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Six months prior to the start of the series, a mysterious ritual held on the day of the solar eclipse took place. Its purpose was to give birth to a group of magical creatures called Phantoms through humans with magical potential called "Gates", by forcibly subjecting them to immense despair. Haruto Soma and Koyomi, the survivors of the ritual, are tasked by the mysterious Shiroi Mahoutsukai to fight the Phantoms. Haruto is also given the Wizardriver to become Kamen Rider Wizard in order to prevent the Phantoms from transforming other Gates into Phantoms themselves. Later on, a man named Kosuke Nito appears as the ancient wizard Kamen Rider Beast to feed on the Phantom's magical power to survive and becomes rivals with Haruto.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Kamen Rider Wizard

S01E01 The Ringed Wizard (???????) 02/09/2012 Detective Rinko Daimon is summoned to the scene of a crime only to find herself and her team confronted by ‘Phantoms’ – powerful magical beings hunting for something unknown. Unable to hurt the creatures, she’s rescued by a mysterious young man named Haruto Souma, who has magical powers and the ability to transform and battle the Phantoms as Kamen Rider Wizard.
S01E02 I Want to Be a Wizard (?????????) 09/09/2012 As the Phantoms attempt to open a new gate, Haruto finds himself set upon by overgrown manchild Shunpei Nara, who wants nothing more than to be a wizard. Meanwhile, Rinko meets Koyomi again and discovers more about her and Haruto’s shared past.
S01E03 Transform! Live Broadcast (??????) 16/09/2012 Giddy with his new power to summon flames, Shunpei attracts the attention of a local TV host, who promises him a shot at the big time with a live appearance. In the meantime, Haruto remembers more about his origins as Wizard. Unbeknownst to either of them however, Hellhound survived and is still plotting to turn Shunpei into a Gate.
S01E04 The Doll and the Pianist (????????) 23/09/2012 Phoenix and Medusa call upon a new lazy racial stereotype Phantom to menace this week’s gate – an award winning pianist who’s hit a rough patch. Meanwhile, Shunpei has attached himself to Team Wizard full time, and there’s friction between Rinko and Koyomi over their respective relationships with Haruto.
S01E05 The Deciding Match of the Contest (????????) 30/09/2012 As Haruto is forced to rest to recover from his mana-drained state, Koyomi, Shunpei and Rinko continue to try and persuade the Gate to overcome his fear and play in the concert. But Koyomi is clearly still shaken by Haruto’s close shave, and the others dig a little deeper into her relationship with him.
S01E06 To a Beautiful Flower (???????) 07/10/2012 Love is in the air as it seems everyone but Haruto is meeting beautiful ladies. At least he has his donuts.
S01E07 Buying Memories (?????????) 14/10/2012 Haruto and the gang work to try and track down Manami, but the Gnome Phantom is also waiting to sniff her out
S01E08 A New Magic Stone (??????) 21/10/2012 The gang discover the newest Gate is a snotty little brat whose mother has a connection to Haruto, and Phoenix seeks permission to enter the battle personally.
S01E09 The Dragon's Cry (???????) 28/10/2012 With Haruto unable to stop Phoenix’s rampage, he’s forced to rely on an untested new ring. But can even that prevent the malevolent Phantom from inflicting total despair on wee liddle Hiroki?
S01E10 National Security Bureau Section 0 (??????) 11/11/2012 With Phoenix lying low to lick his wounds, Haruto becomes entangled with the mysterious Kizaki and the National Security Agency when they kidnap Wajima.
S01E11 The Promise to Defend (??????) 18/11/2012 Agent Kizaki continues his dogged mission to protect Naoki, while still resisting interference from Haruto. Elsewhere, the restored Phoenix and Medusa plot how to drag the boy into despair.
S01E12 The Wagashi of Hope (??????) 25/11/2012 Shunpei runs into an old friend who’s now working at a traditional sweet shop, but business is tough and then there’s the prospect of a Phantom attack to deal with.
S01E13 The Heir to the Dream (?????) 02/12/2012 Despite his business being ruined, the shop owner refuses to give in to despair, causing Medusa and Valkyrie to try a new tactic.
S01E14 The Return of the Film Director (?????????) 09/12/2012 Haruto looks to protect a film student and her erstwhile director from an assault by Medusa, while Koyomi follows a strange familiar to a mysterious location.
S01E15 After the Last Scene Is... (?????????) 16/12/2012 After Haruto has found out Chizuru is the Gate, he can’t bring himself to telling her Satoshi has become a Phantom. While Wajima begins to work on the magic stone Koyomi found, Medusa commands Lizardman to take out Chizuru.
S01E16 The Christmas Miracle (????????) 23/12/2012 Phoenix decides to ruin Christmas.
