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Set in the heart of one of the most famous locations in the world comes KINGS CROSS ER: St Vincent's Hospital, a captivating real life hospital drama premiering on Crime & Investigation Network. The fast-paced 10-part observational documentary series is filmed in one of the busiest emergency department in Australia, the world-class St Vincent's Hospital, just a stone's throw from the bustling CBD of Sydney as well as its entertainment hub, Kings Cross. Each 30 minute episode of KINGS CROSS ER: St Vincent's Hospital follows an extraordinary team doctors, nurses and specialist consultants, lead by the longest-serving Emergency Department director in Australia, Gordian Fulde, as they pull together to deal with the frenetic pace of Australia's most unique emergency ward. From performing life-saving surgery, to treating multiple stab wounds, gun shot injuries, alcohol-fuelled head traumas, drug overdoses, car crash casualties and everything inbetween, there's nothing this hi-calibre team cannot handle. The work is exhilarating and exhausting and the pace, relentless. It is often said that there is nothing that can make a St Vincent's ER doctor blush - they have literally seen it all. It is the ER's proximity to the heart of the city and to its darker side that provides both the sheer volume of cases and eye-opening reality for the most diverse patient population of any emergency department in the country. St Vincent's is the place where where James Packer landed when he was flung from his horse, where John Ibrahim was treated after he was stabbed, where Marianne Faithfull was treated after her overdose and where Kerry Packer came after his heart attack. Through its doors walk everyone from rock stars to celebrities, business moguls and the homeless – and all are in need of urgent care. KINGS CROSS ER: St Vincent's Hospital opens up a window into a world of medicine that is fascinating, challenging, uplifting an


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S01E01 Episode 1 02/02/2012 Heart Stabbing It’s emergency medicine at its toughest when all relevant staff are called to the resus bay for a Code Crimson trauma – the highest priority emergency. A young man has been stabbed in the heart at a nightclub in Potts Point and his body is shutting down as the paramedics bring him in. Racing against time to save his life, the Emergency Team are forced to perform a high-risk heart procedure in the trauma bay. Making the Tough Calls Dr Kate Sellors is a Senior Registrar who has been at St. Vincent’s for nine years. Despite having worked in emergency medicine for so long, she still finds some days to be emotionally challenging and gives us an insight into the best and most difficult aspects of working in one of the busiest emergency departments in the country. Midnight Cliff Fall The Emergency Team treat an intoxicated reveller who has mysteriously fallen 5 metres from a cliff while taking a midnight stroll after a beachside party. Complaining of severe pain in his leg and hip, the team need to investigate him thoroughly to discover the full extent of his injuries.
S01E02 Episode 2 09/02/2012 Party for One The Emergency Team must search for answers when a man is discovered alone and unconscious in a St. Vincent’s Hospital public toilet. With a visible injection site in his arm, they must work quickly to determine what and how much he’s taken in order to treat him. Melting Marathon Man It’s the day of Sydney’s annual marathon and St. Vincent’s Emergency is filling fast with race casualties. Dr Martin Duffy and Nurse Brendan Clifford face a time-critical situation with one man who has collapsed during the race and has a dangerously high temperature. The intense heat is causing the man’s body to shut down and he is at risk of serious brain damage if the Emergency Team can’t cool him down quickly enough. Heart Failure at the Finish Line The bat phone rings again with a 31 year-old runner who has collapsed after crossing the marathon finish line. His heart has stopped beating and he’s been clinically dead for 5 minutes. Miraculously, Paramedics managed to revive him. Then it’s down to the Emergency Team to stabilise the man and quickly investigate the cause of his heart failure. Dis-orientated Drunk It’s Saturday night in Kings Cross and Paramedics Jordan Emery and Michael Henry are called to a street near the local housing commission, where a man has fallen and is lying in a semi-conscious state. Reeking of alcohol and extremely disorientated, the Emergency Team examine him to learn the full extent of his injuries.
