countryside. Group 3- Date: Horseback Riding Heidi, Dayana, Zora, Alison They had to shovel horse dew-dew from the stable and then they went hoseback riding. Then the butler announces that seven of them will be leaving. Then the girls were talking about Heidi. They obviously do not like her. Then the next day host Alex McLeod annouces that the 5 chosen will recieve sapphire necklaces. Then it is time for Evan to pick. Then afterwards everyone packs their bags but the 5 chosen will go with Evan to Paris and the others will go home.
S01E03 Episode 3 20/01/2003 In this episode, Evan takes the girls on dates in Paris. On the first date (Evan & Mojo) They went to a restraunt and to the Moulin Rouge for a show. Mojo recieves dresses from Evan. On the second date (Evan & Melissa M.) They went on a date to the Eiffel Tower on a rainy day, had champagne at a restraunt, and had cocktail drinks at a hotel room. Melissa M. recieves a portrait of herself from Evan. On the third date (Evan & Sarah) They went to take tango lessons. Sarah recieves a tango outfit from Evan. On the fourth date (Evan & Zora) They went to a dinner at a bistro and they went on walk where they heard a orchestra. Zora recieves a music box from Evan. On the fifth date (Evan & Alison) They go on a cruise down they Seine River and even though the date was over went to see Norte Dame. Alison recieves nothing from Alison. Then the butler announces they will be going on a cruise down the Seine River where host Alex McLeod tells them that the 4 chosen will recieve emerald nec
S01E04 Episode 4 27/01/2003 In this episode, Evan and the remaining girls will enjoy the comfort of the chateau. Evan and Sarah went on a bike ride and to taste wine at the winery and when they went down to the front lawn if was getting hot out there. Evan and Melissa M. cook in the kitchen and had dinner. Evan and Zora go on a walk and go horseback riding and they go to the gazebo to see the nature. Then Evan & Zora decide to go to the hot tub and the other girls decide to join them. Evan and Mojo went fencing at the chateau and Mojo wrote a poem for Evan and showed him pictures of her family. Then host Alex McLeod says that they will recieve ruby necklaces if Evan chooses them to stay. After picking, Mojo (the unchosen one) go to pack and afterwards the three remaining girls had wine.
S01E05 Episode 5 03/02/2003 Evan & Melissa M.'s date: ?? Evan & Zora's date: Zora flies to a hotel in ?? and her and Evan go to an island, have dinner, go relax in the pool, and the have breakfast the next morning. At breakfast, Zora tells him about a dream she had that Evan was two different people. Evan & Sarah's date: Evan & Sarah fly to a hotel in Nice. They have dinner at a restraunt, they had wine in the park. Sarah comes to his room after the date to ""look at the moon"". Sarah leaves by herself and Evan is alone for the first time in weeks. Back at the chateau, Paul tells them that someone will be eliminated in the morning. Then while he was sleeping he was thinking back to how he has been lying to those girls and talks to Ray Guillani one of the producers. Back at the chateau, host Alex McLeod announces there will be another good bye and the chosen two will recieve diamond pendants. Then it is time for Evan to choose and Melissa M. was eliminated and so she says her good byes and leave.
S01E06 Episode 6 10/02/2003 Viewers are subjected to a series of flashback clips of Evan's past dates with Sarah and Zora while he is alternately shown walkiing with Sarah and Zora. Flashbacks are shown in a white border to distinguish them from the actual original content of the episode, what little there is. Then, at the end of the episode, Evan calls Zora and Sarah in to tell them who he's selected, but the episode cuts away before we learn which lady he selected. Paul Hogan, the butler, to end the show, says that in previous episodes he's refused to comment on rumors of the show having a big twist ending, but now, he is going to reveal it: there is a very big twist coming in the next episode.
