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Imagine having two twin brainiac sisters who are 13 years old and can bring up out-of-this-world experiments. Well lucky for Johnny Test and his super talking dog, Dukey. They can. Super-powers, gadgets that can rewind a person or turning things into gold... for Johnny the possibilities are endless. But whenever there is trouble, Johnny has to go back home before 5 P.M. for meatloaf....


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Johnny Test

S01E01 Johnny to the Center of the Earth 17/09/2005 Things have been mysteriously disappearing underground, making Johnny and Dukey believe that the people behind this are "mole people". When Johnny accidentally loses his dad's new camera, he must journey to the center of the earth to retrieve it before dinnertime, or he will be grounded.
S01E02 Johnny X 17/09/2005 Susan and Mary give Gil a piece of their special love "bubble gum", but by accident, it makes him transform. In order to save Gil and the others in pork belly, they have to give Johnny and Dukey some cool super powers.
S01E03 Johnny vs. Bling-Bling Boy 24/09/2005 Bling-Bling Boy has stolen a device that turns things into gold and Johnny must get it back before dinnertime.
S01E04 Johnny Impossible 24/09/2005 Johnny tries to get his baseball back from an old man before the baseball game starts.
S01E05 Johnny Test: Party Monster 01/10/2005 Susan and Mary are having a party and use a device on Johnny in order to make him look good so all the girls at the party will love him, but Johnny turns into a monster.
S01E06 Johnny Test: Extreme Crime Stopper 01/10/2005 The Extreme Teen Team are on the loose and it's up to Johnny to bring them down.
S01E07 Deep Sea Johnny 08/10/2005 Johnny uses an invention to breathe underwater, yet sharks and electric eels begin to walk on land and wreak havoc to the beach.
S01E08 Johnny and the Amazing Turbo Action Backpack 08/10/2005 Bling-Bling Boy steals a backpack and Johnny must retrieve it so Susan and Mary can show it off at the school science fair.
S01E09 Johnny and the Ice Pigs 29/10/2005 Johnny goes back in time to ask Thomas Edison for a hockey invention and then to gather all of the vicious and ruthless "legends" he could find, in order to form a hockey team which will help the Ice Pigs win a game.
S01E10 Johnny’s House of Horrors 29/10/2005 Johnny fills the house with some of Hugh's favorite things listed in his notebook. However, Johnny learns that the book was also full of Hugh's least favorite things (most of them scary.) To make matters worse, Lila's boss is coming over for dinner that night.
S01E11 Johnny’s Super Smartypants 05/11/2005 Johnny wears super smarty pants in order to win the love of a genius girl, Janet Nelson Jr. But later, the pants get a mind of their own.
S01E12 Take Your Johnny to Work Day 05/11/2005 Johnny sneaks into Lila's car along with Susan and Mary on Take Your Daughter to Work Day, thinking that it's unfair that girls don't have to go to school on this day, but boys do. When the kids get to Lila's workplace, they sneak into a lab and accidentally release a missile.
S01E13 Johnny and the Mega Roboticles 12/11/2005 Johnny brings a toy, Nasteria, to life. But the toy decides to destroy Porkbelly. Now Johnny needs to stop the evil action figure with a toy force, led by Nasteria's arch enemy, Mega Roboticle.
S01E14 Johnny Gets Mooned 12/11/2005 Johnny steals a rocket his sisters made to travel to the moon so he can write his report. Unexpectedly, he battles some moon monsters and rescues Canadian astronauts.
S01E15 Johnny Hollywood 19/11/2005 Johnny uses a gadget to travel into a movie, The Quickest and the Monkiest. But what happens when the gadget gets stuck and the movie has a bad ending?
S01E16 Johnny's Turbo Time Rewinder 19/11/2005 Johnny's sisters invent a time rewinder that can go back up to 5 minutes and they use it to get Johnny in trouble. Infuriated, he tries multiple times to steal this, but he fails; eventually, he gets a similar one from Bling-Bling Boy.
S01E17 Return of Johnny X 26/11/2005 Johnny becomes Johnny X again in order to take down Bling-Bling's latest evil invention, Repto-Slicer.
S01E18 Sonic Johnny 26/11/2005 Johnny and Dukey try Susan and Mary's ultimate scooter and are wanted in the future.
S01E19 Dog Days of Johnny 11/02/2006 Susan and Mary put a device on Dukey, making him respond to their every command. Now Johnny must stop Susan and Mary, and get his best friend back.
S01E20 Johnny's Pink Plague 11/02/2006 Johnny uses a device to free everyone of zits. But what happens when Johnny finds out the device was unstable?
S01E21 Johnny's Extreme Game Controller 18/02/2006 Johnny uses his game controller to control people, but Hugh gets his hands on it and begins affecting Johnny in the process.
S01E22 Li'l Johnny 18/02/2006 Johnny accidentally shrinks himself and Dukey into a sub-atomic universe while shrinking his toys. Unexpectedly, its nature turns against him.
S01E23 Johnny vs. Brain Freezer 22/07/2006 A kid at Susan and Mary's school becomes a villain named Brain Freezer. Now Johnny must stop this villain and unfreeze everyone he froze.
S01E24 Johnny's Big Snow Job 22/07/2006 Johnny uses a device in Susan and Mary's lab to make it snow outside. But what happens when the whole city becomes snowed over?
S01E25 Johnny Dodgeball 29/07/2006 Johnny uses a bionic arm to magnify his arm strength to beat Sissy at dodge ball. However, it breaks after being exposed to cereal.
