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In the town of Karasume, most of the lands are owned by Kurosawa Bunzo, the head of the Kurosawa family and the owner of a real estate and construction company called 'Kurosawa'. Though Bunzo is much hated by the people of Karasume, due to his greed and profiteering ways, no one dares to stand up to him. The townsfolk came up with the saying, "Kurosawa loves alcohol, money and women". Bunzo has 3 sons, the eldest being Mitsuru, who was born to his first wife. Followed by Isao and Ryo, who are the sons of his second wife, Shiori. Mitsuru is currently unemployed and is debt-ridden, and thus leads a miserable, tight lifestyle living together with Endo Kanako. While, Isao who graduated from a prestigious law school and passed his bar examinations in one sitting, is now working for a law firm in Tokyo. Ryo is studying to be a psychiatrist, and is now in his fourth year of medical school. He lives in a dormitory near his hometown. One day, Bunzo is found dead in his bedroom, under very suspicious circumstances. The police rounded up all three sons, and brings them in for some voluntary questioning. The detective already knows each of their motives for killing Bunzo, where it all started 2 weeks before the murder at the Kurosawa family meeting... --Fuji TV


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S01E01 ??????? 12/01/2013
S01E02 ????? ?????? 19/01/2013
S01E03 ????? ??????? 26/01/2013
S01E04 ????? ?????? 02/02/2013
S01E05 ???????? 09/02/2013
S01E06 ???????? 16/02/2013
S01E07 ?????????? 23/02/2013
S01E08 ????????? 02/03/2013
S01E09 ??????????? 09/03/2013
S01E10 ??????? 16/03/2013
S01E11 ?????? 23/03/2013

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