S01E07 Episode 7: The Last Episode 17/02/2003 The truth is finally exposed and the entire country is waiting to see. With only two women left, Zora and Sarah. But first, we find out the secrets of the women of Joe Millionaire and see what they had to say about Evan and the Chateau. All the women voice their opinions on what they really thought about the experience. And they all had something to say to Evan. Dana, said she fell for the ruse hook line and sinker. She convinced herself that everything was real and really wanted to move along. She was drawn to Evan because he was tall, dark and handsome. She tells us she was voted Homecoming Queen and was very upset that she didn't get to stay. She thinks he missed out because she feels she's the total package. Mary says she's the infamous lady of Joe Millionaire. Through the experience, she learned not to take herself seriously. Her blunder she thinks was the sunglasses. She also felt that Evan would've liked her more had he gotten the chance to see her sense of humor and regale in h
S01E08 Joe Millionaire: The Aftermath 24/02/2003 in this special, there will be an interview with Evan and Zora since they last filmed the last episode and the 19 eliminated women speak out about Joe Millionaire
S02E01 Season 2 Premiere 20/10/2003 Joe Millionaire a.k.a. David Smith, 24, earns $11,000 a year as a rodeo cowboy in Texas. Fourteen European women, from 5 different countries, vying for his attention (and fake $80 million oil fortune) don't meet him until the very end of the episode. However, the time leading up to that was still worth watching. If possible, these women appear to be cattier and more materialistic than the ladies from the original J.M. David is flown to a gorgeous villa in the Italian countryside and given a crash course by Paul, everyone's favorite butler, in European geography and greetings in the ladies' native languages. The women party it up (drinking so much champagne their first night Paul has to order more) in their anticipation to meet him and are, shall we say, disappointed when they find out he's a cowboy. Paul's observation that European women seem to like a wealthy man as much as American women is dead-on. That QUICKLY changes when they hear about his fortune. All in all, it looks like this
S02E02 Season 2 Episode 2 27/10/2003 When we left off last, we met all the girls, we met our new Joe, or David if you will. And we've ventured into the Tuscan Villa. Now it's time to find out what the girls' true motivations may be. It should be really interesting. The girls initially felt sorry for David because of how shy he came across. Plus, the women suddenly became very pro cowboy. David said all the girls were extremely beautiful. After the meet and greet, David invited the women to a ball. All the women took the rest of the day to prepare and dress and primp, etc. David said he wanted to make a good first impression. It's important because he needed to sell the fact that he has money. But he also said he doesn't want to come across as cocky. David was even more nervous about telling the girls that some of them will be going home. At the ball, David waited patiently for the women to arrive. David said that everything he's done so far was leading up to that moment. Paul escorted all the women out and his first impre
S02E03 Season 2 Episode 3 28/10/2003 After the fallout of three ladies leaving, the show picks up again and it's time for David to start dating the rest. The morning after the kickoff, the girls were still slightly in shock. The women also talked about how they liked the necklaces, but they weren't all that great. The women were still wondering more about David though. What does he do? What's he like? Etc… Paul then told David that when he goes out with the women, that it's imperative to keep his stories straight because these European women will be asking him a lot more questions than American women would. Paul then told the women that David was going to take Kristyna, Giada and Olinda on a group date. And that the other women would all be going on group dates with David over the next few days. David took the girls to Montecatini Alto, Italy for pottery lessons. David thought it would be a great idea to get to know the girls in a relaxing environment. The women were still skeptical of David flying out his horse, but he w
S02E04 Season 2 Episode 4 03/11/2003 The show starts, as always, with my man Paul Hogan drinking a brandy and musing over David's latest dates. Paul says that David so far has been ""a fish out of water,"" but that this week, the women will have to adapt to David's environment when they take a trip to a ranch. Which of the women will fit into David's world? At the villa, the women are enjoying breakfast. Olinda is wearing a gigantic pair of sunglasses that cover pretty much her entire head. Lina tells the ladies that she dreamed about going shopping, then to a spa for a massage. Olinda jokes, ""that's my lifestyle."" Paul arrives and tells the women that David would like for them to know more about his life in Texas. For their date, he has gotten presents for all of them. The presents are outside. The women should get them and then pack for an overnight trip. The gifts are cowboy hats and boots for everybody. The women try on their new accessories and have a great time with it. Several of them get into the act by practicing s
S02E05 Season 2 Episode 5 10/11/2003 The charming and delightful Paul Hogan welcomes us to The Next Joe Millionaire. As he sips his brandy, he reminds us that last week, several of the women did not enjoy the country life of their ranch date. This week, it's back to the city. Please feel free to make your own Green Acres joke here. With two hours of action crammed into one night, I don't have the energy to do it myself. Tonight, David and the women will go to Florence for individual dates. Paul asks, ""Is it the money or his charm that fuels the competition?"" David says that he's disappointed about Linda not being in the running anymore, but that he's looking forward to his dates. Petra vows to cheer him up. She is looking forward to getting to know him better without the other women around. A sedan pulls up to the villa and we see Petra asking the driver if she can sit up front with him. I guess this scene is to tell us that Petra is just folks like the rest of us and most certainly not a gold digger. Petra greets David i
