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Joking Apart is a BBC television sitcom written by Steven Moffat about the rise and fall of a relationship. It juxtaposes a couple, Mark (Robert Bathurst) and Becky (Fiona Gillies), who fall in love and marry, before getting separated and finally divorced. The show is semi-autobiographical; it was inspired by the then-recent separation of Moffat and his first wife. Some of the episodes in the first series followed a non-linear parallel structure, contrasting the rise of the relationship with the fall. Other episodes were ensemble farces, predominantly including the couple's friends Robert (Paul Raffield) and Tracy (Tracie Bennett). Paul-Mark Elliott also appeared as Trevor, Becky's lover. Scheduling problems meant that the show attracted low viewing figures. However, it scored highly on the Appreciation Index and accrued a loyal fanbase.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Joking Apart

S02E01 Episode 7 03/01/1995 Mark goes into a newsagent to buy a ‘paper but finds himself inexorably drawn towards the top shelf magazines….Not the ideal circumstances, then, in which to bump into your estranged wife for the first time in two months….
S02E02 Episode 8 10/01/1995 Mark has been having fantasies about murdering Trevor and a night of heavy drinking only adds fuel to the fire. When his wife’s lover turns up at his flat for a secret heart-to-heart, can Mark resist the urge to vent his repressed anger?
S02E03 Episode 9 17/01/1995 Mark and Becky are talking in a pub, when Robert pops in. He seems unhappy at being spotted and acts suspiciously. Why is he so anxious to conceal his whereabouts, and what dark secret might he be hiding?
S02E04 Episode 10 24/01/1995 Mark's elderly Aunt Helen is due to visit from Australia, and is very keen to be introduced to Becky. He hasn’t dared mention the divorce, as she has a weak heart. Will Becky maintain the pretence? And if so, can Mark avoid ruining his chances with an attractive new neighbour?
S02E05 Episode 11 31/01/1995 Mark is suffering from concussion and can't be left on his own. But who is the mysterious visitor who claims to be his 'very best friend' and will Mark take his one-eyed advice?
S02E06 Episode 12 07/02/1995 Tracy takes part in a television phone-in show about divorce....Just not how she imagined. Inevitably, Becky and Mark are soon centre-stage in the discussion. As more and more revelations come out, some relationships will never be the same again....
S00E01 Pilot 07/12/1991
S00E02 Fool If You Think It's Over 00/00/0000

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