S01E26 Johnny and the Attack of the Monster Truck 29/07/2006 In the season finale, Eugene brings a living monster truck to the Test house, and it began to be enraged after Eugene kicked it because it didn't win Susan's heart. Now the truck wants to destroy the entire monster truck species. It's up to Johnny to figure out how to stop it.
S02E01 Hoist the Johnny Roger 28/10/2006 Johnny and Dukey must help a pathetic pirate, Nobeard, take down his powerful brother pirate, Blackbeard, and impress his father, Greybeard. Johnny goes back to the future to get his sisters' help.
S02E02 Johnny's Turbo Toy Force 28/10/2006 An evil toymaker named Wacko gives out robots to all the children of Porkbelly, which imprison them. The gang seeks assistance from the Turbo Toy Force.
S02E03 JTV 04/11/2006 Johnny starts his own channel over a channel which only broadcast emergencies and tests. Later, the army needs the channel for a runaway plane. Note: Family Guy's season 4 episode 14 is called / named PTV
S02E04 Johnny vs. Bling-Bling Boy 2 04/11/2006 Eugene creates a device that turns himself, Johnny, and Dukey into young children, interfering with Johnny's video game showdown with Sissy.
S02E05 Johnnyland 11/11/2006 Johnny makes a theme park called Johnnyland in the backyard. However, Hugh demands the park be torn down, later stumbling into an unstable ride with Lila.
S02E06 Johnny's Got a Brand New Dad 11/11/2006 Hugh's constant sayings of "no" begin to infuriate Johnny, so, with Susan and Mary's help, they make a new one. However, when the new dad gets exposed to the plutonium he got for Susan and Mary, things start to turn out ugly.
S02E07 Saturday's Alright for Johnny 18/11/2006 Johnny is trying to have the perfect Saturday, but Sissy ruins it by trying to practice William Tell archery on Johnny. Johnny then uses Susan and Mary's Saturday Repeater machine to try again.
S02E08 Johnny Mint Chip 18/11/2006 Johnny, Dukey, and the sisters go to an ice cream factory, in order to get the recipe for mint chip ice cream which Johnny and Dukey can't stop eating.
S02E09 Downhill Johnny 03/03/2007 Johnny goes to the Behemoth, the ultimate downhill ski resort. However, he has to find ways to go downhill since the ski captain doesn't let kids go.
S02E10 Johnny X Strikes Back 21/04/2007 Five evil villains who have been defeated previously by Johnny (Wacko, the Bee Keeper, Brain Freezer, Mr. Mittens and Albert the butler) team up and kidnap him. Now it's up to Susan, Mary, Dukey, Bling-Bling, Gil, and Bumper to save him.
S02E11 00-Johnny 28/04/2007 Tim Burnout steals blueprints of the girls' original plan to alternate Dukey and uses it on his cat, Mr. Mittens. But he becomes evil and now it's up to Johnny and Dukey to stop him.
S02E12 Johnny vs. Smash Badger 3 05/05/2007 While trying to figure out some cheat codes from his video game, Johnny accidentally brings Smash Badger to life.
S02E13 The Good, the Bad & the Johnny 12/05/2007 To control Johnny's frequent bad behavior, the girls split his bad genes to make his genes 100% good. The bad gene later gets a life of its own, making two Johnnys, one nice and one evil.
S02E14 Johnny Zombie Tea Party 17/01/2007 Johnny brings Porkbelly's founders back to life in order to help with his report.
S02E16 Johnny the Kid 24/02/2007 Johnny and his family go on vacation to a dude ranch on Susan and Mary's choice, but it is invaded by an outlaw motorcycle club shortly after they arrive. With the help from Bling-Bling Boy and Gil, both whom have also been taken a trip to the ranch, the Tests resolve to stop the bikers from ruining their fun and take back their holiday.
S02E18 Johnny Meets the Pork-Ness Monsters 03/03/2007 It is a hot day and Johnny's family cannot seem to find a place where they can cool off and get wet. They go to Lake Pork-Ness, which is rumored to have a monster inhabitant. Susan and Mary believe that the idea is a total myth and try to prove there are no monsters in the lake.
S02E20 Johnny vs. Super Soaking Cyborgs 21/04/2007 Susan and Mary create Gil cyborgs to make Gil jealous but they try to eliminate Gil and anyone in their path. It's up to Johnny to stop them. Meanwhile, the girls keep Gil "safe" in a box in their lab.
S02E22 Johnny of the Jungle 28/04/2007 While on a class trip to the safari park with Dukey disguised as Johnny's dad, Johnny and Dukey decide to help animals get to their homeland in Africa.
S02E24 Johnny Bee Good 05/05/2007 The Bee Keeper steals all the candy in Porkbelly and it's up to Johnny, Dukey, and the girls to stop him.
S02E26 Rock-a-Bye Johnny 12/05/2007 Dukey keeps Johnny up all night with his pillow fights and Johnny goes to the sisters to get some sleep. But Johnny misfires and causes his parents to go sleepwalking.
S03E01 Johnny vs. Bling-Bling Boy 3 22/09/2007 Johnny vs. Bling-Bling Boy 3 - When Eugene finds out that Johnny is what stands in the way of him and Susan, he sets out to lock Johnny up forever as he tries to get the last ingredient for his sister's "Susan-hating lozenge".
S03E02 Johnny la boule puante 22/09/2007 Johnny wants to buy an HDTV and the twins need an important ingredient for their experiment. The only solution: Enter Johnny in a professional wrestling competition so they can win $10,000, so they make Johnny a wrestling suit which allows him to spray stink gas from his suit.
