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Various speecials hosted by porn star Katie Morgan. about herself, the porn industry, and sex.


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S01E01 Katie Morgan: A Porn Star Revealed 25/08/2005 This late-night special consists of an in-depth interview (punctuated by brief adult film clips) with one of the most disarmingly personable porn stars the world has ever seen, Katie Morgan. In a chat with filmmaker Dan Chaykin, Katie talks candidly about a host of personal and universal issues, including: -- What it was like growing up the daughter of conservative parents: "I might as well been raised in the 40s," Katie sighs, adding that her mother and father still don't know what she does for a living. -- Her first sexual encounter: "The minivan at the church," she remembers. "It was pretty awful ... he wasn't well-endowed." -- How she gravitated towards porn: "Money." Katie admits that before she started acting, she made money illegally; in fact, she was once busted for trying to cross the Mexican border with drugs, and spent time in jail. The lesson she learned: "Don't break the law." She also learned that adult films are both legal and lucrative. -- What it was like to act in her first very porn film (Dirty Debutantes 197): "It was quick and fun and money," Katie says, adding that she remembers thinking at the time, "This could be a really bad thing - I really like this!"
S01E02 Katie Morgan on Sex Toys 08/11/2007 You may think you know everything there is to know about rabbits and eggs and drilldoes—oh my!—but let's face it ... you're an amateur. That's why HBO asked professional sexographer Katie Morgan to lead America through the history of sex toys, from Stone Age masturbation implements to present day fucking machines and everything in between. Don't let the fact that Katie is completely starkers for the entire lecture distract you from a chance to actually learn something. Knowledge, much like an extra set of batteries, is power
S01E03 Katie Morgan's Porn 101 20/12/2007 For the second time in a month, HBO has given a forum to effervescent pornstress Katie Morgan and asked her to explain sex to middle Americans with insomnia problems. Ever since her first appearance in their Porn Valley documentary "Pornucopia" back in 2004—and since "The Sopranos" went off the air—Katie has become the network's most valuable property, appearing in at least three other specials starring just her and her personality. And hhy not? She does (allegedly) have a genius IQ, and just imagine the money they save on wardrobe! Last night saw the debut of her time-travel adventure "Porn 101," where Katie revealed, among other things, the oldest known glory hole in film history. We promise that no goats were harmed in the making of this post.
S01E04 Katie Morgan's Sex Tips: Questions, Anyone? 11/12/2008 This holiday season, come in from the cold for a sizzling new late-night special starring Katie Morgan, the ebullient adult-film star, model, talk-radio host, and fledgling mainstream movie actress (Zack and Miri Make a Porno). Once again hosting her HBO show entirely in the nude (except when she's pole dancing, where her clothes end up spinning off anyway), Katie fields a series of probing questions from cyberspace fans and eager young cue-card guys, offering candid, straight-shooting advise on how viewers can maximize their pleasure while in bed with their partner(s). To underscore the lessons taught by this unquestioned Sex Professor Emeritus, the show includes adults-only scenes from many of Katie's XXX movies, including such perennial favorites as Perfect Match, Mason's Dirty Trixxx, High Desert Pirates, and Bad Wives (review copies not available). Katie Morgan's Sex Tips is the actress' fourth HBO special, following August 2005's A Real Sex Xtra: Katie Morgan: A Porn Star Revealed, November 2007's Katie Morgan on Sex Toys and December 2007's Katie Morgan's Porn 101. ABOUT KATIE MORGAN: Winner of the XRCO (X Rated Critics Organization) Unsung Siren Award, Katie Morgan (her screen name combines a Gone with the Wind first name with a popular rum brand) exploded into the consciousness of HBO viewers with several appearances on 2004's A Real Sex Xtra: Pornucopia: Going Down in the Valley, where she referred to herself as "perky and punctual." With girl-next-door looks, Morgan is blonde, cute and gregarious, modestly admitting that she's got a genius IQ of 165. She's also a serious player in the adult-entertainment world, where she's made over 200 films, including such classics as Space Nuts ... Whore of the Rings ... Tell Me What You Want (not to be confused with Tell Me You Love Me) ... Sex Trek: Where No Man Has Cum B4 ... Boy Meats Girl 3 ... Desperately Horny Housewives ... and (yes!
S01E05 Katie Morgan's Sex Tips 2 Any More Questions 21/01/2009 The adult star is back with her vulva puppet, taking questions from viewers and crew members. The talk won't be the only stimulating aspect of the show, as Katie answers all the questions in the nude and frequently demonstrates sex toys on herself. We're hoping for some behind-the-scenes gossip from Whore of the Rings 2.
S01E06 Katie Morgan's Sex Quiz 19/11/2009
S01E07 Katie Does Manhattan 08/03/2015 Perky adult-film star Katie Morgan is on the loose in the Big Apple in this sexy and scintillating special.
S00E01 Katie on Demand - Aural Sex 00/00/0000 HBO sex short with Katie Morgan
S00E02 Katie on Demand - Bigger is better 00/00/0000 HBO sex short with Katie Morgan
S00E03 Katie on Demand - The Designa Vagina 00/00/0000 HBO sex short with Katie Morgan
S00E04 Katie on Demand - Pumping his Grundle 00/00/0000 HBO sex short with Katie Morgan
S00E05 Katie on Demand - Reading Dirty Books 00/00/0000 HBO sex short with Katie Morgan
S00E06 Katie on Demand - Hitting her Spots 00/00/0000 HBO sex short with Katie Morgan
S00E07 Katie on Demand - Outlawing the Vibrator 00/00/0000 HBO sex short with Katie Morgan
S00E08 Katie on Demand - Banging Banister 00/00/0000
S00E09 Katie on Demand - Flogging Your Log 00/00/0000
S00E10 Katie on Demand - Giving Good Phone 00/00/0000
S00E11 Katie on Demand - The Best of Katie Morgan 00/00/0000

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