S01E03 Episode 3 16/02/2012 Saturday Night Stabbing It’s a crazy Saturday night at St. Vincent’s and Emergency staff are inundated. Professor Gordian Fulde and Nurse Carolyn Milton face another challenge with a young man who has been stabbed at a party in an affluent Sydney suburb. Still flying high on a cocktail of drugs and booze, he thinks he’s just been punched in the guts – but the reality of his injury is far more serious. Gordian’s Concerns St. Vincent’s Head of Emergency, Professor Gordian Fulde, reflects on the vicious nature of violent assaults that are becoming far too common in Kings Cross. Motorbike Fall Dr Kate Sellors is forced to perform life-saving surgery in the trauma bay when a 55 year-old man is brought in with a collapsed lung and cracked ribs after falling off his motorbike. Used to being a ‘jack of all trades’, it’s tricky procedures like these that fuel Kate’s love of emergency medicine. Compound Fracture Nurse Catherine Prothero and Dr. Ziad Basyouny deal with a happy drunk who fell down a gutter after a rowdy day at the pub with his brother. With a bone protruding from his ankle, it’s a painful injury, but the 63 year old is anaesthetized enough by the alcohol to take it all in his stride. Toothless Tiger Dr. Luis Winoto and Nurse Rachel MacFarlane treat a boozed up country lad who has face planted at a strip joint on his first trip to Kings Cross. Trauma dentist Dr. Foltyn works fast to restore the patient’s winning smile.
S01E04 Episode 4 23/02/2012 Cuffed and Cranky It’s all hands on deck in the trauma bay as team leader Dr. Andrew Finckh attempts to treat an aggressive partygoer who has stepped in front of a moving taxi on Oxford St. With a potentially serious head injury, police back-up is required every step of the way to control this combative patient who is resisting all efforts to help him. Not Just a Grazed Knee Nurse Karen Loring swings into action when a young rugby player from South Africa comes in with a larger-than-life knee laceration after tripping over a beer bottle while out drinking with his mates... but then mysteriously disappears. Chest Pain at Breakfast The Emergency Department bat phone goes off with a lady complaining of severe, central crushing chest pain. With all symptoms pointing to a heart attack, Registrar Dr. Kate Sellors must investigate the symptoms quickly to determine the seriousness of the situation. Out of his Mind Nurse Tim Ayers takes us through the dangers of recreational drug use as a 30 year old man who is flying high on the highly toxic street drug GHB is brought into the Emergency Department. Fighting for Life A fight on the street becomes a fight to save a life for Dr. Lee Blair and Nurse Justine Branch as a young assault victim is at risk of serious brain damage.
S01E05 Episode 5 01/03/2012 Roof Fall Dr. Ziad Basyouny and Nurse Tim Ayers treat an 89 year old man who has fallen 5 metres from his roof while attempting some ambitious household renovations. Despite severe pain in his right hip, the war veteran is determined to tough it out without pain relief and his stoic spirit does not go unnoticed. St. Vincent’s Nurses It takes a lot of multi-tasking to be a nurse in St. Vincent’s Emergency Department. We meet the friendly nursing staff who are essential to the smooth-running of the department. Tourist Trauma Nurse Brendan Clifford looks after a holidaymaker from the UK who has come to grief on the top deck of the City Sightseeing bus. A low-lying branch has left the woman with a deep laceration on the top of her head and it’s Brendan’s job to repair the damage. Halloween Horror It’s Halloween in Kings Cross and all the ghosts and ghouls are out to play. It spells a busy night for paramedics Matt Nichol and Suzanne Collinson who are called to the aid of one party girl who has consumed far more spirits than her tiny body can handle. Back in the ED, she’s just one of the many Halloween revellers who have ended up in a spot of trouble. Dr Gillian Edwards and Nurse Kathryn Prothero have their hands full dealing with one young man who has covered himself from head-to-toe in industrial strength, lead-based paint.
S01E06 Episode 6 08/03/2012 Stair Fall Dr Tim Stewart and the Emergency team work together to treat a 65 year old man who has been found at the base of a stairwell with his pupils blown and a critical head injury. The team presumes the injuries are a result of his fall, but there is much more to this case than it first appears. Juggling Cases On a busy morning in Emergency, Dr Andrew Finckh juggles two cases simultaneously. The first is a mystery trauma case that sees a young binge drinker brought in. He is struggling to breathe and has bruises on his body. The patient’s memory is vague so Andrew and Dr Michael White must investigate him thoroughly to learn exactly what has transpired. While he waits for results of scans, Andrew treats 80 year-old Geoffrey who has had a fall at his house while trying to walk to the kitchen for a cup of tea. Maggots Nurse Rachel MacFarlane deals with creepy crawlies in the corridor when a homeless man who has been found having a seizure is also discovered to have a seriously nasty maggot infestation in his foot. Drunken Matteo Paramedics Jordan Emery and Michael Henry mop up the mess at a local hostel where Italian backpacker Matteo has drunk so much vodka in a drinking competition that he is vomiting non-stop.
