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Based on the much-loved series of books by Mairi Hedderwick, Katie Morag is a small red-headed girl who lives with her family on the remote and beautiful fictional Scottish island of Struay. Although she lives in a fairly unique setting, her adventures are full of experiences and feelings that all children can recognize and identify with. Her stories are full of jealousy, bravery and rivalry – surrounded by an annoying little brother, busy shopkeeper parents, a perfectly perfect best friend and a couple of grandmothers who between them know everything about everything. The stories celebrate the intrinsic sense of community, the preciousness of the environment and the universal tensions and joys of family life. Katie Morag is a feisty character who has been known to get herself into scrapes but who generally emerges from them (usually with some assistance from one or other of her Grandmothers) in a funny and endearing way.


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S01E01 Katie Morag Delivers the Mail 03/11/2013 Katie Morag tries to help her busy parents by delivering the mail to everyone on the island. In a moment's distraction, her plans go awry and in trying to make things better, she actually makes things worse! But with the help of her beloved Grannie Island, she eventually sorts everything out, and learns something too.
S01E02 Katie Morag and the Two Grandmothers 03/11/2013 Katie Morag has two grannies - Grannie Island and Granma Mainland. The two grannies are as different as different can be. It's the day of the Isle of Struay Show with its main attraction, the Grand Struay Sheep Contest, and Grannie Island is trying to win the prize with her beloved sheep Alecina for the eighth year in a row. Neilly Beag, however, has high hopes that his own lovely ewe will take the cup.
S01E03 Katie Morag and the Old Teacher 10/11/2013 Struay Primary School is so small that it only has one teacher in one big mixed-aged classroom. Katie Morag's teacher announces her retirement and her plans to leave the island. Katie Morag doesn't like change at the best of times but this news, coming on top of her mum and dad having another baby, is all a bit much!
S01E04 Grannie Island's Ceilidh - The Big Smelly Goat 10/11/2013 Grannie Island tells Katie the story of the Big Smelly Goat, a tale of a woman who has a lot of children and a very messy house. With the help of a wise old woman she sorts out the chaos in rather an unusual way.
S01E05 Katie Morag and the New Boy 17/11/2013 The new teacher arrives at Struay Primary School, bringing with him his son John, who Katie Morag rather takes against to begin with, although she is secretly impressed by his many stories of the marvellous place he used to live in. So much so that Katie Morag begins to see Struay in quite a different light.
S01E06 Katie Morag and the Halloween Pirate 17/11/2013 It is Halloween and Katie Morag has dressed up as a pirate to go around the neighbours' houses to do a wee turn and collect a few treats. But it's a stormy night and she becomes unwell, seeking refuge at Grannie Island's house.
S01E07 Katie Morag and Izzy 24/11/2013 Katie Morag is looking forward to playing a game of pooh sticks with her mum. It's her favourite game. But Mrs McColl is too busy to play, so Katie Morag stomps off to Grannie Island's house and gets soaking wet on the way. Grannie Island gives her some spare wellies that she happens to have, which once belonged to a girl called Izzy. Katie Morag is curious because she doesn't know an Izzy, so she and Grannie Island travel all over the island to see if they can find her.
S01E08 Grannie Island's Ceilidh - Stone Soup 24/11/2013 Katie Morag hears the story of Stone Soup. There is something wrong with the potato crop and everyone is hungry. A young man sets out from his village to try and find work and food, and he succeeds in rather an unusual way!
S01E09 Katie Morag and the Special Delivery 01/12/2013 Mr and Mrs McColl are going on the ferry to the mainland to await the delivery of the new baby. They leave Katie Morag and her brother Liam in the care of Grannie Island, and Katie Morag is left in charge of the family cat, Fabbydoo. But Fabbydoo mysteriously disappears...
S01E10 Katie Morag and the Tiresome Ted 01/12/2013 When Mr and Mrs McColl come home with Katie Morag's new sister, Flora, everyone is so interested in the new baby that Katie Morag feels ignored. She storms out of the house feeling left out and angry with everyone. She is even angry with her dearest and oldest friend - her teddy bear.
