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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Kamen Rider Fourze

S01E01 Youthful Transformation 04/09/2011 The new school year begins at Amanogawa High School, and Kengo Utahoshi is detecting strange energies around the school. And things get stranger when yankee-looking Gentaro Kisaragi transfers into the school and decides that he wants to be Kengo's friend.
S01E02 Space Superiority 11/09/2011 Kengo reveals to Gentaro that he must turn off the Zodiarts Switch used by the person who activated it in order to truly defeat a Zodiarts. As Gentaro and Yuki search the campus for the owner of the Zodiarts Switch, she begins to tell Gentaro more about Kengo and how he came to have the Fourze Driver and the Astroswitches.
S01E03 Queen Election 18/09/2011 When the annual Queen Festival comes around, Gentaro decides if he wants to befriend Miu Kazashiro, he must convince Yuki to enter a talent contest that Miu wins every year and beat her.
S01E04 Changing Illusion, Secret Maneuver 25/09/2011 Gentaro decides to help Miu retain her title as Queen...and Fourze goes after the Chameleon Zodiarts to protect Miu.
S01E05 Friendship, Inside and Outside 02/10/2011 While Miu intergrates herself with the group, JK finds himself being targeted by a Zodiarts and Gentaro finds a new Astroswitch difficult to use, the Elec Switch.
S01E06 Electric Shock, Steadily 09/10/2011 Gentaro finds out that JK was just using him for protection against the Zodiarts and has stolen the Elec Astroswitch but Gentaro is determined to show JK the power of friendship and help JK despite being tricked by the other.
S01E07 King Jerk 16/10/2011 Kengo, Yuuki, and Gentaro are forced to take supplementary lessons on a Sunday due to missing classes whilst defeating Zodiarts. Meanwhile, Shun grows angry with the Kamen Rider Club and Miu's involvement with them. JK and Miu try and hold down the fort whilst the others are in class.
S01E08 Iron Calvary's Cooperation 23/10/2011 Gentaro, Miu, JK, and Yuuki continue to track down the Hound Zodiarts, and Shun decides it's time to make his own choices about his friends and school activities.
S01E09 Witch's Awakening 30/10/2011 Tomoko tells the group that the end of the world is coming- and that she will become the Luna Witch. When three witches and Tomoko start performing magic around the school the Kamen Rider Club must find out whether this is witchcraft or actually a Zodiarts.
S01E10 Moonlight Clash 13/11/2011 Tomoko must decide whether to use a Zodiarts Switch to get her wish or help the others defeat the Zodiarts currently rampaging through the school.
S01E11 Disappearing Moon Door 20/11/2011 Yuuki is targeted by a Zodiarts who is obsessed with her. Meanwhile, the locker which attaches the Rabbit Hatch to the school goes missing leaving Kengo trapped on the moon.
S01E12 Mission: Ken's Life 27/11/2011 The Pyxis Zodiarts decides the only way to get revenge is to use his power to kill all the girls who rejected him, including Miu, by driving a bus with them all inside off of a bridge. Meanwhile, Kengo is strill trapped in the rabbit Hatch.
S01E13 School Refusal 04/12/2011 Gentaro and the others decide to bring back those students who were Zodiarts to the school, starting with Toshiya Miura.
S01E14 Stinger Onslaught 11/12/2011 To save Miura from using a Zodiarts Switch again Gentaro must go up against one of the Horoscopes, Scorpion, a commander Zodiarts.
S01E15 Christmas Eve Choir 18/12/2011 Yuuki is invited to join the Glee Club for a performance for the Kindergarten Class, however, her singing disrupts a fellow student in possession of a Zodiarts Switch.
S01E16 Right and Wrong Conflict 25/12/2011 The Perseus Zodiarts seems to be too powerful for Fourze to stop on his own, however, the appearance of the new Kamen Rider Meteor may change this battles ending...
S01E17 Meteor Appearance 08/01/2012 After Kengo reaches a dead end in finding out the identity of the mysterious new Rider, Sonoda-Sensei introduces new transfer student, Ryuusei Sakuta.
