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This is the classic tale of Kimba, the white lion, destined to be the King of the African jungle. Orphaned shortly after his birth, Kimba quickly shows his potential to be one of the greatest leaders the jungle has ever seen. Striving to accomplish the goals of his great father, Caesar, he dreams of convincing the animal kingdom to become just as civilized as the human world. Ultimately, he desires to bring the two cultures together in peace.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Kimba the White Lion

S01E01 La naissance de Léo 06/10/1965 Kimba's father,Caesar, wants Kimba to live in a world where animals and humans live in harmony. He hopes Kimba will rule justly when the time comes to succeed him.Sadly,Kimba grows up too soon when hunters descend on the village and destroyed the family.Only young Kimba survives and now he must assume the throne and it's tremendous responsibilities.
S01E02 Le vent du désert 13/10/1965 The second installment finds Kimba in the hands of his captors who are secretly arms runners. A double agent named James Brawn helps Kimba escape his captors and return to his jungle home. While Kimba is gone his father's enemy Claw has ruled the jungle with terror and it's up to Kimba to regain his father's throne and find peace in the jungle once more.
S01E03 L'école des animaux 20/10/1965 Kimba and his friends encounter two more humans. This leads to an unpleasant situation for Kimba's friend Geraldine Giraffe who gets injured while running away. Kimba seeks out his new human friend Roger to help Geraldine and learns to speak the human language. With Roger's help Kimba starts a school to teach fellow animals to speak human. Not all the animals are willing to change the laws of the jungle and plot to rid the jungle of this new threat of their old ways.
S01E04 Les chasseurs 27/10/1965 Kimba's belief that all animals should live in harmony is tested when Samson, an old friend of Kimba's father turns up to visit. When Samson ridicules Kimba, it is his old friends Dan'l Baboon and Pauley Cracker to the rescue. Knowing Kimba's desire to speak with his deceased father Dan'l and Pauley scheme together and dress as Caesar's ghost who has come to guide Kimba back to his friends with some beyond-the-grave advice. When hunters invade the jungle it is Kimba who unites the animals to work together to keep their home safe. When they work together to bring peace to the jungle, Samson is forced to admit that maybe Kimba's ways are the right way after all.
S01E05 La promesse 03/11/1965 Kimba's friendship is tested when Speedy Cheetah accuses Kimba's father for killing his grandfather,Quasimodo. Kimba tells Speedy the real story and has proof that Speedy's grandfather is still alive and living in Paris,France. Speedy has his doubts until Kimba takes all the animals to Paris to see The World's Fair and Speedy's grandfather.
S01E06 La sécheresse 10/11/1965 The animals food reserve has been compromised by a thief. It is up to Kimba to find out who is threatening their crops and is compromising his friendships.
S01E07 La zizanie 17/11/1965 KImba has to try and save his reputation from his enemy Claw, who is trying to make Kimba's friends doubt Kimba and his ruling of the jungle.
S01E08 Le nuage fou 24/11/1965 Kimba has lofty ideas of changing the animals from eating smaller species to becoming vegetarians. Not all the animals are willing to wait for the crops to grow and Kimba has to stand his ground and find an alternative that is just as tasty.
S01E09 Le tigre volant 01/12/1965 Kimba asks Professor Madcap for help with an unusual request. He wants to become a flying lion to fight a flying tiger on equal terms. But fooling with natures natural order of things may cause Kimba to lose his throne.
S01E10 La menace venue du ciel 08/12/1965 Kimba fears for Kitty's safety after having a dream that she is in danger. Thinking that his presence will keep her safe, Kimba learns that things really aren't as they seem.
S01E11 La réserve 15/12/1965 Tonga decreed that a hunting party would take place and the target is Kimba. With three contestants who each have something unique to bring to the hunt,Kimba proves that to catch this lion, they would have to fight with a battle of brains first.
S01E12 Une question de survie 22/12/1965 The animals know to fear the Hunting Ground, the one place that is the least safe on the Savanna. It is here that hunters gather to prey on hapless animals and the hunters are running low on game. Kimba fears it will be he and his friends who will be next on the hunters list.
S01E13 La chorale de la jungle 29/12/1965 Kimba's instincts are to seek revenge on those who destroyed his family. He knows that in doing so, it will not bring them back and he fights the fear and the need to do to them what they did to his parents. Will his fathers wisdom and goodness prevail?
