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Meet Kaya. She's young, beautiful and a rock star. Being famous certainly has its perks -- Kaya buys fancy cars, expensive clothes and gifts for all her friends, plus she gets to go out clubbing almost every night and receives VIP treatment wherever she goes. She's definitely indulging in the rock and roll lifestyle. Maybe a little bit too much? Along with her band, Crossing Coldwater, Kaya was plucked from near obscurity and became an overnight sensation. She has sold millions of albums and made more money than she ever imagined she could as a musician. Plus, she gets to tour the world doing what she loves and spend time with her bandmates and best friends. What could be better? As a talented musician, Kaya now has everything she's ever dreamed of, but fame has a price. For every perk, there are sacrifices and consequences. Now that she's been exposed to the underbelly of the music industry, Kaya is teetering dangerously close to the brink of destruction. Since finding overnight success, Kaya has had to think on her feet and navigate her way through the minefield of celebrity and the pressures of superstardom in order to survive in today's media-crazed society. It seems as though, no matter where she turns, there's always some sort of obstacle or temptation trying to keep Kaya from truly enjoying her success. Will the compromises and mistakes she's made on her path to stardom come back to haunt her? As if there wasn't already enough drama going on in her life, Kaya must also deal with a menagerie of issues among her Crossing Clearwater bandmates. Her ex-boyfriend, Gunnar, is the drummer -- talk about awkward. Taylor, the guitarist, is a total womanizer who seems to be riding Kaya's coattails in order to score. It always seems to fall on Manny, the bassist, to try to keep the peace among the musicians. Then there's Don, the band's no-nonsense business manager, who doesn't always seem to have their best inte

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