S02E06 Season 2 Episode 6 10/11/2003 When we left our friends on The Next Joe Millionaire, David had just eliminated Giada and Kristyna. Giada, in spite of her threats, did not explode. Paul announced that David and his final four women—Olinda, Cat, Petra, and Anique—would be headed to Rome for more individual dates. If you want the full pulse-pounding details of the first part of this mega episode, check out my recap here. All caught up? Then let's head to Rome! David is thrilled to finally go to Rome, saying, ""a guy couldn't ask for more."" He says that they are staying in a very expensive hotel, so the women will surely be impressed. The women have a grand entrance of their own—when they pull up in limos surrounded by cameras, they attract paparazzi. The women mug for the cameras and seem to be enjoying the attention, but they end up having to enter the hotel through a back entrance. Apparently these paparazzi are easily outwitted. In the hotel, Paul welcomes them and offers to show them to their rooms. Olinda immediate
S02E07 Season 2 Episode 7 17/11/2003 Last week on The Next Joe Millionaire, Kristyna and Giada got booted, Olinda was mean to Cat, got booted, and I pulled a muscle in one of my typing fingers after recapping all two hours of international intrigue! Paul welcomes us back to this week's episode. He promises us "jet set dates" to help David ascertain which women are there for him and which are there for his money. Paul also says that the makers of the show were surprised when one of the eliminated women asked for a second chance with David. Because they love the twists and turns, they agreed. In the villa, Petra, Anique, and Cat share an awkward meal. They eat silently while their interview voiceovers fill us in on the underlying tension. Petra thinks David made the wrong decision at the last elimination. Cat says that she thinks Petra wanted her to go. And Anique says that she doesn't find Cat open or honest. Paul enters the dining room and congratulates the women on joining "the diamond club." He tells Anique to get ready
S02E08 Season 2 Episode 8 17/11/2003 Petra and Cat are alone in the house. Since the two of them weren't getting along very well in part one of the episode, it's an uncomfortable dynamic. Cat says, "It feels strange because all the others are missing." Petra says that Cat can be hard to deal with, and now she has to deal with her alone. The two of them are eating a meal together again without talking. Cat says in an interview, "I think she doesn't like me." Was her first clue when Petra told her that she found her rude? For her part, Petra decides that if Cat doesn't want to be friendly and talk to her, she'll distance herself as well. In lieu of talking, she rifles through her handbag. If I were Petra, I would also give up on the possibility of having a nice conversation during meals with Cat and would just start bringing a book to the table with me. Paul arrives and sends the women to the grand salon for an announcement from Samantha. This really underscores Samantha's uselessness on the show, because why couldn't Paul
S02E09 Season 2 Episode 9 24/11/2003 It feels like just yesterday that we met David Smith, Fox's new Joe Millionaire, and his bevy of European ladies, but it's time already for the finale. Paul, with his usual glass of brandy in his hand, tells us that David has narrowed his search to two women: Linda, who "got back in at the end of the race," and Cat, who "survived the entire marathon." David will not only have to choose between the two ladies, but will have to tell one of them that he doesn't really have eighty million dollars. Let's get to it! David says that he's torn between the two women. With Linda, he was "intrigued at first sight," but Cat is someone "who I've developed a relationship with." Linda and Cat talk and admire the diamond bracelets they got after the most recent elimination. Linda says that she thinks it's right that they are the last two women. Cat is not feeling the same camaraderie. In an interview, she says, "I would be the winner, but Linda is back." She says much the same thing to Linda's face. C
S02E10 Season 2 Episode 10 24/11/2003 It feels like just yesterday that we met David Smith, Fox's new Joe Millionaire, and his bevy of European ladies, but it's time already for the finale. Paul, with his usual glass of brandy in his hand, tells us that David has narrowed his search to two women: Linda, who ""got back in at the end of the race,"" and Cat, who ""survived the entire marathon."" David will not only have to choose between the two ladies, but will have to tell one of them that he doesn't really have eighty million dollars. Let's get to it! David says that he's torn between the two women. With Linda, he was ""intrigued at first sight,"" but Cat is someone ""who I've developed a relationship with."" Linda and Cat talk and admire the diamond bracelets they got after the most recent elimination. Linda says that she thinks it's right that they are the last two women. Cat is not feeling the same camaraderie. In an interview, she says, ""I would be the winner, but Linda is back."" She says much the same thing to Linda's face. C

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Par MonsieurPedro Le 27/11/2017

Mais quel manque de finesse !
On savait la suite de Jurassic Park attendue et casse-gueule et ce fut partiellement le cas.
Multipliant les clins d'oeil au premier opus, ce film manque très clairement de finesse dans son scénario et sa réalisation. On comprend chaque moments-clés avec trois minutes d'avance (oui allo, oui c'est Mr le gros dinosaure, je vais venir manger le pas gentil dans deux scènes hein... Ah tu avais déjà compris....) mais surtout, j'aimerai comprendre comment Spielberg a pu valider les 20 dernières minutes du film... J'ai eu l'impression de voir un bon gros nanar du type Sharknado contre le Méga dinosaure.
Chris Pratt, l'ambiance et les nombreux clins d'oeil au premier film sauvent la production. Ce sera 6/10 pour moi