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Kenny is a tiger shark who has found himself in the strange position of being a family pet. Kenny has all the characteristics and instincts of any other tiger shark, but he must adapt himself to the placid ways of suburban family life. If not, he'll be put back out to sea, which would mean giving up his best friend Kat. And that would be unthinkable! Kenny is about an 8-foot, 1,500-pound tiger shark who lives with 10-year-old Kay and her family in the suburbs. Her parents are tolerant of Kenny, but he's big and smelly. Luckily, Kat speaks shark, so she tries to reason with Kenny when he wants to eat the mail or mail carrier. If Kenny can't adapt to life under a roof, he'll have to go back to the sea. Kat learns that living with a shark isn't that easy since they eat everything, they never sleep and they constantly shed their teeth. To stay best friends with, Kenny must fight his natural carvings, making do with imitation seal flakes and resisting the desire to eat Kat's baby brother, w


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Kenny the Shark

S01E01 Simply Irresistible / Special Delivery 00/00/0000 Simply Irrestible: Grace, Kat's mother brings home a patient who is afraid of sharks. Kat uses real shark facts to try and ease his fears. Kenny is invited to meet the patient, but decides to eat him instead. Kat decides to take Kenny to the vet, who decides to give him a muzzle. But Kat knows thats not the best solution. Kat's patient is always being attacked by mosquitoes. It dawn's Kat that there is something that makes him attracted to sharks. When Kat does a little detective work she finds out that he feeds seals. Special Delivery:Kat gives an oral science report on her favorite pet Kenny. When she gets home, her father looks for a gift, only to find out Kenny ate it. Using some real facts, Kat tries to get Kenny to eat so much that he'll toss up the gift. But when that doesn't work, she tries to use other methods.
S01E02 Kid's Menu / Will Work for Chum 00/00/0000 Kid's Menu:Kat tries to hypnotize herself so she won't forget to renew Kenny's shark tags. But instead she forgets to feed Kenny. Will Work for Chum:Kenny decides to become a mascot for the local hockey team to pay for his food bills, but when the crowd finds out Kenny is a real shark, things go crazy.
S01E03 I Love the Night Life / Dolphin for a Day 00/00/0000 I Love the Night Life: Kenny can't sleep and convinces Kat to sneak out and hit the town; how will Kat stay awake night after night? Dolphin for a Day: A retired shark hunter moves into the neighborhood, so Kat disguises Kenny in a dolphin suit to protect him.
S01E04 Three Days of the Parrot / My Old School 00/00/0000 Three Days of the Parrot: Kat finds a lost parrot and decides to bring it home so when she does she gives 100% attention on the parrot. Soon Kenny gets jelous of the parrot so they get into a big fight and when they do they cause a big mess , and Kat gets the blame for it. But Kenny and the parrot finaly come to their senses and clean the mess themselves and later The Parrots owner comes to Kats house to get back the Parrot. My Old School: Kenny's shark friend Dan comes for an uninvited visit. Dan is turned away, but he threatens to tell Kenny's big secret to Kat if he can't stay.
S01E05 Bill Me Later / Catscratch Fever 00/00/0000 Bill Me Later: Kenny joins a mail-order meat-of-the-day club after he promises not to steal food, but who's going to pay the bill? Catscratch Fever: Kat faces trouble from three popular girls named Phoebe make fun of her. Oh, how they change their tune when they realize Kat has a scary pet shark!
S01E06 Kenny the Veggie/ Watching Karl 00/00/0000 Kenny the Veggie: Kat asks Kenny to be a vegetarian with her, but how long can Kenny eat tofu when sharks are meant to eat meat? Tune in to ""Kenny the Veggie"" and find out! Watching Karl: Watching Karl takes a fin-raising turn when baby brother Karl crawls off when Kat leaves him alone with Kenny for a few minutes. Kat and Kenny must catch Karl before Mom and Dad return.
S01E07 The Checkup / Naughty, Naughty Kenny 00/00/0000 The Checkup: During The Checkup Kat's dentist, Dr. Flossmore, mistakes Kenny for Kat. Kat doesn't correct him; now Kenny has to return for more dental work! Naughty, Naughty Kenny: Kenny hijacks a fish truck. Now he has to attend Miss Hattie's Obedience School, but Miss Hattie isn't as nice as she seems.