S01E07 Episode 7 15/03/2012 Pedestrian Versus Truck It’s all hands on deck in the resus bay as the Emergency team treat a man who has fallen in front of a moving truck during an alcohol-fuelled street brawl. Acting aggressively, yelling incoherently and resisting all attempts to help him, Registrar Dr Nikki Woods is concerned he may have a head injury. Learning The Ropes Registered Nurse Adele Mooney is a new addition to the St. Vincent’s Emergency team and is still learning the ropes. She faces another new challenge with a patient who has overdosed on the toxic party drug GHB. Emergency Services Detective Superintendent Mark Walton describes the unique characteristics of the Kings Cross catchment area and the close relationship between the Emergency Services. Vocal Chord Spasm The Emergency team deal with the very unusual case of a 24-year old woman who is unable to speak, yet cannot control the strange noise continuously coming from her vocal chords. Cardiac Crisis It’s a matter of life and death as the Emergency team treat a male patient who is having the worst kind of heart attack. He was brought back from the dead when his heart stopped for six minutes while he was at the town hall station.
S01E08 Episode 8 22/03/2012 Mystery Illness An unconscious young man is brought into the Emergency Department after suddenly collapsing while out to dinner with his girlfriend. With no clues as to what has gone wrong, Dr. Andrew Finckh and the Emergency team must investigate thoroughly to solve the puzzle of this man’s mystery condition. Ute Boys It’s double trouble in the resus bay when the Emergency team deal with two young men who have fallen from the back of a Ute while it was taking off at great speed. It’s a matter of tag-team treatment as the doctors examine the severity of their injuries. The Q Word The St. Vincent’s Emergency team explain the one word that they don’t like to use while they work. The Rule of Three It’s a bizarre day in the Emergency department as three patients present with stranger than usual medical complaints. First up is Natalie who has a very swollen ring finger after falling from a taxi and landing on her hand. With her wedding ring cutting off circulation fast, it’s a matter of losing the ring or losing the finger. Next door is Myra. She’s bitten through her lip after fainting at the sight of blood when she cut her finger while cooking dinner. And finally, there’s the ‘Elephant Man’ – normally known as Shaun. He has a larger-than-life injury after getting an elbow to the eye while dancing at a music festival.
S01E09 Episode 9 29/03/2012 A Messy Night Saturday nights in the city are always busy for ambulance paramedics Jordan Emery and Michael Henry as they run the regular party casualty shuttle between Kings Cross and St Vincent’s Emergency. Tonight is particularly messy with one young man falling into the dreaded ‘K –hole’ when he overdoses on Ketamine, while a foreign student gets viciously head butted during a messy street brawl. In the Family Kirsty and Jo Short are sisters who are a long way from home. Born and raised in rural England, older sister Kirsty paved the way for Jo by coming out to Australia to pursue a career in medicine. Scaffold Fall Registrar Dr David Darley treats a worker who has fallen from a five metre scaffold. The patient complains of severe pins and needles in both arms. He faces the risk of spinal damage or a bleed on the brain. Dr David Darley must diagnose the man quickly and get him the urgent treatment he needs. Polite Patient An English gentleman who is enjoying a night out with his girlfriend at a club in Kings Cross dislocates his knee on the dance floor. It’s a painful procedure getting it back into place, but even more painful for Neil is the prospect of offending any of the Emergency staff.
S01E10 Episode 10 05/04/2012 Centennial Cardiac A man falls off his bike after riding around Centennial Park. He collapses into the arms of a man who happens to be a doctor and performs life saving CPR. After arriving at St Vincent’s Emergency, the man’s heart responds normally. But what caused him to collapse – did he have a heart attack or a bleed on the brain? It’s a race against time to get answers. Sunday Slip-ups Sunday afternoons are always prone to accident cases for the ER team. Today, Dr Kate Sellors treats not one but two dislocated shoulders. One man put his shoulder out while swimming in a harbour pool while another severely injured his bowling arm during a cricket match. In the bay next door, Dr Rahul Santram treats a skateboard rider who has landed on his head at the skate park. The Boss Getting to know the Director of the Emergency Department Gordian Fulde – his unique take on Emergency Medicine and his philosophical approach to life and death. Pulp Fiction Rescue The movie “Pulp Fiction” has a lot to answer for with this case of a man who has overdosed on the party drug GHB. His helpful friends have managed to find some adrenaline and attempted to perform a DIY resuscitation by injecting it directly into his chest. Dr Tim has the difficult task of managing his airway while he remains unconscious.