S01E14 L'histoire du Dieu lion 05/01/1966 King Specklerex is envious of Kimba and he is taking his hatred out on the young lion by casting doubt on Kimba's own lineage. This is a problem that Kimba must turn to a human friend to resolve.
S01E15 La valse des oeufs 12/01/1966 When the eggs gathered by the animals are in the way while cleaning,a well meaning friend places them in a safe place. It seems it may not be safe after all and a whole generation of birds may be in peril.
S01E16 La rivière en feu 19/01/1966 When Gruff,the jungle's alligator happens across an unusual suitcase full of diamonds,the animals embrace the prospect that someone may come looking for them and they may bring danger to all the animals safety.
S01E17 Le serpent bleu 26/01/1966 A mysterious ailment falls upon the animals causing them all to fall asleep. When Kimba realizes what is happening he turns to the one animal that they all have shunned in the past. Kimba must learn to work with an enemy to preserve all their lives and make the jungle safe once more.
S01E18 La médaille de Tim 02/02/1966 Kimba and his friends must find their friend Gargoyle who has run away,convinced that he is too ugly to live with other animals. But first they must show the warthog that he is cherished as a friend and his return to the jungle is needed by all.
S01E19 Une randonnée en safarimobile 09/02/1966 Kimba's rival Claw is up to no good once more. He is trying to lure Kimba far from the safety of the jungle and his friends. Speedy Cheetah tries to warn his friend Kimba of this danger but is gravely injured.Once again it is a human friend to the rescue.
S01E20 Le restaurant de Koko 16/02/1966 When the animals squabble over food Kimba decides that an animal restaurant would be a solution to their food problems. Unfortunately for Kimba it poses even more obstacles and he is in the middle of even more difficulties than before.
S01E21 Le retour de Sandy 23/02/1966 Dan'l Baboon has a visitor from his past and they are seeking revenge for a battle from days gone by. But Dan'l isn't as young as he used to be and he just may have to rely on Kimba's help to be able fight again.
S01E22 Le vieux sage 02/03/1966 When the animals are all stricken with Stony Mountain Speckled Fever, Kimba must make a dangerous trek to visit an ancient sheep who has the only known cure. The task to retrieve this antidote is filled with danger and if Kimba wants to save his friends he must pass a test of his own survival first.
S01E23 Le monstre 09/03/1966 Something strange has landed in the jungle and it seems that Dan' l Baboon is the only one to have noticed it. As things start to become even more strange, Kimba too begins to see something is wrong. Could it be the mysterious meteor that landed in the jungle?
S01E24 La sorcière 16/03/1966 The evil Claw is once again up to his old tricks to steal Kimba's throne. This time he enlists the help of Gypsy who is a master of poisonous potions. If taken, Kimba will need the help of someone who has his equal knowledge and strengths to save his life and the Kingdom from Claw's grasp .
S01E25 Sandy le petit éléphant 23/03/1966 Mr. Pompous has a plan to have Roger leave the jungle under the belief that the preserve no longer needs his protection. Without Roger's watchful eye the animals are fair game for Mr. Pompous and his hunter friends. Will Kimba be able to protect his friends while awaiting Roger's return?
S01E26 La viande végétale 30/03/1966 Claw and Cassius are stirring up the other animals who are tired of eating only insects and vegetables. It is Calvin Hottage and Kimba who search for the ultimate meat substitute and hopefully everyone can be happy again.
S01E27 Louis le caméléon 06/04/1966 Small and low on the food chain, it is Newton who has taken to making up big stories and spreading them around the jungle.To the dismay of the other animals,Kimba befriends Newton. Newton's many lies are catching up fast and no one wants to believe him when he needs help. Can Kimba convince his friends to help Newton now that he really needs help?
S01E28 Un ami encombrant 13/04/1966 Kimba has to figure out why Wiley Wildcat is making trouble, especially for his friend Dan'l Baboon and his diner. Kimba resolves to stop him but discovers Wiley just may have had a good reason for acting the way he has.
S01E29 La plante maléfique 20/04/1966 Dr Spee's experiment with some flowers goes awry and anyone who smells the strange flower is beset with horrible nightmares. The animals are unsure what is a nightmare and what is reality.
S01E30 La poursuite 27/04/1966 KItty's uncle Specklerex comes for a visit and challenges Kimba to a series of contests to prove he is worthy of his heritage.