S03E03 / Johnny compote de pomme 29/09/2007 Brain Freezer creates an army of snowmen, and only Johnny X can stop him.
S03E04 Johnny vs. Dukey 29/09/2007 After Johnny and Dukey send Bumper packing, they start to come against each other in a game of "Say Uncle".
S03E05 Here Johnny, Here Boy 06/10/2007 Fed up with the lack of respect, Dukey has convinced Mary and Susan to turn Johnny into a dog. In the meantime Mary and Susan turn themselves into animals so they can get loved by Gil. It all goes wrong when Animal Control arrives and snatches them.
S03E06 Johnny Applesauce 06/10/2007 After hearing about American heroes in Social Studies class, Johnny decides to help his classmates by bringing back applesauce as a vigilante after the Lunch Lady outlaws it. However, this lands him into trouble.
S03E07 Johnny'mon 13/10/2007 Johnny refuses to bathe, and his family forcibly attempts to wash him. Meanwhile, Dukey is mad because he thinks Johnny forgot his birthday.
S03E08 Bath Time for Johnny 13/10/2007 Johnny refuses to bathe, and his family forcibly attempts to wash him. Meanwhile, Dukey is mad because he thinks Johnny forgot his birthday.
S03E09 Johnny Test: Monster Starter 26/01/2008 Mr. Black and Mr. White ask Susan and Mary to design a new weapon, so they make a helmet that allows the user to control things with their mind. But it becomes a huge mistake when it's stuck on Johnny's head, and his obsession with a new video game now makes any inanimate object he sees turn into a monster.
S03E10 Johnny Holiday 03/11/2007 Johnny is upset because the holidays that give free candy to the world are spread too far apart, so Johnny decides to start his own holiday, known as Kids Get Free Candy Day, and try to spread free candy. When there are some adult protests against this holiday, Johnny, Dukey, Susan, and Mary gain an unlikely ally against this – the Beekeeper.
S03E11 / Johnny sent bon 10/11/2007 When Dukey explains how narration makes everything seem better, Johnny convinces Susan and Mary to make a reality warping megaphone, but it malfunctions.
S03E12 When Johnny Comes Marching Home 10/11/2007 Johnny buys a video game which turns out to be a military plot to recruit an elite team of super soldiers, and then he must join the fight against a group of renegade penguins who are losing their home to global warming.
S03E13 Johnnyitis 01/12/2007 Johnny drinks an unstable isotope so he can get sick and not have to study for a test for school. Unfortunately, not only does the isotope give him red spots and a purple tongue, if it's not cured within four hours, it's going to give him immense bloating, cause violent coughing, and eventually make him explode.
S03E14 Johnny Mustache 01/12/2007 Johnny has his sisters use an invention that will give him a mustache so that Johnny can get into a movie meant for older people. But when Bling Bling Boy pesters Johnny to use the invention on him, Johnny shoots the invention at him too much and now Eugene looks like the monster from a movie.
S03E15 Johnny Fu 15/12/2007 When Bumper uses kung fu moves to take over the school, Johnny seeks Dukey's kung fu advice, but to no avail.
S03E16 Johnny Escape From Bling Bling Island 15/12/2007 Bling-Bling Boy steals Susan and Mary's shoes, and it is up to Johnny and a reluctant Dukey to retrieve them before their dinner with Gil.
S03E17 Johnny's Monkey Business 26/01/2008 Susan and Mary need to get Lolo away from Johnny and Dukey for various tests when they try to make a profit out of her in order to get a video game system.
S03E18 Johnny Bench 26/01/2008 Johnny must make a bench for woodshop class or he goes to summer school.
S03E19 Johnny Long Legs 02/02/2008 Johnny does a spider DNA experiment for his sisters but when Hugh orders Johnny to be normal, Susan accidentally increases the DNA and becomes a real spider. Now Dukey must save Johnny from the hands of Bumper and his pet snake.
S03E20 Johnny Test in Outer Space 02/02/2008 While trying to find life on other planets, Johnny meets a leader from the planet Vegandon who attempts to destroy the Earth by sucking out its natural resources.
S03E21 Johnny Kart Racing 16/02/2008 All Johnny and Dukey want is a simple bike race between the two of them; but everyone joins the race.
S03E22 Johnny sent bon 16/02/2008 Johnny Smells Good - Johnny and Dukey test a perfume experiment and now everyone is attracted to them. They use this to their advantage, but it goes out of control.
S03E23 Return of Johnny'mon 23/02/2008 Seeking revenge, Blast Ketchup sucks Hugh into the Tiny'Mon world, trying to suck Johnny in. Thinking he is one of Johnny's Tiny'Mon, he captures him. Johnny, Dukey, Susan, and Mary must stop him. To re-exit the game, they must win another battle with Blast.
S03E24 Johnny Dukey Doo 23/02/2008 Johnny Dukey Doo - When a condemned hotel gets haunted by ghosts Susan and Mary drag Johnny, Dukey and Gil into the house to prove that the ghosts are fake.
S03E25 Johnny X: A New Beginning (JX6-a) 01/03/2008 It's time for the Earth Day Carnival and the Johnny Stopping Evil Force 5 (with Zizrar replacing the Beekeeper) returns and obtains the same mutant powers as Johnny X, and Super Dukey.
S03E26 Johnny X: The Final Ending (JX6-b) 01/03/2008 Johnny X: The Final Ending - Following the events right after "JX6-a: A New Beginning" Dark Vegan returns to destroy the Earth with an upgraded armada. Dark Vegan, with his upgrade armada, is cutting up the Earth's trees, taking off the oxygen and sucking up the Earth's water. Johnny, Dukey, and the Johnny Stopping Evil Force 5 team up to stop Dark Vegan and return the Earth's resources.
