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Kamichu est un animé qui conte les déboires de Yurie, une jeune collégienne qui vient de se changer en déesse, sans qu'elle sache comment ni la raison de cette soudaine transformation. Quoi qu'il en soit, elle s'efforcera de remplir son rôle de déesse du mieux qu'elle peut, en découvrant l'étendue de ses pouvoirs mais aussi de ses responsabilités. Yurie est amoureuse d'un garçon de sa classe qui la remarque à peine, mais sa nouvelle fonction lui offrira de nouveaux espoirs. Avec ses amies, elle découvrira que la vie d'une déesse n'est pas de tout repos !


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Kamichu!

S01E01 The Unkindness of Adolescence 29/06/2005 When Yurie announces during lunch that last night she became a god, Matsuri, as the daughter of a Shinto priest, tries to help her figure out what kind of god she is. During their efforts, Yurie accidentally creates a typhoon, which she has to dispel to save Kenji.
S01E02 Goddess, Please 06/07/2005 Matsuri decides her family's shrine will host a festival in honor of Yurie, but discovers Yashima, the god of the shrine, has gone missing. Yurie travels to the land of the gods to convince him to return.
S01E03 Although This is Not What I Intended 13/07/2005 The god of poverty arrives in town, sending the local economy into a depression; and Yurie's pet cat, Tama, goes missing. These two events may have something in common.
S01E04 The Earth is in Peril 27/07/2005 The God Association sends Yurie three assistants to help her deal with petitions. As her first task, the Prime Minister summons Yurie to help communicate with a Martian.
S01E05 It's Awful to be Alone 03/08/2005 Yurie catches a cold and stays at home for a few days, but her friends don't come to visit. Feeling lonely, she uses her powers to depart from her body as a spirit and visit them instead.
S01E06 A Little Resolution 10/08/2005 Kiyomi, a freshman, comes to Yurie seeking love advice - but the object of her crush is Kenji. Trying earnestly to help her rival nonetheless, Yurie joins Kenji's calligraphy club with her.
S01E07 Lovers of the Sun 24/08/2005 On their summer vacation, Yurie and her friends go to a quiet part of the seashore and explore an abandoned beach house. The gods living there want to know what's become of the people who once enjoyed themselves there, and Yurie fulfills their wish.
S01E08 Wild Times 23/11/2005 Strange packs of cats have been roaming the town recently, and Tama is among them. Yurie follows her and turns into a cat to meet the charismatic feline Tyler Meowden, who wants to revolt against humans. She and Tama fight to stop him.
S01E09 Cross the River of Time 31/08/2005 Yurie and her friends meet an old man named Gen who was once a crewman of the battleship Yamato. Shortly afterwards, she receives a message from the sunken battleship, which wants to visit its home port again.
S01E10 It's Your Decision 07/09/2005 As another of her business ploys, Matsuri convinces Yurie to run for student council president, but they encounter unexpectedly fervent opposition.
S01E11 Love is Missing 25/01/2006 Miko and Shoukichi run away to a nearby town together for mysterious reasons. Yurie and her friends spend the day trying to find them.
S01E12 Mysterious Adventure 14/09/2005 For the month of Kannazuki, Yurie attends the "God Convention" in Izumo. While there, she temporarily transfers to a local middle school where everyone treats her with utmost respect.
S01E13 We Do What We Want 22/02/2006 Matsuri, as the daughter of the shrine, becomes offended by the foreign holiday of Christmas and stages "Yurie-chan Thanksgiving Day" in order to combat it.
S01E14 Dream-Colored Message 21/09/2005 During her winter break from school, Yurie spends an entire day under the kotatsu. She receives several New Years cards, including one from Kenji.
S01E15 A Small Step 28/09/2005 When Yurie resolves to give Kenji chocolate for Valentine's Day and confess her love, the entire school and everyone in town pitches in to help her. After a brief awkward conversation upon the school's roof, the two are lifted into the sky upon a large piece of paper (upon which, Kenji had written the kanji character for 'love'). As they soar above the town, Kenji tells Yurie that he loves her, because she is strange. The character on the flying paper turns into the kanji for 'strange'.
S01E16 Take a Look, Spring Has Come 29/03/2006 Yurie and Mitsue help Matsuri and Miko clean the shrine storage rooms. As she spends the night there, Yurie tells her friends that Kenji is her boyfriend.

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