S01E31 La grotte fantôme 04/05/1966 Kimba makes a journey to the legendary city made entirely of gold. After learning of his nemesis friends,Tom and Tab, have gotten themselves lost, Kimba undertakes the dangerous mission to the city which was buried by massive earthquakes to find them. Kimba faces incredible dangers to save the pair of hyenas from a certain death.
S01E32 Le dernier chasseur 11/05/1966 Seymour Hart is a ranger on a wild life preserve that is believed to be a safe place for animals. His job in protecting the animals is in trouble when poachers invade and Seymour is gravely injured. Bucky and Pauley Cracker allow themselves to be captured by hunters in hopes of finding the location of the poachers leader and ridding the preserve of the hunters once and for all.
S01E33 Fuk l'hippopotame 18/04/1966 When Harold Heron mysteriously disappears during a violent storm the animals accuse Clunker, the new Hippo, of being responsible. Kimba must visit Clunker's past and prove why he believes in Clunkers innocence.
S01E34 Le retour de la panthère noire 25/05/1966 The jungle animals want to start their very own amusement park which proves to be a daunting task. While undertaking the construction of the amusement park Kimba has to contend with his father's arch enemy Claw. To help in his war with Kimba, Claw has help from Cassius, the black panther and the hyenas Tom and Tab. When Kimba defeats Claw in a battle he is given permission from Claw to destroy Cassius. Kimba must chose whether he wants to follow the traditional law of the jungle, or declare peace instead.
S01E35 Le piège 01/06/1966 Claw sabotages Kimba's new amusement park in retaliation for building it on his hunting territory. Kimba is seriously injured when the roller coaster is tampered with and Claw has help with Cassius,Tom and Tab to turn Kimba's friends against him.
S01E36 La vallée perdue 08/06/1966 Kimba discovers Colosso, the last survivor of a race of giant birds, after rescuing Charlie and Harley Cheetah from Petrified Valley. Colosso is invited to Kimba's jungle but can't fit in.
S01E37 La guerre de l'eau 15/06/1966 An ancient well has a message for everyone, from ancient human history to the current hippopotamuses who claim it... while the animals' farm is in desperate need of water during the current drought.
S01E38 Un caractère volcanique 22/06/1966 While Kimba takes the children at school on a field trip to Volcano Island, Boss Rhino is busy there trying to make way for a female rhino that's about to give birth. Boss Rhino demands that Kimba leaves, but when Kimba refuses, he is forced to accept Boss Rhino's challenge to a match. The two fight, and both end up equally injured. Neither of them wanting to give up, they both agree to "postpone" the match the other has recovered enough to fight. Though they refuse to admit it, it was a draw. Soon the baby rhino is born, but when the volcano erupts, Kimba and Boss Rhino must set aside their differences and work together to save everyone.
S01E39 La horde sauvage 29/06/1966 When a heard of antelope start stampeding, Kimba discovers that they are doomed to head straight into a lake. As punishment for assuring the others the farm wouldn't get damaged when it did, Bucky goes off to get the antelope to come back and fix the mess. However, he soon gets caught in the middle, and all of the animals try to save him. Though they succeed in rescuing him, Bucky is outraged that they couldn't stop the antelope. As Kimba realizes that he can't possibly save them all, he breaks down, and loses all confidence in himself, proving he is still a kid. Can the other animals get Kimba to snap out of it and even try to rescue them, even knowing that that he can't save them all?
S01E40 Un vrai pot de colle 06/07/1966 Kimba meets a young ostrich named Benny, who only wants to hang out with Kimba. However, Benny's uncle, known as Big Ben, disapproves of this action, and always causes problems. Though Kimba tries and tries to shake the ostrich away from him, he just can't seem to get rid of him, causing trouble for Kimba. When Benny gets hurt, Big Ben grows furious and demands that Kimba returns to the jungle. When Benny follows Kimba even there, the animals must get him back to Big Ben before they get in even more trouble.
S01E41 Les Dieux de la mort 13/07/1966 With the appearance of the Devil Wind at the sunset, the Destroyers from the Desert show up. They instantly beat up Kimba and force all of the animals to obey them. Daniel knows the truth though, he knows that once their is no moe food left, the destroyers will eat all of the animals. Against Daniel's orders, Pauley begins training Kimba in a new art of fighting to defeat them. The animals all flee the forest, and Daniel refuses to let Kimba fight. However, three children were left behind, and are now on the menu. Pauley tries to save them, but is easily beaten. With no other option, Kimba prepares to take them on again. Will his new technique allow him to defeat these three powerful foes?