S04E01 Johnny's New Baby Sisters 10/09/2009 Susan and Mary purposely turn themselves into babies while the parents are out, and Johnny has to keep them safe from the irresponsible babysitter Gil; this interferes with a party he and Dukey had been planning.
S04E02 Trans-Johnny 10/09/2009 Johnny tricks his sisters into letting him have teleporting powers. Susan and Mary mess with the powers to get revenge. Later the twins accidentally get them caught in a middle of an art robbery.
S04E03 Une bonne action à tout prix 17/09/2009 After Johnny lands his bike into a garbage truck, he becomes a Lady Bird Scout and tries to sell 1,000 boxes of cookies to get a new one. Little does he know, Sissy wants the bike as well, but for a better reason.
S04E04 Johnny des cavernes 17/09/2009 Johnny goes back in time in order to get a sloth bone for the twins, but when he returns he becomes a caveman, interfering with his grounding from selling Hugh's personal items.
S04E05 Johnny le fugitif 24/09/2009 Johnny and Dukey run away when Johnny's parents say he's old enough to do chores but not old enough to watch PG-13 movies.
S04E06 Johnny on the Spot 24/09/2009 Johnny steals a portable black hole, which later creates an early apocalypse.
S04E07 Dark Johnny 01/10/2009 Johnny joins forces with Dark Vegan to get him back to his home planet.
S04E08 Pas de devoirs pour Johnny 01/10/2009 Susan and Mary build Johnny a robot in order to help him do his homework, but the robot ends up stealing things for Johnny.
S04E09 Papa Johnny 08/10/2009 Susan and Mary switch Johnny and Hugh's brains after the two make a bet that involves taking on each other's lives.
S04E10 Concours canin 08/10/2009 Johnny and Dukey try to get in a dog show which only allows perfectly groomed and trained dogs.
S04E11 Dukey Jekyll and Johnny Hyde 15/10/2009 Dukey drinks a liquid which makes him turn into a monster. To make matters worse, a dog catcher (and later Mr. Black and Mr. White) are after him.
S04E12 Johnny's Trophy Case 15/10/2009 Johnny wants to get a trophy to put in his trophy case. Susan and Mary get obsessed with winning, so the three of them enter The Pork Belly River Jumpoff to win 1 million dollars and a trophy.
S04E13 La fabuleuse fabrique de biscuits 26/11/2009 Ayant une envie irrésistible de manger un biscuit, Johnny essaie un des "biscuits de fortune...
S04E14 Les soeurs débiles de Johnny 26/11/2009 The twins' latest invention accidentally makes them dumb thanks to Johnny right before their scholarship interview.
S04E15 Johnny garde du corps 03/12/2009 Johnny gets hired to stop Bling-bling from kissing Susan, but Johnny turns on the sisters once Bling-Bling bribes him.
S04E16 Tom et Johnny 03/12/2009 Susan et Mary transforment Johnny en souris pour tester le " coup de la souris dans le labyrinthe...
S04E17 Agent secret Pré-ado 10/12/2009 M. Black et M. White sont persuadés que Larious Nafarious s'apprête à conquérir le...
S04E18 Johnny fait des bulles 10/12/2009 Mr. Whacko invents a new helium gum that lifts kids into the sky, and Johnny must save them.
S04E19 Johnny vieille école 07/01/2010 Johnny travels to 1845 when school was easier, but he gets stuck there because the power supplier to the Turbo Time Tea house hasn't been invented yet. The sisters and Johnny try to find outdated technology to power the tea house.
S04E20 Johnny Degrees Below Zero 07/01/2010 Johnny creates a magnetic force field on the Earth which makes Porkbelly the new north pole.
S04E21 Johnny Johnny 04/02/2010 Johnny and Dukey get framed for stuff that Johnny and Dukey look alike robots (which Mr. Black and Mr. White made) do around Porkbelly.
S04E22 Les coupons de Johnny 04/02/2010 Johnny keeps attempting to ride down Suicide hill, but Susan and Mary keep redeeming Johnny's coupons.
S04E23 Johnny rayon-X 25/02/2010 Johnny gets X-Ray goggles.
S04E24 The Destruction of Johnny X 25/02/2010 Johnny and Dukey decide to remain in super hero mode permanently but find being a superhero is harder than they think.
S04E25 iJohnny 02/03/2010 The twins upgrade Johnny's new cell phone. Later the phone becomes too intelligent and begins hacking government space missiles.
S04E26 Johnny vs. The Mummy 02/03/2010 Johnny goes on a trip to the museum and brings the things to life, including a mummy.
S04E27 Le monstre de Johnny 10/05/2010 Johnny's mail order foam monster becomes a real monster once the twins swap the water with their bottle of "side effects".
S04E28 Who's Johnny? 10/05/2010 When Sissy considers Johnny too gross to help her in a science project, he begs Susan and Mary to change his personality.
S04E29 Princess Johnny 24/05/2010 Johnny poses as a princess in order to prevent a war. Meanwhile, Susan and Mary decide that they would like to act like normal girls.
S04E30 99 Deeds of Johnny Test 24/05/2010 After getting his 99th detention, Johnny learns he must perform 99 good deeds or he will be sent to military school.
S04E31 Johnny's Amazing Race 12/07/2010 Johnny and Dukey challenge his sisters, their friends, and their enemies to a survival challenge in which the winning team gets hundreds of dollars in gift certificates.