S01E18 Gen/Ryu Showdown 15/01/2012 Ryuusei tries to gain membership to the Kamen Rider Club to further his own agenda but whilst most of the Club is fine with a new member, Gentaro is against Ryuusei joining...
S01E19 Steel Dragon, Unmatched 22/01/2012 Kengo has a fight with Gentaro due to his decision to let Ryusei adjust the Astroswitch (the reason of fight actually because trying to complete the imperfect Magnets Switch)
S01E20 Transcendent Magnetism 29/01/2012 Gentaro and Kengo must find a way to overcome their rift before a powerful Zodiarts defeats both Fourze and Meteor.
S01E21 Mislead Course 05/02/2012 With Sonoda-sensei still absent from the school Gentaro's class gets a new homeroom teacher who is far more interested in Kickboxing than teaching.
S01E22 True Self Dismissal 12/02/2012 Gentaro and the others are convinced that their new Homeroom Teacher is the Zodiarts that is currently rampaging, however, Ryuusei figures out that the culprit is not their teacher...
S01E23 Swan Alliance 19/02/2012 Gentaro and friends hear about a new hero from their classmate Norio Eguchi, who identifies the hero as Cygnus and also happens to be a member of the Ugly Duckling Society, a fan club dedicated to Cygnus. However, this new hero is not as good as he seems...
S01E24 Hero's Desire 26/02/2012 The gang must race to find out who the Switcher is- before the new 'hero' wipes out Fourze and Meteor to become the sole hero in the city...
S01E25 Graduation Reluctance 04/03/2012 Miu and Shun are due to graduate- however, it seems like it might not be smooth sailing as previous Zodiarts return.
S01E26 Perfect Round Dance 11/03/2012 Gentaro and the others protect the Prom for their friends who are graduating, while, Miu and Shun deal with the fact that they won't be part of the Kamen Rider Club anymore as they are going to college.
S01E27 Transformation Rejected 18/03/2012 During Spring Break the gang decide to try and make the most of what should be a Zodiarts free time, however, Kijima tries to recruit Ryuusei to his side whilst playing a deadly game with students. And those who don't win are placed into permanent comas.
S01E28 Star Storm Comeback 25/03/2012 The Cancer Zodiarts threatens the members of the Kamen Rider Club now that he has attained the Supernova ability. While he still cannot transform, Ryusei discovers that Jiro's condition has taken a turn for the worse.
S01E29 Junior Silence 01/04/2012 Gentaro and his friends enter the third-year class headed by Mr. Ohsugi, and Gentaro tries to befriend new first-year students Haru and Ran. However, Haru is given a Zodiarts Switch by the Libra Zodiarts.
S01E30 Senior, Useless 08/04/2012 Gentaro and the Kamen Rider Club must figure out how to deal with Haru as the Musca Zodiarts and Mr. Ohsugi's discovery of the Rabbit Hatch, along with the latter's confiscation of the 38th Astroswitch.
S01E31 Subaruboshi Kingdom 15/04/2012 After the 39th and 40th Astroswitches are developed, Amanogawa and Subaruboshi High Schools hold a test transfer of some of AGHS's students to SBHS, which causes problems when the Aries Zodiarts makes itself known to the AGHS students...
S01E32 Super Space Sword 22/04/2012 fter Gentaro's death at Ryusei's hands, Kengo does not know how to resurrect him as the Aries Zodiarts takes the other Kamen Rider Club members captive. Elsewhere, having betrayed Tachibana, Ryusei is able to talk to the revived Jiro.
S01E33 Ancient City Mayhem 29/04/2012 The third-year class goes on a field trip to Kyoto where they believe they will be free from the Zodiarts for once, but are ambushed by the Libra and Leo Zodiarts. While there, Kengo meets one of his father's old friends. Meanwhile, a enamored girl is determined to snag Gentaro's heart, and poor Yuki is forced to help...
S01E34 Heavenly Hole, Offensive and Defensive 06/05/2012 The Kamen Rider Club must work to stop the Libra and Leo Zodiarts from destroying the last two altars in Kyoto to destroy the city with The Hole's Cosmic Energy. In the process, Kengo finally learns the circumstances of his father's death.
