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This TV series is based on a mystery manga series of the same title about the crime solving adventures of a high school student, Hajime Kindaichi, the supposed grandson of the famous (fictional) private detective Kosuke Kindaichi.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo

S01E01 ???????? Ijinkan Village Murder Case 15/07/1995
S01E02 ??????? Hirenko Lake Murder Case 22/07/1995
S01E03 ????????? Opera House Murder Case 29/07/1995
S01E04 ??????? Treasure Isle Murder Case 05/08/1995
S01E05 ????????? No Noose is Good Noose Murder Case 19/08/1995
S01E06 ???????? Headless Samurai Murder Case 02/09/1995
S01E07 ???????? House of Wax Murder Case 09/09/1995
S01E08 ???????? ??? House of Wax Murder Case Final Episode 16/09/1995
S01E09 00/00/0000
S02E01 ???????? The Devil's Suite Murder Case 13/07/1996
S02E02 ?????????? Tarot Villa Murder Case 20/07/1996
S02E03 ?????????? ??? Tarot Villa Murder Case Final Episode 27/07/1996
S02E04 ???????? Young Kindaichi's Murders 03/08/1996
S02E05 ??????? Phantom Gentleman Thief Murder Case 10/08/1996
S02E06 ??????? ??? Phantom Gentleman Thief Murder Case Final Episode 17/08/1996
S02E07 ?????????? Foreigner House Hotel Murder Case 31/08/1996
S02E08 ??????? Graveyard Island Murder Case 07/09/1996
S02E09 ??????? ??? Graveyard Island Murder Case Final Episode 14/09/1996
S03E01 ???????? Ghost Ship Murder Case 14/07/2001
S03E02 ???????? ??? Ghost Ship Murder Case Final Chapter 21/07/2001
S03E03 ????????? French Silver Coins Murder Case 28/07/2001
S03E04 ??????? Black Butterfly of Death Murder Case 04/08/2001
S03E05 ??????? ??? Black Butterfly of Death Murder Case Final Chapter 11/08/2001
S03E06 ?????????? The Kidnapping of Reika Hayami Murder Case 25/08/2001
S03E07 ??????? Demon Dog Forest Murder Case 01/09/2001
S03E08 ????????? Russian Dolls Murder Case 08/09/2001
S03E09 ????????? ??? Russian Dolls Murder Case Final Chapter 15/09/2001
S00E01 ?????????? Academy's Seven Mysteries Murder Case 08/04/1995 At Fudo High, the principal receives threatening letters from someone called the "Afterschool Magician," who warns them to stop the plans to tear down the old school building. Scary rumours of students who died in the "Seven Mysteries of Fudo High" began to spread again, and it isn't long before Kindaichi and Miyuki gets involved when the Mystery Club asks them to help investigate. When the members of the Mystery Club turns up dead one by one and Miyuki also gets attacked, Kindaichi realizes that he must solve it before anymore people are killed.
S00E02 ????????? Snow Demon Legend Murder Case 30/12/1995 Kindaichi and Inspector Kenmochi are helping out with the filming of Shock TV, a reality show that pulls pranks to shock celebrities. The crew is filming at the house of a painter located in an area purportedly haunted by a legendary snow demon. These legends seemed come to life when an actress is murdered on television by the figure of a snow demon, to the horror of the cast.
S00E03 ?????? Legend of the Shanghai Mermaid 13/12/1997 Kindaichi is off on yet another case, this time in Shanghai. When the father of a Chinese friend of the young Kindaichi is murdered at the circus, it is up to the ever-resourceful and clever young high-school detective to solve the case. But hidden in the background is the 4000 year-old legend of the Shanghai Mermaid.
S00E04 ???????? The Magical Train Murder Case 25/03/2001 When the head of the touring magician’s group "Magical Fantasy?" is murdered on a train while on his way to Hokkaido, young Kindaichi, who also just happens to be on board, is fast on the case to find the culprit. But just as quickly as the case unfolds, the body disappears only to be rediscovered again, along with other new bodies
S00E05 ????????? The Vampire Legend Murder Case 24/09/2005
S00E06 ?????????? The Hong Kong Kowloon Treasure Murder Case 12/01/2013 Korean foreign exchange student Kim Yong-Dong (Seung-Ri) studies in Hong Kong and works part-time at a hotel. A murder then takes place in the hotel and Kim Yong-Dong is the prime suspect. Hajime Kindaichi (Ryosuke Yamada) works to uncover the truth.
S00E07 ??????? Gokumon Juku Satsujin Jiken 04/01/2014 A series of murders took place at a cram school's summer camp held in a rainforest in Malaysia. Can Kindaichi solve the murders posed to him by his eternal nemesis, Takatoh Yoichi, the "puppeteer from hell"?

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