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La série suit Koko Hekmatyar, une marchande d’armes travaillant pour HCLI, une société d’armement. HCLI fait partie de ses entreprises qui vendent clandestinement des armes dans le monde entier tout en évitant les autorités de leur pays mais également les réglementations internationales. C’est ainsi que s’est formée l’équipe en charge de ce travail illégal. Réunissant les meilleurs mercenaires, militaires ou encore gardes du corps. La dernière recrue se nomme Jonah, un jeune garçon sans aucune émotion qui recherche le marchand d’armes responsable de la mort de ses parents.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Jormungand

S01E01 Calico Gunmetal Load 00/00/0000 Koko Hekmatyar concludes an arms deal of fighter plane upgrades with some resistance from the locals and tests the newest member of her team Jonah.
S01E02 Pulsar 00/00/0000 Koko and her team are on route to deliver weapons to a country south of Russia, but discovers that the nation's forces led by Major Pollack and the Russians are fighting over the country's oil pipeline. But Koko isn't the only weapon's dealer as Curry and his team from CCAT are here as well. Koko wants to get out of the country as soon as possible as she doesn't deal with clients who pay on credit, but Pollack wants her to deliver antiaircraft weaponry for his army and he won't take no for an answer. Left with no other choice, she agrees but secretly tells her bodyguards they're going to rendezvous with Tojo and Valmet and escape through the border. Koko is forced to work with Curry after his bodyguards Mildo and Lu killed Pollack's escorts. When Pollack's mountain infantry unit surrounds everyone in the building they're hiding, Koko and her team decides to face the unit, but she betrays Curry by the telling the unit that the people who murdered Pollack's escorts are inside before the group flees. Despite Koko's escape, Pollack manages to build a fake SAM truck to fool the Russian military thanks to Koko's delivery. A day later, Koko, her bodyguards and Curry's team manages to flee the country where Koko watches a news report at the airport of the war having a quick conclusion just as she predicted.
S01E03 Musica Ex Machina Phase.1 00/00/0000 In Dubai, Koko has Tojo teaching Jonah school lessons while she goes out shopping with Valmet. However, the assassin group Orchestra, compose of a teenage girl named Chinatsu and her mentor Shishio (Master), are hired to assassinate Koko. Koko and Valmet are saved by Jonah from Orchestra after he skips Tojo's lessons. As a gunfight ensues in downtown Dubai, Jonah and Valmet protect Koko from Orchestra while the latter easily kills Dubai Police Force officers responding to the shootout. Valmet is shot in the leg, which Jonah responds by rushing to kill Shishio to allow her and Koko to escape. However, Jonah is dragged by Lehm using a hook and rope where he chastises the boy for needlessly sacrificing his life. Lehm has Jonah escape with Koko while he holds off Orchestra. Orchestra soon run out of ammo and retreat to their pick-up truck armed with a machine gun. Lehm concludes Chinatsu has great observations skills and is able to control the wild Shishio while he and Valmet rendezvous with the rest of the team and try to separate the duo before they reach Koko. Meanwhile, Jonah tells Koko how he feels guns make people into monsters which she appreciates him for opening up.
S01E04 Musica Ex Machina Phase.2 00/00/0000 A flashback tells how Chinatsu meet Shishio whom the former was a survivor of the latter’s killing spree at an opera which he was impressed when she shot him. Back in the present, Koko's bodyguards continue protect Koko and Jonah when Orchestra performs a driveby using a M2 heavy machine gun in their pickup truck. The team manages to destroy the truck, forcing Chinatsu and Shishio out where Lutz snipes down Shishio after he refuses to heed Chinatsu’s warnings. Chinatsu vows revenge against Koko before she escapes. Meanwhile, a CIA agent named Scarecrow, who has been hunting down Koko for weapons dealing, tries to have her arrested and deported but due to her father’s connections, the Dubai Police Force instead releases Koko and covers up the shootout, but the chief of police tells Koko that she and her team are to be confine to their hotel for the time being. As she and Jonah head back to their hotel, they have a discussion about more aspects of arms-dealing. Three days later, Chinatsu is caught by Koko infiltrating into their hotel with Lehm aiming his sniper rifle on her. As they both answer each others questions; why Chinatsu doesn’t wear panties and why Koko sells weapons, Koko offers Chinatsu to join her team but she refuse and tries to kill her only to be shot to death by Lehm. As Koko closes the eyes of the dead girl, Koko calls the chief of police to cover up Chinatsu’s death while a hidden Jonah is listening.
