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An OVA produced by Brain Base. The story continues from the Ragnarok Arc entering the Yomi arc. The main cast for the OVA series is the same from those of the anime series except for Rie Kugimiya who replaces the late Tomoko Kawakami as Miu and Yuzuru Fujimoto who replaces the late Hiroshi Arikawa as her grandfather Hayato.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple OVA

S01E01 New Assassins 16/03/2012
S01E02 The Girl From China 18/06/2012 With YOMI moving, a fighter of YOMI named Spark wishes to fight, and kill, Shirahama Kenichi. However, Kenichi manages to settle the matter peacefully, knowing the girl is Li Raichi, the girl he met before and sees she doesn't want to kill. With this, as well as the looming threat of Yami, the young fighter and his friends are found as targets as this evil comes foward.
S01E03 Beautiful Assassin 16/11/2012 Kenichi desires to learn his new strength. To help him Sakaki takes him on a side job for the police inspector, Honmaki, aginst the assassin Christopher Eclair.
S01E04 Beautiful Wings 18/09/2013
S01E05 Death God vs. Devil 18/09/2013
S01E06 The Warrior Who Came From Russia 18/11/2013
S01E07 Conviction Backed With Fists 18/11/2013
S01E08 The God of Destruction Under Guard 18/02/2014
S01E09 Wanting a Pseudonym at 18-Years Old 18/02/2014
S01E10 Prince of Tidat (1) 16/05/2014
S01E11 Prince of Tidat (2) 16/05/2014

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