S04E32 Johnny Test en 3D 12/07/2010 While the tests go on vacation, Johnny and Dukey try to get back into their hotel room and avoid the hotel manager that doesn't allow pets.
S04E33 Devine qui vient dormir chez Johnny 26/07/2010 Mr. Black moves in with the Tests after he embarrasses Mr. White at the dance contest auditions.
S04E34 Johnny's New BFF 26/07/2010 Johnny's parents keep setting Johnny up with new friends. When those don't work out, Johnny reveals Dukey's intelligence. Later, Dukey spends more time helping Johnny's parents instead of playing with Johnny.
S04E35 Johnny vs. Bling Bling IV 09/08/2010 Johnny once again has to protect Susan from Bling Bling Boy who is determined to have her as his valentine.
S04E36 Johnny's Big Sister Smackdown 09/08/2010 Susan and Mary both want Gil to go on a date with them, so they put up a wrestling match using rough guts (Susan uses Johnny's while Mary uses a lion's), but it leads to destructive results.
S04E37 Johnny s'en va-t-en mer 23/08/2010 Johnny goes to the beach to surf, but there are no waves, so Susan and Mary build a wave making machine and special surfboard for him.
S04E38 Johnnyicle 23/08/2010 Johnny and Dukey try to help Brain Freezer get a girlfriend.
S04E39 Le roi Johnny 06/09/2010 Johnny becomes obsessed with domination after Susan and Mary bring his chess pieces to life.
S04E40 Johnny animé 06/09/2010 Johnny uses one of his sisters' inventions to bring two cartoon characters to the real world in order to scare Sissy out of the house, but the characters mistake Porkbelly for a zombie world and try to destroy it.
S04E41 Les gâteaux de Johnny 20/09/2010 It's Lila's birthday and the family spends the morning to make her birthday a success. Johnny struggles to make her breakfast, Hugh tries to figure out a good but inexpensive gift for her, and the twins keep trap Lila in her bedroom until Hugh and Johnny are ready.
S04E42 Johnny Tube 20/09/2010 Johnny wants to become a internet sensation.
S04E43 Soirée pyjama chez Johnny 04/10/2010 Johnny is dragged into Susan and Mary's plan to get Gil to be in a sleep-over, but Bling-Bling Boy and Dark Vegan's daughter Jillian become involved as well, with the usual chaos ensuing.
S04E44 Johnny a une verrue 04/10/2010 Johnny gets a wart, and when his sisters try to get rid of it, it gives the wart intelligence and seems to make Johnny's life better, but he tries to take over his body as he gets more powerful.
S04E45 Johnny's Royal Flush 18/10/2010 When Susan and Mary turns Johnny into a fish as part of one of their experiments, Hugh flushes him down the toilet by mistake where he ends up in the sewer, and he has to swim for his life when he runs into an alligator.
S04E46 La folle journée de Johnny Test 18/10/2010 Johnny ditches school with a relentless truant officer in hot pursuit.
S04E47 Johnny & Dark Vegan's Battle Brawl Mania 01/11/2010 Dark Vegan once again tries to destroy Johnny, who is trying to cheer up lonely Repto-Slicer.
S04E48 A Scholarship for Johnny 01/11/2010 Hugh wants to train Johnny to be good at sports so that he could get a sports scholarship to college.
S04E49 Johnny le matelot 15/11/2010 Johnny, his friends, and his enemies all compete in a boat race against an arrogant rowing team.
S04E50 Johnny Lock Down 15/11/2010 Johnny is determined to get a flytrap plant from his sisters for his school's science fair.
S04E51 Ce bon vieux Johnny Test 29/11/2010 Johnny is in charge of the school play about recycling while Susan and Mary create a garbage-eating monster.
S04E52 Johnny X Strikes Back Again 29/11/2010 The general takes away the lab, and than builds agent cyborgs. They charge up Johnny X and their friends to stop them!
S05E01 Johnny Goes Nuts 13/06/2011 Johnny Goes Nuts - Johnny is finally old enough to participate in Porkbelly’s Annual Running of the Squirrels, but he has to get past Lila, who thinks it’s too dangerous, despite performing many dangerous attempts on her son to stop him.
S05E02 Johnny Daddy Day 13/06/2011 Johnny Daddy Day - Johnny, the twins and Lila realize it’s Father’s Day, and they don’t have a gift. They try many disastrous attempts, making Hugh wish they had never remembered!
S05E03 Johnny Cruise 20/06/2011 Johnny Cruise - Johnny wins an ocean cruise for him and his family, but it turns to be just a trap by Bling-Bling Boy, who deliberately crashes the ship so he can romantically save Susan.
S05E04 Rated J for Johnny 20/06/2011 Rated J for Johnny - Johnny tries various schemes to buy an M-rated video game, not knowing what the consequences will be.
S05E05 Spotless Johnny 27/06/2011 Spotless Johnny - After Johnny and Dukey track mud in the house, they use a special stain-remover designed by Susan and Mary, but also learn it can make Johnny invisible.
S05E06 Johnny vs. Bling-Bling: The Final Battle 27/06/2011 Johnny vs. Bling-Bling: The Final Battle - Tired of all of the Johnny vs. Bling Bling battles with no winner, the Test sisters and Bling-Bling's science team make a bet to see who is the final winner of the battles.
S05E07 Cat Scratch Johnny 11/07/2011 Cat Scratch Johnny - Johnny and Dukey bring characters in a science-fiction movie to life with Susan and Mary's 3-D glasses, and now the aliens in the movie want to conquer the Earth.
