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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Joe's Life

S01E01 A Tail to Remember 29/09/1993 Debut: Family man Joe Gennaro (Peter Onorati) is a laid-off defense worker who has to deal with the problems of running the house while his wife, Sandy (Mary Page Keller), works as an office temp. In the opener, Joe faces a hairy issue: son Scott (Spencer Klein) wants to wear a ""Rat Tail.""
S01E02 Mind If I Smoke? 06/10/1993 Stan (George DiCenzo) is burned up when he finds out that his son has been smoking—and that Joe knew about it.
S01E03 He Ain't Working, He's My Brother 13/10/1993 Stan stews because Joe won't work full time as a chef, but Joe tells him to put a lid on it.
S01E04 Shop in the Name of Love 20/10/1993 Joe wants to buy Sandy a birthday gift, but to him, ""shop"" is strictly a four-letter word.
S01E05 The Bad Influence 27/10/1993 Despite Sandy and Stan's misgivings, Joe sticks up for Leo's bad-news buddy Josh—Until Josh dates Amy.
S01E06 The Invisible Man 03/11/1993 Joe gets the awful feeling that Sandy's taking him for granted—but she takes no notice; meanwhile, Paul's doing poorly in algebra because of his sexual attraction to his teacher.
S01E07 You Can't Take This Job ... Period 10/11/1993 Sandy's offered a full-time job that will take her away from the family even more so than now. Can she take it? Can they?
S01E08 Dear Grandpa 17/11/1993 Sandy's not happy to see her long-estranged father again, but he's a big hit with the kids.
S01E09 Parental Guidance Not Suggested? 24/11/1993 After Thanksgiving dinner, Sandy talks Joe into going to a movie, where they unexpectedly get to observe Amy with a date.
S01E10 Nightmare on Joe's Street 00/00/0000 Joe refuses Stan's offer of half-ownership of the restaurant.
S01E11 Yule Be Sorry 15/12/1993 The last thing Barb wanted for Christmas is just what Leo brings home: a 21-year-old girlfriend with a baby, and a husband—somewhere.