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In his most controversial project yet, John Safran sets out to find the guy upstairss... you know what I mean. Along the way, John test drives other religions like buddhism, racism, mormonism and takes revenge on his enemies, making it the best thirty minutes you'll ever spend.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de John Safran Vs God

S01E01 Fatwa 30/08/2004 In his first week in search of the religon right for him, John Safran goes to Israel to try to convince the leader of Islam to put a fatwa on Rove McManus, will his mission succeed? Also John gets lost in the forest when he tries to go on a spiritual journey.
S01E02 Buddha 06/09/2004 John travels to Japan to learn the way of the Buddha, but finds it painful when he can't be able to talk to the leader.
S01E03 A Jew in the KKK 13/09/2004 John travels to California to try to join KKK. But first he must go through the Grand Dragon, this proves diffcult as John can't join because of his Jewish heritage.
S01E04 Mormons 20/09/2004 John goes to the Salt Lake City to pitch his idea for a Mormon film.
S01E05 More Mormons 27/09/2004 Sick and tired of Mormons knocking on people's doors to try to get them into their religion, John gives them a taste of their own medicine.
S01E06 Israelis and Palestinians 04/10/2004 John tries to promote world peace to Palestinian and Israel activists by bringing in Sara-Marie from Big Brother to throw around her 2 cents in the issue to try to solve it.
S01E07 The Bible Code 11/10/2004 John meets someone who reckons that the bible predicted the September 11th tragedy as John finds out the bible has secret messages hidden inside. Is it true, how can this be? Also, John Safran gives you the viewer, a handy guide of how to boycott against religion.
S01E08 The Exorcism 18/10/2004 In the most dramatic, compelling episode of the series sees John ending his journey in search of God. He decides to start fresh, and what is better than having a exorcism by preacher Bob Larson. John has to go through all sorts of obstacles to face his demons.

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