S05E08 Johnny of the Deep 11/07/2011 Johnny of the Deep - Mary turns Johnny and Dukey into sharks when Bling Bling Boy hypnotizes Susan into falling in love with him.
S05E09 Johnny Swellville 18/07/2011 Johnny Swellville - A time-traveling mishap sends Johnny and Dukey back to the 1950s.
S05E10 Johnny Irresistible 18/07/2011 Johnny Irresistible - Johnny wants to increase his charisma when he becomes jealous of Gil's popularity.
S05E11 Johnny's Rat Race 25/07/2011 Johnny's Rat Race - Johnny uses his sisters' genetically altered rat for a school project, only to have it stolen by a desperate circus owner to save his failing show.
S05E12 Black & White & Johnny All Over 25/07/2011 Black & White & Johnny All Over - Johnny and Dukey help Mr. Black and Mr. White catch a runaway robot dog before it explodes.
S05E13 Fangs a Lot Johnny 10/10/2011 Fangs a Lot Johnny - Johnny accidentally turns his sisters into vampires, and has to save Gil from getting bitten by his lovestruck vampire sisters and change them back.
S05E14 Johnny Testosterone 10/10/2011 Johnny Testosterone - Johnny eats all of the peach yogurt, not knowing that each container is filled with growth serum, and becomes a Hulk monster, causing destruction.
S05E15 Lawn Gone Johnny 01/08/2011 Lawn Gone Johnny - Johnny, his friends, and his enemies compete with each other in a lawn mower race.
S05E16 Johnny's Ultimate Treehouse 01/08/2011 Johnny's Ultimate Treehouse - Johnny "borrows" his sisters' worker drones to build the ultimate treehouse to impress Sissy, but ultimately ends up failing.
S05E17 Johnny Goes Camping 08/08/2011 Johnny Goes Camping - When Johnny is ordered by his school to go camping with his father, he uses his sisters' ray gun to turn Dukey into a monster to scare his father out of it, only to have Bigfoot fall in love with monster Dukey.
S05E18 Johnny's World Prank Wars I 08/08/2011 Johnny's World Prank Wars I - Johnny competes with his family, his friends, and his enemies in a prank war. Error: When Johnny said to Dukey an escape plan, Dukey said look it's Gill.When Mr. Mittens [ aka.Super kitty prakster S.P.K. for short.] said I can't beleve you fell for it meanen it was a prank.
S05E19 How to Become a John-i Knight 15/08/2011 How to Become a John-i Knight - Aliens from a meat-themed planet ask Johnny to protect their home world from Dark Vegan who wants to destroy it out of frustration because of his failure to make the perfect toast.
S05E20 The Return of Johnny Super Smarty Pants 15/08/2011 The Return of Johnny Super Smarty Pants - The Super Smarty Pants possesses an Eskimo to get to Johnny, where it kicks him away and possesses Johnny, making him the smartest kid in school. Not wanting to be outsmarted, his sisters go to great lengths to de-pants him.
S05E21 Johnny's Winter Jacket 22/08/2011 Johnny's Winter Jacket - When Johnny's mom makes him wear a big winter coat, he is teased at school. However, Mr. Black, Mr. White, and the General ask Susan and Mary to make some sort of weapon to destroy aliens if they ever attacked, so they make Johnny's jacket the weapon.
S05E22 Johnny's Keys to Success 22/08/2011 Johnny's Keys to Success - Susan and Mary make a key for Johnny that can open any lock in Porkbelly, but people try to steal it for their own benefits.
S05E23 Johnny Two-Face 29/08/2011 Johnny Two-Face - Tired of Johnny's constant lying, Susan and Mary attach a second mouth to him that does nothing but tell the truth.
S05E24 Johnny Susan, Susan Johnny 29/08/2011 Johnny Susan, Susan Johnny - Susan swaps bodies with Johnny so that she and Mary can get a men-only science award.
S05E25 Johnny Trick or Treat 17/10/2011 Johnny Trick or Treat - Johnny spends the night in a haunted house with Dukey and Jillian to win a ton of candy. .
S05E26 Nightmare on Johnny's Street 17/10/2011 Nightmare on Johnny's Street - Johnny stays up half the night to watch a six-hour Halloween monster-movie marathon, then steals his sisters' dream machine (thinking it to be an alarm clock) so that he will be able to wake up in time for school the next day; however, he has nightmares during the night which the device brings to life.
S05E27 My Dinner with Johnny 14/11/2011 My Dinner with Johnny - Tired of Johnny's repulsive eating habits, Hugh challenges him to a bet to see if he can go one full meal without complaining about his food or making rude noises.
S05E28 Johnny Alternative 14/11/2011 Johnny Alternative - When Johnny and Dukey get tired of the same old Porkbelly, they ask the girls to make it seem more fun. But they accidentally get sent to an alternate universe where they find that everyone (including themselves) is the opposite gender.
S05E29 Cool Hand Johnny 28/11/2011 Cool Hand Johnny - Johnny and Dukey try to escape when they are imprisoned by Wacko in a video game.
S05E30 Roller Johnny 28/11/2011 Roller Johnny - Susan and Mary turn Johnny and Dukey into girls so that they can win the grand prize at a roller derby match, but things quickly get difficult when a blow on the head gives Dukey amnesia, and he thinks that he is a real derby queen.
S05E31 A Holly Johnny Christmas 05/12/2011 A Holly Johnny Christmas - The Tests try to get Johnny a new toy when it sells out in the local shopping mall.
S05E32 Johnny's First Annual Snowball 05/12/2011 Johnny's First Annual Snowball - Johnny invites everyone to his house for a snowball fight, but forgets to put the word "fight" on the invitation, which misleads everyone into believing it's actually a "Snow Ball" dance.