S01E17 Another Wizard (?????????) 06/01/2013 Wiseman joins his lieutenants on the battlefield and assigns a new Phantom to menace the wandering gourmand Kousuke Nitou. When Haruto and the others race to his defence, he reveals his true identity as Kamen Rider Beast!
S01E18 Magical Power Eating (?????) 13/01/2013 Kousuke explains his backstory to Haruto and the two appear to be on better terms, but then Medusa appears to uncover an awkward truth.
S01E19 Today's Life, Tomorrow's Life (?????????) 20/01/2013 Kousuke kidnaps the Gate and takes him back home, where he explains his predicament. Haruto tracks them down and reveals the truth to Kousuke.
S01E20 Learning the Truth (?????) 27/01/2013 Phoenix gets more and more frustrated with Wiseman considering him the brute of the villain crew. When he goes on a murderous rampage, Rinko catches a glimpse of his human form and sets out to investigate. Meanwhile, Haruto and Shunpei meet up with the next Gate, an extremely loud and social woman named Shiho.
S01E21 The Crazed Dance of the Dragons (?????????) 03/02/2013 Haruto is rescued from Beelzebub by the White Wizard, who helps him tap into even more of Dragon’s power. Meanwhile, Rinko talks to Phoenix and attempts to uncover a little more about his motives.
S01E22 The Phoenix's Rampage (??????) 10/02/2013 Determined to once again pit his strength against Wizard, Phoenix kidnaps Rinko to lure him into a trap.
S01E23 Deathmatch (??) 17/02/2013 Phoenix summons Haruto for a final showdown.
S01E24 The Wizard's Grandmother (???????) 24/02/2013 Kousuke’s grandmother tracks him down, unaware of his exploits as Beast. Now he has to persuade her to go home, all the while keeping his secret.
S01E25 Life Choices (????) 03/03/2013 Kousuke and Haruto try to come up with a plan to rescue Shunpei, but Gremlin appears to be one step ahead of them.
S01E26 Campus Infiltration (????) 10/03/2013 Kousuke discovers Medusa has disguised herself as a high schooler to get close to the newest Gate. Haruto and Shunpei go undercover to investigate.
S01E27 Big and Little Sisters (???) 17/03/2013 Medusa assigns Gremlin to pursue the newest Gate while she pushes forward with her own agenda. Meanwhile, Haruto and company dig into Mayu’s history with her sister.
S01E28 The Stolen Belt (???????) 24/03/2013 An archaeologist discovers an artifact that looks suspiciously similar to one of Beast’s rings, but Kousuke runs into trouble when he tries to retrieve it.
S01E29 The Evolving Wild Beast (??????) 31/03/2013 Nito must find a way to retrieve his Beast Driver and Wizard Rings back from Spriggan before Chimera eats him alive.
S01E30 The Day Magic Disappeared (???????) 07/04/2013 Gremlin unleashes a dangerous Phantom who assumes form of a man called Nait? . But unlike the Phantoms Haruto and Nito faced before, Nait? is attacking humans without discrimination.
S01E31 Tears (?) 14/04/2013 With Legion too strong for even Kosuke to battle, Haruto must find a way to restore WizarDragon's powers before Legion strikes again.
S01E32 Dangerous Part-Time Job (???????) 21/04/2013 Nitoh's high school friend Tsuchiya arrives in town, having discovered a job offer that will pay ¥1 million for a day's work. Nitoh joins him on the interview, but Haruto and Koyomi suspect something is off.
S01E33 Things Money Cannot Buy (????????) 28/04/2013 Haruto and Nitoh must race to Tokyo to save Tsuchiya, who has won a shopping spree at a mall, from falling victim to the Phantom Bogy
S01E34 The Other Side of the Popular Model (????????) 05/05/2013 Nito and Shunpei help save a young woman attacked as a possible Gate, only to discover that she is their favorite fashion model Chiaki.
S01E35 The Other Side of the Sora (??????) 12/05/2013 With Chiaki revealed to be the Gate sought out by Argus, Omokaged? group tries to figure out what her despair may arise from, with Nito believing it may be her loss of popularity. Elsewhere, Haruto has met with Sora, the Gremlin Phantom, and upon realizing that not is all it seems, asks Rinko and Section 0 to investigate, and they discover what exactly happened to Sora Takigawa, as Haruto suspects the Phantom still has his human mind.
S01E36 The Myna Speaks (??????) 19/05/2013 With Sora's words in mind, Haruto meet Wiseman to get answers. Meanwhile, Rinko investigates an arson case with Shunpei, only to discover that a man with a caged myna bird may be a Gate.
S01E37 Wanted: Despair (???????) 26/05/2013 The group must protect Nemoto from both the Phantom Raum and the police who want to question him on an arson case. However, can they clear Rinko's name before it's too late?
S01E38 The Stolen Hope (????? ) 02/06/2013 When Haruto goes to save a soccer player from a Phantom, the man recognizes him, and Haruto's former dreams of being a professional soccer player are revealed. Elsewhere, a well-dressed man enters the Omokaged?, although his reasons are not clear.