S01E11 Katie Morag and the Mysteries 08/12/2013
S01E12 Grannie Island's Ceilidh - Little Izzy 08/12/2013
S01E13 Katie Morag and the Two Peas 15/12/2013
S01E14 Katie Morag and the New Year Party 15/12/2013
S01E15 Katie Morag and the Baking Day Secret 16/02/2014 Friday is baking day in Struay, when everyone bakes their special treats - everyone that is except Mrs McColl who, unlike Mr McColl, is not a good cook. Mr Mackie the new teacher and his wife, who is an expert baker, are coming to tea but Katie Morag's mother has written down the wrong date so there's nothing prepared, and Mr McColl is away in Glasgow! Katie Morag tries to help her mother out of the dilemma in her inimitable way - with the help of a few others!
S01E16 Katie Morag and the Grumpy Grannie 16/02/2014 One night Katie Morag is a little bit worried because Grannie Island doesn't flash her torch to say goodnight like she normally does. So the next morning she and her mother go to check that all is well. They discover that far from being well, Grannie Island has hurt her back and can't get out of bed, but didn't want to trouble anyone. Katie Morag thinks that Granma Mainland will be able to help, but Grannie Island doesn't agree at all!
S01E17 Katie Morag and the Big Boy Cousins 23/02/2014 Katie Morag is excited because her big boy cousins have arrived on Struay for the holidays. Instead of finishing Grannie Island's chores and putting up their tent as they were told to, the cousins run off to play, with Katie Morag tagging along behind. They run amok, looking for adventure, and young Katie Morag finds that she forgets some of the countryside rules in her attempts to be part of the big boy gang.
S01E18 Grannie Island's Ceilidh - Granpa's Bowl 23/02/2014 At Grannie Island's ceilidh, Mr McColl tells a story about the day Mrs Finlayson and her family have an important visitor to lunch who she is keen to impress, but Murdo, the granpa of the family, has a wee mishap which puts a bit of a spanner in the works!
S01E19 Katie Morag and the Seals Singing 02/03/2014 Katie Morag and her classmates have a lesson on the beach, where they are all dressed in seal costumes. Mr Mackie tells them of the legend of the singing seals and all the class try to hear them but Katie Morag can't hear anything. For the next few days she does her utmost to get those seals to sing for her. Will she ever hear them?
S01E20 Grannie Island's Ceilidh - Annie Jessie and the Merboy 02/03/2014 At Grannie Island's ceilidh, Uncle Matthew tells a story about a teenage girl called Annie Jessie who lived on Struay long ago. She works hard looking after her family. One day when sheltering from a storm she meets a merboy who has lost his comb. Annie Jessie makes him a new comb from a razor shell and soon they fall in love. With the help of the sea king, who is in charge of all the creatures of the sea, they are able to go and live happily together on the island of Fuay.
S01E21 Katie Morag and the Hill Race 09/03/2014 It's the day of the Five Sisters Run, the annual Struay hill race. John says he can beat Katie Morag in the children's race because 'boys are better than girls at sport'. Katie Morag and her friends Agnes and Sasha are outraged, and Agnes hatches a mischievous wee plan...
S01E22 Grannie Island's Ceilidh - Hugh Handy 09/03/2014 At Grannie Island's ceilidh, the Lady Author tells a story about the time some wild men from the nearby island of Bickersay came across the sea to challenge Hugh Handy, the master boat builder of Struay, for the title of best boat builder of the isles. Everyone on Struay was afraid of the noisy, argumentative Bickersay men but Hugh Handy had a clever plan to make them behave themselves!
S01E23 Katie Morag and the Big Picture 16/03/2014 Katie Morag loves doing big paintings. She and Liam are looking for a big piece of paper to paint on, but their parents are busy in the post office and can't help them find one. After asking Grannie Island without success Katie Morag calls at the Lady Artist's house - she is bound to know where they could get one from!

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