S01E42 Le message 20/07/1966 After stopping Tom and Tab from stealing some humans' balloon, Kimba discovers Dot, Dash, and Dinky playing in it. Despite knowing not to, Kimba joins in the fun, and the balloon is accidentally started up. The four are awestruck by the view, and enjoy themselves. Meanwhile, the humans have realized the balloon has been taken, and they want it shot down. The bad news is, Kimba and the others don't know how to land it. Even worse...there's a bomb attached to it!
S01E43 L'ours en colère 27/07/1966 A "chimera" from the Atlas Mountains is terrifying a peaceful little village by appearing in the middle of the night and stealing cattle. Kimba is called for aid; the monster turns out to be a bear and her cub.
S01E44 La vallée de l'arc-en-ciel 03/08/1966 Roger Ranger is taken captive by the elephants when he asks them for passage through their graveyard to get to a place known as Rainbow Valley. If Kimba wants him back, he and a few other animals must swim in a swamp, where if you stop moving you'll drown, for 10 days without stopping for anything. While doing this, Kimba recaps the events of how he first met Roger Ranger long ago.
S01E45 La montagne blanche 10/08/1966 Tonga once again tries capturing Kimba, this time through the use of tanks disguised as Hippos. Her plan soon fails, thanks to Roger, and she flees. When Pompus is taken captive by Tonga, Roger sets out alone to save him, but he is also captured. Tonga prepares for another invasion, while Kimba prepares the animals for war. Meanwhile, Roger becomes convinced that Tonga is Mary, and tries to think of a way to make her remember him.
S01E46 Un retour embarassant 17/08/1966 While Kimba and some of the other animals are playing a game, a car drives up and Kimba and the others hide. To their surprise, the human woman in the car calls for a cheetah named Prancy to hop out of the car. The lady tells Prancy that she's too big to keep now, so she brought her back to where she was found. The car drives off and Prancy finds Speedy stuck in the ground. Prancy recognizes him to be her little brother. Speedy is glad to see her sister again, but when all of the animals start swooning over her, he becomes a little bitter. Kimba even starts to like her a bit. Hoever, when ants soon attack the jungle, everyone is forced to flee. But, when Speedy ends up being left behind, Kimba refuses to go since Speedy "deserved" it. After all of the animals become furious with him, and after realizing how much his friend means to him, Kimba sets off to save Speedy. But, can he do it alone?
S01E47 Les araignées géantes 24/08/1966 A giant spider threatens the jungle, and not even Kimba can defeat it. Regardless, Kimba seems to be the only one who can stop the menace. However, when Kimba gets bit by a tsetse fly, he becomes very ill and has a hard time distinguishing friend from foe. With Kimba unable to help, Daniel Baboon devises a plan to defeat the spider once and for all. But, can they really do it without Kimba's help?
S01E48 Les fleurs rouges 31/08/1966 Wildfires in the surrounding area leave a herd of elephants without food. Kimba brings them to his jungle, where the resident elephants resent sharing their food. Kelly Funt imprisons Kimba in an old tower, which becomes the inspiration for protecting their own jungle from the encroaching fire.
S01E49 L'arbre du soleil levant 07/09/1966 Dan'l receives a message from his old great great grand-uncle Scratch who wants help to save the oldest and tallest tree in the world, the "sun tree". Muffy, a young cousin of Dan'l's, resents their intrusion, because he's convinced the tree will die and wants all the animals living in it to save themselves by moving to a new home. Despite Kimba's and the animals' efforts, a storm blows over the old sun tree. But Kimba learns that life will renew itself.
S01E50 Otto, l'aventurier 14/09/1966 Kimba and a few other animals meet an otter named Flappo. Flappo is an otter who loves to explore the world. Curious, Kimba and the few animals join him on an adventure. However, before the journey's over, Kimba may the one who wants to quit.
S01E51 Le temple 21/09/1966 After a brutal storm damages the shrine, Kimba's sister, Leona, realizes that the hides of her ancestors are no longer safe. She enlists the help of Kimba to help her move them to a safe location. However, many hides are lost after Kimba's selfless actions save some of the animals helping out. Furious, Leona scolds him and goes off alone. Kimba too wants nothing to do with her anymore. One animal informs Kimba that Leona was captured by the four black leopards, but Kimba refuses to save her because she doesn't want his help. When a solar eclipse happens, all of the animals flee and refuse to talk to Kimba. Boss Rhino informs Kimba of an old superstition, and it's coming true because Kimba's already betrayed someone he loves. Realizing he can't just forget about his sister, he goes off to search for her. Can Kimba save Leona before the prophecy comes true? Can he and his sister make up and work together again?