S01E39 The Forgotten Field (???????) 09/06/2013 With Kazuya in the hospital, Haruto must find a way to defeat the Phantom Bahamut, even though the Phantom is much too powerful for him as Kamen Rider Wizard. Meanwhile, the mysterious Fueki commissions a Wizard Ring from Wajima.
S01E40 I Wanna Ride a Bike (????????) 23/06/2013 While Rinko tries to investigate Fueki, Nitoh starts to teach a boy named Yuzuru to ride a bicycle after he watches Kamen Rider Beast battle a Phantom and his Ghouls with a mountain bike.
S01E41 A Magician's Fate (???????) 30/06/2013 With Mayu now as Kamen Rider Mage, she focuses her attention on her former sister Medusa, with Haruto asking her what her true goals are now that she is a witch. Meanwhile, Sylphi continues its attack on Yuzuru, just as the White Wizard gains interest in the young boy as well.
S01E42 The Ringed Novelist (???????) 07/07/2013 Haruto is alarmed to find Kizaki has disappeared after he has been asked to search for Fueki, who kidnapped Yuzuru to seek out another person worthy of becoming a wizard or witch. After Kamen Rider Wizard saves Saionji, a novelist, Saionji reveals he is looking for a young woman to give him the inspiration to write again.
S01E43 The White Wizard's Secret (?????????) 14/07/2013 Saionji reveals it is Koyomi who he has been looking for all this time, saying he met her once 10 years ago. Meanwhile, Sora warns Nitoh about the White Wizard, and he prepares to face him in battle as Kamen Rider Beast. After saving Saionji from despair, Haruto finds in Saionji's underworld that Koyomi is the daughter of Fueki.
S01E44 The Son's Keepsake (??????) 21/07/2013 Haruto discovers that Koyomi is the daughter of Fueki, but he keeps this to himself. Meanwhile, elementary school teacher Yoshikazu Kumagai, who comes to the Omokaged? to purchase an antique toy plane for his son, is discovered to be a Gate when he is attacked by the Phantom Siren.
S01E45 A Smile in the Chest (?????) 28/07/2013 Haruto must split his attention on saving Kumagai from Siren while they try to find a toy for his son and revealing what he knows to Koyomi about her past. Meanwhile, a red crack appears on Koyomi's hand. What does this mean? Medusa and Mayu face each other again.
S01E46 Shattered Memory (??????????) 04/08/2013 Mayu approaches the White Wizard asking to become stronger so she may defeat Medusa. Haruto and Nito have trouble battling a fast moving Phantom. Sora approaches Haruto at Hungry, inquiring as to whether or not he has found out about Koyomi's past.
S01E47 Wiseman's Truth (????????) 11/08/2013 Even though Koyomi now knows the White Wizard is her father, the group keeps their mission to save Yamamoto from Arachne, particularly when his pregnant wife Aya goes missing.
S01E48 The Philosopher's Stone (????) 18/08/2013 With the knowledge that Fueki is not only the White Wizard, Koyomi's father, and the Phantoms' leader Wiseman, Haruto, Kosuke, and Mayu work together to try to discover his true plans.
S01E49 The Sabbath Eclipse (???????) 01/09/2013 With Yamamoto and Yuzuru both Kamen Rider Mages under the White Wizard's thrall, Haruto and Koyomi are kidnapped to begin the new Sabbath. After Kosuke is approached by Beast Chimera in his dreams, he goes to assist Rinko and Shunpei to help save Haruto and Koyomi.
S01E50 What Are Important Things? (??????) 08/09/2013 Haruto finds he must battle the White Wizard on his own for Koyomi's sake after Kosuke uses the last of his mana to disrupt the Sabbath. Elsewhere, Yuzuru and Yamamoto come to their senses and plan to fight alongside Mayu and Haruto for Kosuke.
S01E51 The Final Hope (?????) 15/09/2013 With Gremlin in possession of the Philosopher's Stone, Koyomi dies. However, Fueki says that the light in Haruto's heart is the true Philosopher's Stone. Meanwhile, Gremlin, now evolved, goes on a rampage, and Kosuke cannot battle to save anyone or even himself from the monstrous Phantom.
S01E52 The Ring of Kamen Rider (????????? ) 22/09/2013 Haruto is lost in a parallel world where it is inhabited by monsters created by an entity called Amadam and he wants to steal the powers of the Kamen Riders for himself. Using the Legend Rider Rings, he will summon 13 Heisei Kamen Riders.
S01E53 Neverending Story (???????) 29/09/2013 Haruto, Kousuke and a new guy named Kota (also known as Kamen Rider Gaim) must defeat Amadam before he can use the Rider Rings to transform the entire world into a monster apocalypse.