S01E05 Vein 00/00/0000 While on a HCLI-owned cargo ship en route to Africa from Dubai, Jonah watches R and Lutz test fire a Heckler & Koch XM8 when Koko is informed that her older brother Kaspar would arrive to see her from another HCLI-owned cargo ship. When Wiley is instructed to "hide" Jonah by teaching him English, the latter wanted to head to the toilet to relieve himself. However, things didn't look too well when Jonah attempted to assassinate Kaspar before Chiquita intervened and disarmed him. A flashback tells how Jonah first meet with Jonah in West Asia when he took care of orphans in a mountain infantry base. When Jonah finds out that one of the orphans named Marka was killed being used to find anti-personnel mines, Jonah goes on a rampage before Kaspar's team disarms him. He was subsequently locked up in an empty cargo container for a few days, making him weak from lack of food and water. When Kaspar visits him, Jonah wanted to protect the children from him that Kaspar assures him that the orphans have been sent to Japan. Jonah tells him that he can't offer money, which makes Kaspar decided that he'll have him sent to Koko in Europe to be one of her bodyguards. Koko apologizes for Kaspar's actions and tries to comfort him by giving him a hug.
S01E06 Les papillons d'or africains Phase 1 00/00/0000 Koko and her team are en route to South Africa when they are ambushed by Somali pirates. After Lehm and the team defeat them, Koko heads to DIESA, a local arms fair, to meet with Doctor Miami Amada, who does not show up. Koko learns from Dr. Amada's assistant that she has gone off to the mountains to find butterflies. Later, Koko meets with Chen Guoming, the head of the Daxinghai Company, and accepts his invitation to dinner. Meanwhile, Lehm and his team head to the mountains to locate and protect Dr. Amada. On the other hand, Karen Lo of Daxinghai is covertly deployed to the mountains with a small team of Daxinghai contractors to abduct Dr. Amada due to her extensive knowledge of robotics. Jonah starts the battle when he ruins the ambush of the Daxinghai faction by randomly firing his assault rifle, causing a Daxinghai contractor to panic and return fire. This gives Lehm and the others the advantage over Karen's group. When Karen executes her subordinate for panicking, Valmet recognizes her combat stance and weapons of choice and has a flashback of the time when she was still a UN peacekeeper.
S01E07 Les papillons d'or africains Phase 2 00/00/0000 While Koko and Chen are having dinner in Port Elizabeth, Valmet engages Karen in close quarters combat with Lehm and Jonah taking on the surviving Daxinghai contractors. Valmet eventually gains the upper hand, seeing Karen as a reminder of herself when she had been severely wounded in Afica as a UN peacekeeper. Lehm intervened to stop Valmet from further harming Karen because they are not alley thugs. Eventually, Lehm and the group were able to secure Dr. Miami as she was catching butterflies. Furious that his Daxinghai contractors were defeated by Koko's team, Chen orders the assassination of Koko and Ugo in Port Elizabeth but Scarecrow's assistant Schokolade manages to persuade her boss to help them escape on a SuperHind Mk. V chopper after Koko talked to her. Koko and the team eventually arrives at Heathrow airport in London, but not before having a minor problem with an airport security metal detector when Jonah insist to the guard that he had been shot in the butt a long time ago.