S01E08 Pet Tricks / Who Framed Kenny the Shark? 00/00/0000 Pet Tricks: Kat coaches Kenny for the show American Pet Idol and tries to discover Kenny's super talent. But Kenny's not sure he has one! Who Framed Kenny the Shark?: Kenny is accused of food thefts all over the neighborhood, only this time he's innocent. The question is ""Who Framed Kenny the Shark?""
S01E09 Three to Tango / Ball of Contention 00/00/0000 Three to Tango: Kat's new art lessons leave no time for Kenny, who befriends a strange fish, Robbie the Remora, in order to make Kat jealous. Ball of Contention: Kenny steals Oscar's soccer ball but loses it. Will Kenny get out of this mess?¿
S01E10 He's Gotta Have It / Kat and the Sax 00/00/0000 He's Gotta Have It: It's Kennys birthday and Kat decides to give sushi for a birthday preasent but now Kenny is addicted to it. Kat and the Sax: Kenny's supersensitive shark hearing can't take the screeching when Kat learns to play the saxophone, but he doesn't have the heart to tell her.
S01E11 Trash Talking / Kenny in Love 00/00/0000 Trash Talking: Two sneaky little racoons keep on messing with the garbage cans. So Kenny volunteers to stop them. But, they keep pulling tricks on him. Kenny in Love: Kenny is in love! He falls for a bull shark named Elly she lives at the aquarium. But Elly isn't impressed by Kenny's attempts to win her heart.
S01E12 Fish Tale / Father's Day 00/00/0000 Fish Tale: Dad, a hopeless fisherman, is challenged to a bass derby by two jerks. Kat finds a fishing master to help train him. Father's Day: It's Father's Day and Kenny wants to give dad the perfect gift. But when he try's he might ruin the day for everyone.
S01E13 Family Vacation / Gentle Ken 00/00/0000 Gentle Ken: A bear has escaped the zoo. So Kenny becomes Kat's bodyguard. And there is one more thing when Kenny trys to protect Kat it causes trouble. Family Vacation: After feigning illness the kennel kicks Kenny out and the family has to take him along on their trip.
S02E01 Kenny the Hero / Whaling on Kenny 00/00/0000 Kenny the Hero: Kenny tries to prove himself to Kat. Whaling on Kenny: Kat sees opportunity for Kenny to make a new friend.
S02E02 His Fate Is Sealed / Surf's Up 00/00/0000
S02E03 Regime Change / Boy Trouble 00/00/0000 Boy Trouble: Kenny is jelous when Kat has a crus on their paper-boy. Regime Change: Kat tries to put Kenny in shape.
S02E04 Kenny-napped! / Kenny the Dad 00/00/0000 Kenny-napped! A rich kid wants Kenny to join his animal collection. Kenny the Dad: Kenny & Kat become unwitting parents.
S02E05 Kenny the Movie / Goodbye Ol' Chum 00/00/0000 Kenny the Movie: Kat and Kenny set out to prove that tiger sharks are king of the sea. Goodbye Ol' Chum: Kenny decides to join a traveling carnival show.
S02E06 Shark Shrunk / Kenny the Star 00/00/0000 Shark Shrunk: Kat is trying to find out why Kenny has mischievous behavior. Kenny the Star: Kenny joins Kat's school production.
S02E07 Ocean's Three / Antiques Roadshark 00/00/0000 Ocean's Three: Kat & Kenny try to save the fish from the Tiburon aquarium. Antiques Roadshark: An antique show comes to Tiburon.
S02E08 How To Succeed in Business/ Mr. Popularity 00/00/0000 How To Succeed in Business: Kat is trying to help her father solve his financial problems. Mr. Popularity: Kat & Kenny try to save some girls from a shark.
S02E09 Over the Ocean/A Dog's Life 00/00/0000 Over the Ocean: Kat and Kenny solve Captain Ahearn's sleepwalking problem. A Dog's Life: Kat enters Kenny in a dog show.
S02E10 Nobody Move/Seasick 00/00/0000 Nobody Move: Kat's parents decide it is time to move to a bigger house. Seasick: One of Kenny's friends tries to take over his life.
S02E11 Scaredy-shark/Kenny the Rock Star 00/00/0000 Scaredy-Shark: A ghost from Kenny's past comes back to haunt him. Kenny the Rock Star: Kat enlists Kenny to help her win a talent competition.
S02E12 Revenge of the Shark Nerd/Bed and Breakfast 00/00/0000 Revenge of the Shark Nerd: Kat and Kenny meet a shark enthusiast. Bed and Breakfast: Kenny believes he accidentally ate one of Kat's friends.
S02E13 Lawn Shark/All You Can Eat 00/00/0000

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