S05E33 Lakeside Johnny 18/01/2012 Lakeside Johnny - Johnny heads to summer camp and battles in a boating competition against rival rich-kid campers.
S05E34 Johnny Germ Fighter 18/01/2012 Johnny Germ Fighter - Johnny's dad gets fed up with his filthy bathroom and demands Johnny to clean it up but when Johnny uses his sisters' special germ foam and his dad's cleaning products, problems arise as it causes the germs to grow out of control.
S05E35 Johnny's World Record 20/03/2012 Johnny's World Record - Johnny is determined to break a world record so he can get into the Frothy Book Of Crazy, Inane & Useless Records.
S05E36 Mush, Johnny, Mush 20/03/2012 Mush, Johnny, Mush - Johnny, his friends, and his enemies take on a snooty rich boy in a dog sled race.
S05E37 Johnny's Treasure 21/03/2012 Johnny's Treasure - Johnny, Dukey, and the girls set out to find the treasure of Pie-Eyed Pat when they find his treasure map in the attic.
S05E38 Extra Credit Johnny 21/03/2012 Extra Credit Johnny - Johnny must do some extra credit for school, or he will fail the course and have to make it up in summer school.
S05E39 Johnny's Left Foot 22/03/2012 Johnny's Left Foot - When Johnny breaks his foot in a dangerous stunt, which Hugh and Lila ground him for, his sisters step up to create a robotic one for him.
S05E40 Johnny vs. The Tickler 22/03/2012 Johnny vs. The Tickler - Angry at Johnny for having Wacko put in jail, his brother The Tickler decides it's time for him to stop Johnny once and for all, so he kidnaps Susan and Mary and takes their lab, forcing Johnny to seek help in unexpected places.
S05E41 Bugged Out Johnny 23/03/2012 Bugged Out Johnny - Johnny and Dukey try to catch bugs, only to come upon a ladybug with a voracious appetite.
S05E42 Johnny Test's Quest 23/03/2012 Johnny Test's Quest - Bling-Bling tries to get Susan once again, but his henchmen soon rebel against him by tying him up with Susan.
S05E43 Johnny O's 23/04/2012 Johnny-O's - Sick of cheap cereal prizes that don't work, Johnny decides to make himself a new breakfast cereal. But everything goes haywire when Johnny decides to put in real ray guns made by his twin sisters, and the entire town of Porkbelly becomes a city of chaos and destruction of what anyone chooses to destroy.
S05E44 It's Du-kay, Johnny 23/04/2012 It's Du-Kay Johnny - When Dukey's DNA begins to degrade, reverting him into a normal dog, the girls attempt to upgrade it, but their upgrade goes overboard, turning Dukey into a rich, snooty dog.
S05E45 Magic Johnny 06/06/2012 Magic Johnny - Johnny tries to prove to Sissy that he can do magic so he gets his sisters to help him.
S05E46 Dolly Johnny 06/06/2012 Dolly Johnny - Johnny disagrees to help the girls test experiments so they create a special doll that can control Johnny but Johnny seeks revenge and creates special dolls that can control the girls
S05E47 Johnny McCool 20/06/2012 Johnny McCool - Johnny becomes Speed McCool's new stunt man.
S05E48 It's an Invasion, Johnny 20/06/2012 It's an Invasion, Johnny - Black and White get into trouble in outer space and the kids must save them.
S05E49 It's All Relative, Johnny 25/07/2012 It's All Relative, Johnny - Johnny and Dukey go back in time to meet Johnny's ancestor in order to write a report about him.
S05E50 Johnny Rich 25/07/2012 Johnny Rich - The Tests become rich when they sell one of Susan and Mary's inventions, but Bling Bling is jealous and goes to war with them.
S05E51 Johnny X...Again? (JX9) 08/08/2012 Johnny X...Again? (JX9) - Johnny visits Reptoslicer and his family, but Reptoslicer then tries to eat Porkbelly.
S05E52 Green Johnny 08/08/2012 Green Johnny - When Earth Day approaches, Johnny is visited by three ghosts.
S06E01 Johnny on the Clock 23/04/2013 Johnny hopes to extend summer vacation with Susan and Mary's time-stopping watch.
S06E02 Johnny X-Factor (JX10) 23/04/2013 Johnny X battles Boy Drone X.
S06E03 Johnny Vets Dukey 21/05/2013 Johnny chases Dukey, who refuses to go to the vet.
S06E04 Johnny's No. 1 Fan 07/05/2013 Johnny takes on Dark Vegan with help from a fan.
S06E05 How to Train Your Johnny 21/05/2013 Susan and Mary accidentally wipe Johnny's memory.
S06E06 Johnny and Clyde 21/05/2013 Susan and Mary's orangutan becomes a crook after watching old movies with Johnny.
S06E07 Johnny's Super Massive Kart Wheelies 7 04/06/2013 Johnny and the gang race in their video-game carts.
S06E08 Smooth Talking Johnny 04/06/2013 Johnny swipes the girls' voice-replicating invention and ends up turning them against each other.
S06E09 Johnny and the Beanstalk 18/06/2013 A giant cereal stalk takes Johnny and friends on a magical adventure.
S06E10 Johnny and Bling-Bling Bond Bond 18/06/2013 Johnny tries to teach the grounded Bling-Bling how to be a regular kid after Bling-Bling's mom wanted him to learn about "the value of a dollar" by taking away all of his money for a week because of an accident that involved a giant robot and a disgruntled badger. Johnny later gets himself grounded by ruining Hugh's meatloaf by "mastering the art of clog dancing on meat".
