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Meet Kaya. She's young, beautiful and a rock star. Being famous certainly has its perks -- Kaya buys fancy cars, expensive clothes and gifts for all her friends, plus she gets to go out clubbing almost every night and receives VIP treatment wherever she goes. She's definitely indulging in the rock and roll lifestyle. Maybe a little bit too much? Along with her band, Crossing Coldwater, Kaya was plucked from near obscurity and became an overnight sensation. She has sold millions of albums and made more money than she ever imagined she could as a musician. Plus, she gets to tour the world doing what she loves and spend time with her bandmates and best friends. What could be better? As a talented musician, Kaya now has everything she's ever dreamed of, but fame has a price. For every perk, there are sacrifices and consequences. Now that she's been exposed to the underbelly of the music industry, Kaya is teetering dangerously close to the brink of destruction. Since finding overnight success, Kaya has had to think on her feet and navigate her way through the minefield of celebrity and the pressures of superstardom in order to survive in today's media-crazed society. It seems as though, no matter where she turns, there's always some sort of obstacle or temptation trying to keep Kaya from truly enjoying her success. Will the compromises and mistakes she's made on her path to stardom come back to haunt her? As if there wasn't already enough drama going on in her life, Kaya must also deal with a menagerie of issues among her Crossing Clearwater bandmates. Her ex-boyfriend, Gunnar, is the drummer -- talk about awkward. Taylor, the guitarist, is a total womanizer who seems to be riding Kaya's coattails in order to score. It always seems to fall on Manny, the bassist, to try to keep the peace among the musicians. Then there's Don, the band's no-nonsense business manager, who doesn't always seem to have their best inte


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S01E01 Pushing Back 22/10/2007 At a packed club, thousands of fans anxiously await their idol to emerge onstage. Everyone's eager to catch a glimpse of Kaya, the world's biggest up-and-coming rock star. Kaya's manager eyes his watch backstage and the chanting is oddly syncopated with the ticking of the second hand, counting down the moments before Kaya is supposed to hit the stage. As the crowd grows restless, rumors swirl that Kaya has bailed on the show and her band, Crossing Coldwater. Wait, what's going on? Let's back up. Three weeks earlier, at a press conference to discuss the band's new recording contract with major label Metro Sound, Kaya strolls in, signing autographs for fans as reporters bombard her with questions. The inquiries are about her band -- or lack thereof. It looks like the rest of Crossing Coldwater -- drummer Gunnar, guitarist Taylor and bassist Manny -- have decided not to show up, but Kaya doesn't lose her cool. She says her bandmates are probably still asleep or getting ready to party later that night. When a reporter asks whether Crossing Coldwater, whose first album went platinum, is on the brink of breaking up, Kaya halfheartedly laughs. As she's inundated with questions about selling out, trashing hotel rooms and whether she's launching a solo career, Kaya grows quiet. The pressure of being a rock star is clearly taking its toll on this 21-year-old singer. As Kaya retreats from the conference room, she refuses to do any more interviews. She hates feeling like a piece of meat that's being thrown to the lions. Kaya's father, who's also her manager, tries to calm her down but she ends up peeling out of the garage in his car, finally safe from the hungry mob. At a lavish party thrown by her new label, Kaya is introduced to Grammy award-winning producer T. Davis, who wants to produce Kaya and Crossing Coldwater's next album. After the band finds out that they'll be able to stay in a pimped out Mali
S01E02 Walk This Way 29/10/2007 Kaya lingers at her hotel room window, taking in the sun's rays, when the doorbell rings. It's Kaya's friend Natalee, who tells Kaya that bloggers and tabloids are going berserk over her onstage antics that left her band, Crossing Coldwater, high and dry in front of a live audience. The rising rock star slumps down on the couch, feeling like the whole world is out to get her. Over at Metro Sound, the record label fat cats meet with Kaya's father/manager, trying to concoct an excuse the media will buy about why Kaya walked off stage. Dehydration? Exhaustion? Drugs? After deciding on a game plan, they blame her father for the fiasco, chastising him for his inability to keep Kaya under his thumb. As Natalee rushes an extremely late Kaya to the recording studio, Kaya wonders where she stands with her bandmates Gunnar, Taylor and Manny. She's fearful that they might throw in the towel. Meanwhile, in the studio, her bandmates are discussing the exact same thing. They're afraid she's going to walk out on them. When Kaya arrives, the tension is thick. Flashback to a small garage, as a fledgling band argues over whether they should name themselves Genitalia. Yup, that's the name Crossing Coldwater originally wanted to go with. Well, at least that's the name Gunnar, Taylor and Manny picked out. But, after realizing it didn't really sum up their vibe -- and Taylor mentioned that it takes him an hour to cross over Coldwater Canyon to get home -- they decided on Crossing Coldwater. Now, that same band sits in the studio, facing a mountain of problems. Kaya apologizes, saying she didn't think about how her actions would affect the rest of the band. Relieved, everyone decides it's time to start over, and they begin to record a new song, "Kiss and Make Up." As Kaya builds into the chorus, the door opens. In rushes Rossi, an executive from Metro Sound. He stands there staring at Kaya, then says that the label
S01E03 Smells Like Teen Spirit 05/11/2007 Natalee wakes up Kaya, rattling off a huge to-do list. Kaya finds her friend-turned-new-assistant to be quite humorous in her serious approach to planning out the day. When room service arrives, Natalee asks why there are so many carts. Apparently, Kaya couldn't decide what she wanted for breakfast so she got one of everything. When Natalee says they're going to the gym, Kaya says the only thing they'll be exercising is her credit card. After purchasing a new BMW and buying a vintage Aerosmith shirt right off some girl's back, Kaya's checking account is rapidly running low. In the recording studio, producer T. Davis hands Crossing Coldwater some sheet music, saying they will learn these songs for the album. When the band realizes that the songs were written by other artists, they refuse to play them. T insists that these songs must appear on the album, but the band stands their ground. At a bar, bandmates Kaya, Gunnar, Taylor and Manny take a couple shots, trying to forget the absurdity of their day, when in walks Kaya's father. As the band's manager, he demands to know how many times they're going to try to screw up their multi-million-dollar record deal. The band wonders what side he's on, and Gunnar, Taylor and Manny decide that they either have to get a new producer or a new manager. Kaya keeps quiet, not siding with either her band or her father. In the studio, T blames Kaya's dad for the fact that he has to put up with Kaya's fresh attitude. T quits, saying that the band is preventing him from producing an award-winning album. When Kaya's father tells the band the news, they are ecstatic and can't believe that things are finally going their way. To celebrate, Kaya and her bandmates party hard, and Natalee reminds Kaya of her appearance on Carson Daly's show the next day. But Kaya just jumps on a table and dances. Natalee looks away in disapproval, as does Gunnar. Could all the money and
S01E04 All Shook Up 24/11/2007
S01E05 You Can't Always Get What You Want 24/11/2007
S01E06 Every Breath You Take 01/12/2007
S01E07 Sympathy For The Devil 01/12/2007
S01E08 While My Guitar Gently Weeps 08/12/2007
S01E09 With Or Without You 08/12/2007
S01E10 Go Your Own Way 15/12/2007

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