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Okiura Kaname apprécie énormément la natation mais ne peut se baigner en raison d’un traumatisme qu’il a depuis le primaire où il avait failli se noyer. Cependant, son amour pour la discipline fait qu’il est devenu le manager du club de natation du lycée Umisho, entrainant entre autre Orizuka une future grande nageuse. L’ambiance du club va être chamboulée par l’arrivée de Ninagawa, une jeune fille au tempérament à la fois naïf et sauvage qui a pour habitude de vivre au milieu de l’océan avec son père. Etant donné qu’elle semble avoir des grandes capacités au niveau de la natation, Orizuka veut se mesurer à elle et espère que sa venue pourra rehausser le niveau du club lors des futures compétitions. Alors qu’Okiura essaiera d’apprendre les règles des courses de natation à Ninagawa, cette dernière tentera de lui faire oublier son traumatisme afin qu’il puisse reprendre du plaisir à nager.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho

S01E01 Churaumi 04/07/2007 This introduces the characters and the setting. On the beach, Momoko Orizuka and Kaname Okiura are relaxing when a houseboat comes in. On that houseboat is Amuro Ninagawa. She is holding a three-foot long shark in her hand. She comes in and offers the shark to Momoko. Momoko refuses, saying she doesn't like a dead shark. Amuro says the shark is still alive. It then springs to life in Amuro's hand and tries to bite Momoko, but ends up tearing Momoko's bikini top off.
S01E02 I might be... Interested... 11/07/2007 Amuro is introduced to the swim team. Captain welcomes the newcomer by throwing a shaving party. Swim practice is show to be, at best, unproductive. On the way home that day, Amuro discovers a new local celebrity by accident.
S01E03 I'll show you!!! 18/07/2007 The team attends the local swim competition and ends up in last place. The team captain can't concentrate on the swim meet that they're at because his father's restaurant is in financial trouble. To help his family out, Amuro and the other swim team girls spend a few days serving customers wearing only aprons and swimsuits. Naturally, this attracts a lot of men.
S01E04 I'm going to show you 25/07/2007 After the team's poor showing at the Tri-Meet, vice-captain Orizuka decides that what the team needs to succeed is teamwork, and a training camp is just the thing. Typically, the training itself starts out like just another practice with much goofing-off and little actual practice.
S01E05 Do you want mine, too? 01/08/2007 With their houseraft wrecked by the storm, Amuro and her father are invited by Kaname's parents to stay at their house until repairs can be made. While initially interested in having a girl living at his place, Kaname soon becomes infuriated at Amuro's lack of understanding about privacy and her total lack of modesty.
S01E06 No Way! 08/08/2007 The Ninogawa houseraft reconstruction is proceeding smoothly. On the way to school, Amuro meets Maaya Nanako, a model and competitive swimmer. They are soon surrounded by a crowd which includes Kaname, who apparently was childhood friends with Maaya. She has transferred to Umishou and will be on the swim team.
S01E07 Curse 15/08/2007 There's only one week left until the Prefectural swim tournament. But there's a problem; Amuro has lost one of the "X"s she wears on her head. Given to her by her grandmother, Amuro was warned that she was to wear them all the time and Amuro would be cursed if they were lost.
S01E08 Take a good look 22/08/2007 The Prefectural tournament is the next day. Orizuka orders the team to have a good rest in preparation, and the team breaks for the day. On the day of the tournament, Orizuka is challenged by her old rival Nanjou Karena from Shinomiya University High School who has bested Orizuka at all their previous meetings.
S01E09 Help me forget... 29/08/2007 The Umishou team had a good showing at the Prefectural tournament, with seven swimmers progressing to the Kantou tournament. However, Orizuka is forced to go to the student council to have the swim team's budget increased for the trip.
S01E10 Chest Massage? 05/09/2007 It's the summer festival and the team is there. Maki Ikuta and Maaya Nanako are in the women's room. Maki tells Maaya that she heard that massaging the breast will make it grow. Mutual groping ensues.
S01E11 Could it be... 12/09/2007 It's a week to the Kantou tournament. Maaya gives the team an idea: if they win, Kaname is to do anything the swimmers tell him to do because, after all, "managers have it easy". While initially reluctant, Kaname eventually agrees as it will help with team morale.
S01E12 Oma Oma ~ 19/09/2007 It's the Kantou prefecture swimming tournament, and the Umisho swim club is there. After doing poorly in the preliminaries due to a bet, the girl's team pours things on in the middle. In the relay race, the team discovers another team is cheating when they use a song to help the swimmer along.
S01E13 Mermaid 26/09/2007 Amuro gets chosen to replace Momoko in the relay squad. Masa attempts to replace Momoko by dressing in drag, but the team tells him no. The rest of the races are run.
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