S01E08 Mondo Grosso 00/00/0000 Jonah and Lutz engage each other in a paintball shooting range in order to the latter to brush up on his jungle warfare skills since Lutz used to be a sniper with a police SWAT unit, who had only encountered armed gunmen or hostage takers. Jonah easily wins against him due to his mountain infantry skills. Later on, Koko attends a convention at Country B's embassy in Britain to acquire UAVs for their military. Koko meets with Amalia Trohovski, a British-based arms dealer who is competing with Koko to secure a contract for UAV acquisition on behalf of the EAE Corporation. Schokolade meets with Koko in Hyde Park, telling her of America's plans to sell Predators to Country A's military. While Koko did seem to have trouble securing UAV contracts for HCLI, she decides to fool Amalia by deciding to pull out from the competition. Amalia secretly meets with Koko after the former realizes that EAE contracts are being dropped by the German and Spanish militaries for HCLI contracts. Lutz, Wiley and Valmet are on hand to protect Koko from EAE-hired mercenary snipers after Koko negotiates with Amalia on purchasing EAE stocks bought by her investment bank.
S01E09 Dragon Shooter Phase.1 00/00/0000 After the team has some R & R at the beach near the Adriatic Sea, HCLI assigns Koko and her team to deliver artillery to the T Republic army at the Balkans. Much to her annoyance, she is also tasked to sneak in ten doctor from the humanitarian organization, Outspoken Doctors for Human Rights, lead by Dr Leon Riviere. Riviere wants to treat the country's ethnic cleansing victims and expose the crimes of Serbian war criminal Dragan Nicolaevich, leader of the Balkan Dragons militia who has a strong influence over the nation's army due to his connections. The team's An-12 cargo airplane arrives at their location and delivers the artillery to the army without problems. However Dragan and his militia arrives, tipped off about the doctors and demands Koko to give them up. Koko refuses, leading to a stand off between the two sides. Hoping to settle things peacefully, Riviere comes out and tries to talk to Dragan. But Dragan shoots Riviere and tries to kill him until Lehm disarms Dragan. Left with no choice, Koko orders her team to kill the Balkan Dragons at Planina Airport.
S01E10 Dragon Shooter Phase.2 00/00/0000 Koko's team eliminates the Balkan Dragons except Dragan who escapes and takes Riviere hostage. Knowing Dragan's militia will try to shoot them down once they leave the airport, Koko takes Mao's advice to take one of the artillery cannons into their plane. Once their plane leaves, the team manages to evade the militia's anti-air weaponry and destroy them thanks to Mao shooting them with a flechette round. Koko calls and makes a deal with Scarecrow and Schokolade that they get to capture Dragan in exchange for his $5 million bounty. She also realizes this was part of her father's plan to win favor with the Outspoken Doctors for Human Rights and the CIA. After safely delivering the rest of the doctors to their destination near a refugee camp, Koko sends Lehm, Mao and Wiley to ambush Dragan's convoy, rescuing Riviere, capturing Dragan and giving his location to Scarecrow and Schokolade, who sends a US Marine SOR commando team to get him. With their job done, Koko's team flies out of the country.
S01E11 Hill of Destruction Phase.1 00/00/0000 Koko's team prepare for their next deal with some members of the Italian Mafia in Alexandria, but Valmet, wishing to take revenge on the man who gauged her right eye and killed her subordinates when she was an UN peacekeeper in Africa. After Schokolade reveals to her the identity of that man, Chen Guoming, the head of the Daxinghai, Valmet leaves the group unnoticed and to confront Chen's at his headquarters in North Africa, only to later learn Jonah tailed her under Koko's orders. Meanwhile Dominique, the leader of a team of assassins, expresses to his companions Lilliane and Grego his plan to leave the contract killing business and open a restaurant. Both agree with the idea, but first they must take one last job assigned to them; assassinate Koko. While Valmet and Jonah get close to the Daxinghai base, the assassins decide to take down the members of Koko's team one by one starting with Ugo, whom they label as the easiest target among them. After Koko's deal with the mafia ends with her clients killed after they tried to pay her with cocaine, Dominique's team take advantage of Valmet and Jonah's absence to start their plan by having Lilliane distracting the others while Grego knocks out Lehm and is about to decapitate Ugo.
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