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Based on the short stories of legendary SF writer Hoshi Shin'ichi, who wrote over 1000 short stories. Each episode is two minutes long, and Seiichi Yamamoto is providing the music. "Kimagure Robot" was sponsored by Yahoo! and released free on Yahoo! Japan's portal. If successful, the studio hopes to be able to make at least 100 episodes - possibly even 200, depending on the response. After the first ten episodes, the rest of the episodes would be produced not only by Studio 4°C but also by various artists from around the world, so that the series is in fact intended to eventually become a sort of showcase of a variety of animation techniques and styles, like a sci-fi version of Nihon Mukashibanashi.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Kimagure Robot

S01E01 Capricious Robot 22/12/2004
S01E02 Incident at Night 22/12/2004
S01E03 Three Wishes 22/12/2004
S01E04 Sleepy Robot 22/12/2004
S01E05 Civilization's Emissary 22/12/2004
S01E06 Mysterious Robot 22/12/2004
S01E07 Spycatcher 22/12/2004
S01E08 Beware of Fire 22/12/2004
S01E09 The Purpose of Invasion 22/12/2004
S01E10 The Drug 22/12/2004

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