Affiche Kaiketsu Zubat
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Private detective Hayakawa Ken takes on the identity of Kaiketsu Zubatto to revenge the murder of his friend, Goro Asuka, by the evil group Dacker. Each week Zubat defeats another masked villain leaving a card with a large "Z" in the center of it, and a red rose on the fallen criminal.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Kaiketsu Zubat

S01E01 After the Explosion, the Wandering Begins 02/02/1977
S01E02 The Bird Migrates into Flames 09/02/1977
S01E03 The Golden Angel of Sorrow 16/02/1977
S01E04 A Critical Strike, Through Tears 23/02/1977
S01E05 The Flower Girl and the White Powder 02/03/1977
S01E06 Machine Guns Over the Ocean's Roar 09/03/1977
S01E07 A Bad Wind in a Harbor Town 16/03/1977
S01E08 Propane Explosion of Sorrow 23/03/1977
S01E09 Turn Back to the River of Tears 30/03/1977
S01E10 Knock Baseball's Enemies Out of the Park 06/04/1977
S01E11 Don't Die, Dear Friend! One Second to Execution 13/04/1977
S01E12 Ten Seconds to Execution 20/04/1977
S01E13 The Ballad of the Young Killer 27/04/1977
S01E14 White-Fletched Arrows and a Tearful Parting 04/05/1977
S01E15 The Sad Mother's Lullaby 11/05/1977
S01E16 Falsely Accused, Ken Falls into Sorrow 18/05/1977
S01E17 The Grief-Stricken Sister and a Pair of Kens 25/05/1977
S01E18 Bubble Love in Peril 01/06/1977
S01E19 Blighted Love, The Torn Love Letter 08/06/1977
S01E20 The Lady Dragon and a Tearful Vow 15/06/1977
S01E21 Farewell, My Long-Lost Mother 22/06/1977
S01E22 The Young Boxer and Tears for a Father 29/06/1977
S01E23 The Three Oogami Sisters and Brother Tenichi 06/07/1977
S01E24 Ken's Tears and Love in a Strange Town 13/07/1977
S01E25 A Tearful Departure on Mt. Koujin 20/07/1977
S01E26 Forgive Me, My Son! 03/08/1977
S01E27 A Surprising Reveal! Asuka Goro's Killer?! 10/08/1977
S01E28 And Now, There Are None 24/08/1977
S01E29 The Orphaned Boy's Tearful Revenge 31/08/1977
S01E30 A Sad State Between Life and Death 14/09/1977
S01E31 A Showdown! The Killer is Boss L? 21/09/1977
S01E32 Farewell, Days of Battle! And Then... 28/09/1977

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