S06E11 Johnny's Got Talent 02/07/2013 Johnny decides to take on ventriloquism for a talent contest.
S06E12 Johnny's Rough Around the Hedges 02/07/2013 Johnny and Bling Bling sculpt topiaries after their parents force them to take up less destructive hobbies.
S06E13 Johnny's Head in the Clouds 16/07/2013 The General puts Johnny and his friends under house arrest when an awesome air show heads into town.
S06E14 Stop in the Name of Johnny 16/07/2013 Johnny becomes the hall monitor of the school.
S06E15 Johnny Opposite 30/07/2013 Johnny steals Susan and Mary's generator and makes his family do the opposite of what they're doing.
S06E16 Johnny on the Job 30/07/2013 Johnny's dad thinks he's not needed in the house so he decides to get a job. When nobody hires him, Susan and Mary make a fake office for their dad to work in.
S06E17 Johnny's 100th Episode 27/08/2013 Johnny can't wake up from a deep slumber, leaving the girls scrambling to help him.
S06E18 Johnny's Next Episode 27/08/2013 Bling Bling uses magic spray to woo Susan.
S06E19 Johnny's Supreme Theme 03/09/2013 Real life becomes a movie after Johnny and Dukey get their paws on the girls' latest invention.
S06E20 Past and Present Johnny 03/09/2013 Johnny and Dukey visit the 1980s to get to the bottom of a video-game mystery.
S06E21 The Sands of Johnny 17/09/2013 Sissy and Johnny face off in a sandcastle battle.
S06E22 Abominable Johnny 17/09/2013 Johnny and Dukey locate the Abominable Snowman during a ski vacation.
S06E23 Johnny vs. the Dukenator 02/10/2013 Johnny must rescue Dukey, who falls under the control of a dog-spa owner.
S06E24 Johnny's Petting Zoo Posse 02/10/2013 Johnny and his friends take on Mr. Mittens when he turns Johnny, Dukey, Mary, Susan, The General and Black and White into petting zoo animals as part of his latest evil plan.
S06E25 The Johnny Who Saved Halloween 16/10/2013 Johnny and his friends enter a Halloween contest in hopes of winning a big candy prize.
S06E26 Johnny's Zombie Bomb 16/10/2013 A love potion goes haywire and turns people into kissing zombies.
S06E27 Johnny's New Super Mega Villain 30/10/2013 A new villain arrives in Porkbelly and steals high-tech devices from everyone, and Johnny must stop it.
S06E28 Johnny in Charge 30/10/2013 Johnny stays home alone and must prove he's responsible.
S06E29 Johnny Unplugged 13/11/2013 Johnny taps his video-game skills to save the family during a perilous hiking trip.
S06E30 Johnny's Monster Mash 13/11/2013 Monsters created by the girls' experiments take aim at Porkbelly.
S06E31 Johnny's Chipmunk Chit Chat 04/12/2013 Chipmunks plot world domination after a misleading chat with Johnny.
S06E32 A Picture's Worth 1000 Johnnies 04/12/2013 Chaos erupts at the mall when the Tests try to pose for a family portrait.
S06E33 Dial J for Johnny 15/01/2014 Johnny and Dukey prank call historical figures using the girls' time machine.
S06E34 Road Trip Johnny 15/01/2014 The Test family take a road trip to Upchuck Geysers.
S06E35 Code Cracking Johnny 05/02/2014 Johnny and Dukey cheat their way to victory in the Red Gush contest.
S06E36 Johnny Goes Viral 05/02/2014 Johnny has unlimited knowledge after the girls insert a computer chip into his brain.
S06E37 FrankenJohnny 18/02/2014 Johnny and Bling-Bling fall apart after an accident with the particle accelerator.
S06E38 The Johnny Express 18/02/2014 Johnny runs into trouble delivering a package for the girls.
S06E39 Crash Test Johnny 25/02/2014 Johnny quits as the girls' test subject and quickly regrets his decision.
S06E40 Johnny's Junky Trunk 25/02/2014 Mr. Test donates Johnny's toys without asking.
S06E41 Super Johnny Action Federation 11/03/2014 Johnny and the gang acquire super powers and compete to see who is the best superhero.
S06E42 Gil-Stopping Johnny 11/03/2014 Johnny goes to extreme measures to prevent Gil from moving.
S06E43 Johnny With a Chance of Meatloaf 23/04/2014 The kids make a vow to end Dad's meatloaf madness.
S06E44 It's Easter, Johnny Test! 23/04/2014 Johnny must save Easter from the annual Easter-egg hunt ruined by Dark Vegan.
S06E45 Future Johnny 07/05/2014 Johnny meets his future self.
S06E46 Dukey See Johnny Do 07/05/2014 Johnny loses his sight.
S06E47 Hair's Johnny 21/05/2014 Johnny is accidentally turned into a werewolf.
S06E48 Johnny's Hungry Games 21/05/2014 All the pizza goes missing and Johnny must get it back.
S06E49 Tiny Johnny 04/06/2014 Johnny and Dukey try to catch a mouse.
S06E50 Johnny Goes Gaming 04/06/2014 Johnny and Dukey are trapped in a video game.
S06E51 The Last Flight of Johnny X (JX11) 18/06/2014 Johnny X and Super Pooch lose their superpowers when the city is attacked.
S06E52 Johnny's Last Chapter 18/06/2014 Johnny and Dukey are sucked into a history book.
S00E01 The Johnny Test Movie 19/11/2010
S00E02 Johnny Testis 12/11/2013

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