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Josie and the Pussycats followed the adventures of an all-girl rock and roll group as they travelled the world playing gigs and solving mysteries. Josie began her career as an Archie comics character in the late 1960's, starring in her own self-titled book. The stories followed the day-to-day adventures of Josie and her girlfriend Melody. Later, the title was expanded to Josie and the Pussycats, turning Josie and Melody into a rock band, along with new friend Valerie. Singer/guitarist Josie was the level-headed leader, drummer Melody added zaniness with her half-witted remarks and effervescent charm, and tambourinist Valerie was the brains of the group, typically saving the day with her intellect and know-how. Along with the three Pussycats were roadie (and Josie's boyfriend) Alan, band manager Alexander Cabot III, his conniving sister Alexandra, and her mischiveous little cat, Sebastian. Bitter and talentless Alexandra had her eye on Alan, and constantly schemed to remove Josie


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Josie and the Pussycats

S01E01 The Nemo's a No No Affair 12/09/1970 The Cats are on a cruise ship on their way to a gig (having to work to pay their fare so Alexander could cut costs) when Captain Nemo (great, great grandson of the 1st Nemo) rams the ship. Nemo wants to be the undisputed ruler of the 7 seas. The Pussycats sing, get trapped, get free (thanks to Sebastian) find Nemo's lair, and with groovy music playing in the background pull the plug on Nemo's scheme.
S01E02 A Greenthumb is Not a Goldfinger 19/09/1970 The Pussycats accidentally find themselves on a cargo plane to Latin America where they encounter a creepy scientist.
S01E03 The Secret Six Secret 26/09/1970 The Pussycats stumble into an espionage adventure, when Melody is accidentally given a pair of wooden clogs containing a film.
S01E04 Swap Plot Flop 03/10/1970 The gang is presented a chance to play before royalty. The royalty is only interested in Valerie because she is almost an identical twin to the princess. The princess has been kidnapped by the Evil Eye. Valerie will take her place until she is found. Valerie is then kidnapped. Music and chase scenes then follow.
S01E05 The Midas Mix-Up 10/10/1970 A skiing vacation in the Alps accidentally leads the gang to the mountain fortress of Midas, a gold hoarder who has invented a gold-destroying blue microbe mist with which he is seeking to dissolve the world's supply of gold.
S01E06 X Marks the Spot 17/10/1970 The Pussycats befriend Professor Isaac Belfour, a scientist who invented an invented an invisibility formula. They take him along for their gig in Puddletown, England, to protect him from Mr. X, a former laboratory assistant who stole the formula.
S01E07 Chili Today and Hot Tomale 24/10/1970 Someone is stealing Melody's Drum. Melody chases after the car only to end up getting kidnapped. Josie and gang get in the car and drive to chase the truck. finally a big magnet grabs both trucks. Allen, Alexandra and Josie fall of the truck.Meanwhile Melody, Valerie and Alexander are put into freezing chambers by a mad sciencist to go into the future. as he leaves Josie, Alexandra and Allen find their hideout and free Mel, Val & Alexander.Then stop the Mad Scientist.~CuteStimpy~
S01E08 Never Mind a Master Mind (AKA Holland Impossible) 31/10/1970 Melody gets the Pussycats in big trouble when she foils the plot of The Mastermind after getting purple wooden shoes with secert microfilm in the flowers on top.
S01E09 Plateau of the Apes Plot 07/11/1970 The Pussycats are chased by a tyrannosaurus after a plane taking them to Puerto Rico makes an emergency landing in a forest.
S01E10 Strangemoon Over Miami 14/11/1970 The Pussycats are doomed for stardom when the dirigible in which they are performing at the World Expo in Florida takes off and lands on the island of Dr. Strangemoon, a diabolical scientist who plans to launch satellites that will attract comets and cause world-wide disasters.
S01E11 All Wong in Hong Kong 21/11/1970 The Pussycats become the target of an inscrutable Chinese man known as the Serpent when Melody acquires an ancient Chinese coin that holds the secret to great power.
S01E12 Melody Memory Mix-Up 28/11/1970 Melody becomes a brain-child when Prof. Leighton, a renowned scientist, transfers a secret formula recorded on computer tapes to her brain.
S01E13 The Great Pussycat Chase 05/12/1970 The gang are given a mysterious black box. But a mysterious crook called "The Shadow" wants the box for himself. The gang ends up being chased all around the world.
S01E14 Spy School Spoof 12/12/1970 The Pussycats accidentally get their paws on a top secret blueprint intended for the World Scientific Foundation and are returning the material to the Foundation when intercepted by The Lazer. He is a maniacal wizard who schemes to build a device from the blueprint capable of stopping all the machinery in the world.
S01E15 The Jumpin' Jupiter Affair 19/12/1970 During a trek through the Peruvian mountains, the Pussycats are attracted to an eerie green glow vibrating behind a mysteriously deserted village.
S01E16 Don't Count on a Countess 02/01/1971 Josie and the Pussycats nearly get early retirement when they board an empty yacht controlled by a designing countess who seeks to prematurely age the girls.
S00E01 The Irresistible Charm of Dan DeCarlo 00/00/0000