S01E35 Monster's Broadcast 13/05/2012 With The Hole gone from Kyoto, AGHS is the focus of its Cosmic Energy and the other Horoscopes will soon be found. An internet radio show started up by the mysterious DJ Gene, soon discovered to be none other than JK, grabs the school by storm. He starts up a musical contest, which grabs the attention of the Kamen Rider Club and a fellow student who turns out to be the Capricorn Zodiarts.
S01E36 Serious Legend Song 20/05/2012 Kamen Rider Fourze must defeat both the Capricorn Zodiarts and the Zodiarts' song that has enraptured the school, but with Cosmic States out of commission after Gentaro's bond with JK is severed, can he find a way to rebond?
S01E37 Star Follower Selection 27/05/2012 Gentaro, Yuki, Kengo, Tomoko, Ryusei, the student council president Sugiura, the former Pyxis Zodiarts Hiroki Makise, and transfer student Erin Suda are chosen for an astronaut test in a closed environment and endurance test, but Kengo's weak constitution and the arrival of the Aquarius Zodiarts cause trouble for the group.
S01E38 Winner Determination 03/06/2012 Yuki passes under suspicious means, while Gentaro tries to convince Erin to not follow the path the Horoscopes want of her, as well as give up her hatred for Yuki.
S01E39 Campus Decree 10/06/2012 Acting student council president Sugiura institutes a new set of rules that all students have to follow, severely limiting the freedoms the school initially allowed them.
S01E40 Principle or Pathos 24/06/2012 As the Taurus Zodiarts, Sugiura continues to stifle everyone's creativity, but Ryusei (as Meteor) challenges to a game of golf to get everything back to the way it was, while Gentaro and Yuki try to find out why Yuta had changed.
S01E41 Club Collapse 01/07/2012 The Virgo Zodiarts begins attacking other members of the Kamen Rider Club, scaring them away from the club, blocking Fourze from accessing Cosmic States. However, Tachibana arrives on Earth to show Gentaro a way to fight with other abilities at his disposal.
S01E42 Archer's Reign 08/07/2012 With most of the Kamen Rider Club taken out of commission the Virgo Zodiarts, Gentaro and Kengo are on their own in their fight against Virgo after Meteor is sent to the Dark Nebula and the others distance themselves from the Club. And things get worse when the new powerful member of the Horoscopes, Sagittarius, appears...
S01E43 Light and Dark Twins 15/07/2012 Yuki starts acting stranger than usual, and when strange incidents gets traced back to Yuki, and Yuki somehow transforming into the Gemini Zodiarts, Gentaro begins to suspect something is up.
S01E44 Star Luck Ritual 22/07/2012 The Kamen Rider Club work to save Yuki from ceasing to exist as Dark Yuki begins to take her place as the real Yuki.
S01E45 Scale's Estrangement 05/08/2012 While celebrating Kengo's birthday, the Horoscopes have located their final member, Pisces, in Ran Kuroki, who has been given the chance to study abroad in America. But after Leo attacks, Hayami gathers the Kamen Rider Club to tell them the truth of what has been happening and prevent Ran from becoming the final Horoscopes.
S01E46 Aloof Archer 12/08/2012 Ran refuses to give her Pisces Zodiarts Switch that will finalize Gamou's plans, so he sends Tatsugami to take her Switch. Elsewhere, Kengo discovers a secret from the USB drive he found in the late Emoto's office.
S01E47 Parting Friends 19/08/2012 With Gamou's scheme with all twelve Horoscopes Switches thwarted, Kengo reveals the truth of his origins to the Kamen Rider Club and his eventually parting with his friends. However, the Horoscopes attack the Rabbit Hutch to kill Kengo, getting the Kamen Riders to desperately fight back to protect their friend, who must go back to the Presenters.
S01E48 Final Episode: Youthful Galaxy 26/08/2012 With Kengo's death at the hands of Sagittarius Nova and the destruction of the Rabbit Hatch, a distraught Kamen Rider Club reads the final letter from the Core Child written before his death. A resolved duo of Riders must face the Horoscopes one last time to avenge their fallen friend and stop the Day of Awakening for good.

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