S01E52 Le vieux lion 28/09/1966 Silvertail is an old renegade lion who stumbles out of the jungle needing Kimba's help in hiding out from his enemies. But Silvertail needs to learn to be less aggressive with the jungle residents before they will agree to help him.He must also ask to be forgiven in order to stay and live out the rest of his life with Kimba and his friends.
S02E01 La première aventure 05/10/1966 A story about spies and scientists. A boy is abandoned in Leo's jungle when his grandfather is kidnapped.
S02E02 La carte 12/10/1966 Leo gets the animals to report the dangers they encounter so that others may learn to avoid them.
S02E03 The Blue Lion 19/10/1966 Leo learns the reason a blue lion is so antagonistic.
S02E04 The Last Hunt of the Ahabi People 26/10/1966 A hunt for Leo results in him being temporarily blinded.
S02E05 Leo Becomes a Father 02/11/1966 Rune and Rukio are born to Leo and Lea. The best episode so far, as Leo decides that Rune needs some help to be up to the life that awaits him.
S02E06 The Mighty Gorilla 09/11/1966 A peaceful band of gorillas, dependent on a giant for their safety, seek a new home.
S02E07 The Golden Bow 16/11/1966 Two people, a father and son, are the last survivors of their tribe. Because they possess a golden bow, they are pursued throughout Africa.
S02E08 The Case of The Moonlight Stone 23/11/1966 The powerful moonstones are the quest in this spoof of James Bond movies.
S02E09 The Falcons 30/11/1966 A threatening flock of falcons invades Leo's jungle.
S02E10 Rick the Lycon 07/12/1966 An enemy of Leo's befriends Rune and Rukio.
S02E11 Panja's Hide 14/12/1966 Rune thinks he is protecting it when he places Panja's hide in a tree. It is spotted by men in a helicopter who take it to a city. The white lion skin is swapped about through lies and corruption while Leo and Rune try to get it back.
S02E12 The Poachers 21/12/1966 One of the strongest episodes of the entire Leo series, dealing powerfully with the harm done by poaching.
S02E13 Duel at Lubar Valley 29/12/1966 Leo becomes involved in a bizarre revenge match between a blind man and a leopard.
S02E14 Le tombeau de glace 04/01/1967 The mysterious mammoth reveals that other prehistoric creatures still exist as well.
S02E15 The Marked Giraffe 11/01/1967 A giraffe has strange markings which make it an outcast from its herd, and desired by hunters.
S02E16 Lily la panthère 18/01/1967 The trauma of a plane crash causes a woman's pet leopard to go wild.
S02E17 Les chutes du démon 25/01/1967 Leo reluctantly aids Totto (Cassius) the panther who, at the first opportunity, tries to kill Rune and Rukio. Leo's rage is so great that he inadvertently hurts Mandy (Dan'l).
S02E18 Le chemin de fer 01/02/1967 The obnoxious elephant, Bizo, must cooperate with Rune or both of them will die!
S02E19 La maison des animaux 08/02/1967 Rune gets the idea to build a stone castle as protection against disasters like fire.
S02E20 Le barrage 15/02/1967 The surrounding area is engulfed in an advancing flood. Leo finds that the cause of the flood is a new dam.
S02E21 La fièvre de l'or 22/02/1967 The hyenas, under an enormous Godfather-like leader, trap Leo into helping with a deadly plan.
S02E22 Le patriarche 01/03/1967 Thousands of hungry and thirsty elephants approach Leo's jungle. The resident herd of elephants does not want to allow them to live there.
S02E23 Le loup argenté 08/03/1967 A plane transporting Russian wolves crashes in the jungle. The wolves take Rukio prisoner as they try to find a way to survive.
S02E24 Bill et Julie 15/03/1967 Rune and Rukio help a blind buffalo.
S02E25 Les tâches maléfiques 22/03/1967 A spotted fever plague sweeps through the jungle, affecting most of the animals.
S02E26 La montagne de lune 29/03/1967 Leo accompanies an expedition to Mt. Moon to search for the moonlight stones, which can solve the world's energy shortage.

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