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"Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream" takes viewers on a spectacular journey to places they rarely get to see - from the Jonas Brothers tour bus to private family dinners to their living room at home to the breathtaking backstage moments seconds before they hit the stage. It's not easy balancing the life of a rocker with the life of a typical prank-playing, music-loving teenager. Everyday teens by day, superstar rockers by night - Jonas Brothers are truly living the dream.


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S01E01 To Do List 16/05/2008 Kevin, Joe and Nick prepare to leave home to begin a concert tour.
S01E02 The Big Game 23/05/2008 The guys rehearse for a concert in Tucson.
S01E03 Downtime: Jonas Style 30/05/2008 The guys attempt indoor skydiving in Las Vegas.
S01E04 Our Fans Rock! 06/06/2008 The guys greet fans and perform in Tucson.
S01E05 Driver's Ed 13/06/2008 Joe takes a driver-training class in Salt Lake City.
S01E06 Our Mom & Dad 20/06/2008 Spotlighting the guys' parents, Kevin Sr. and Denise, as they attempt to keep their sons' lives as normal as possible.
S01E07 Hello, Hollywood! 27/06/2008 The guys perform at a concert in Hollywood and attend a party after the show.
S01E08 Health Kick! 04/07/2008 The guys emphasize eating healthy and exercising.
S01E09 We Are Family! 11/07/2008 The guys travel across the country in their tour bus.
S01E10 School Rocks! 18/07/2008 Nick goes on a field trip and continues his studies for high school.
S01E11 Musical Scrapbook 25/07/2008 The guys discuss their songwriting.
S01E12 Nothing's Gonna Slow Me Down 01/08/2008 Nick discusses his diabetes and how he deals with it on tour.
S01E13 Rockstar In Training 08/08/2008 Frankie, the guys' youngest brother, is spotlighted.
S01E14 We're the Boss 15/08/2008 The guys write songs, perform, make tour decisions and update their web site.
S01E15 Dream On 15/08/2008 The first season ends with the guys concluding their concert tour in their hometown of Wyckoff, N.J.
S01E16 Best of "Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream" 05/09/2008