S02E01 Episode 1 14/02/2013 The Catchment Area: The long serving Director of St. Vincent’s Emergency Department, Professor Gordian Fulde takes us through the diverse catchment area that the hospital serves. He discusses the unique mix of cases that come through the doors, courtesy of that infamous "naughty patch" of the city known as The Cross. Heart Stabbing: Emergency staff prepare for a once-in-a-career resuscitation case as Hip Hop singer and X-factor contestant, Jelal Edmonds is rushed in by paramedics after being stabbed in the heart during a fight outside a nightclub. In the ultimate, against-the-odds struggle to bring a young man back from the brink, St. Vincent’s doctors, nurses and specialists pull together to perform history-making open heart surgery in the resus bay.
S02E02 Episode 2 21/02/2013 The trauma team save a man who has had acid thrown over his neck and face during a brutal assault. Meanwhile, doctors treat a patient suffering from violent seizures which may have resulted in brain damage.
S02E03 Episode 3 28/02/2013 Police deliver a woman behaving bizarrely who has overdosed on drugs. Paramedics bring in a man suffering from chest pains and the Emergency Team save a patient suffering lacerations to his body.
S02E04 Episode 4 07/03/2013 Two homeless brothers are brought in after falling victim to a vicious attack. Then, a motorcyclist lands himself in the trauma bay after being T-boned by a taxi, and catapulted ten metres from his bike.
S02E05 Episode 5 14/03/2013 Kings Cross King Hit Its midnight on Saturday and the Kings Cross clubs are going full throttle. At St. Vincent’s, the trauma team prepare to treat a 35 year old man who is being brought in by paramedics after being king hit from behind during a marathon drinking session. Disorientated after losing consciousness for 2 minutes, emergency staff are concerned that he may have a bleed in the brain. The Human Caterpillar Over in triage, Registered Nurse Carolyn Milton has her hands full dealing with one young man who has overdosed on some kind of recreational drug. Seemingly unable to sit still, she’s worried he’ll cause even more damage to himself or others - and has to resort to a rather unusual measure to keep him out of harm’s way. Road Trauma Dr Irome Samarasinghe assembles a trauma team as ambulance officers bring in a 90 year old woman who has been in a serious car crash. After being pinned in her vehicle for 20 minutes, the woman has serious injuries to her lower body but is strangely feeling no pain. Registrar Dr Robbie McMahon leads emergency staff in solving this mystery...and the results are heartbreaking.
S02E06 Episode 6 21/03/2013 The doctors face a night of particularly unusual casualties, including the chef who sliced her own ankle, the bouncer who embedded a wine glass in his foot and the partygoer who claims he "fell off his dingo".
S02E07 Episode 7 28/03/2013 Doctors treat a construction worker who has a nail embedded directly into his skull. Later, a man rescued from a fire is suspected of also suffering from a drug overdose.
S02E08 Episode 8 04/04/2013 A car accident leaves a driver with chest injury and a spectacular laceration to his forehead and a troublesome dog lands a mother in the emergency room.
S02E09 Episode 9 11/04/2013 Paramedics bring in a man with stab wounds after being viciously attacked. Later, emergency staff treat a patient who has gone over the handle bar of his push bike and impaled his stomach on the brake.
S02E10 Episode 10 18/04/2014 Shopping Mall Overdose New face in Emergency, Dr Jessica Green treats a young man who was found behaving aggressively in a shopping mall. She suspects he may have overdosed on a number of drugs. But when a disturbing item is found in the man’s clothing, keeping both the patient and her staff safe, becomes a priority, Two Bucks and a Tenor Hot summer nights in the city draw party people to the entertainment precinct. This brings some weird and wonderful cases into St Vincents Emergency. Two young men have managed to make their bucks night unforgettable by injuring themselves in most unusual ways. Meanwhile, a professional singer discovers that the best pain relief can sometimes be an Italian love song. Action Jackson Head of St Vincents Emergency Professor Gordian Fulde treats 50 year-old car enthusiast and action man Graham Jackson who was trapped in his car after being cleaned up by a garbage truck. In this final episode of the series, Gordian has the last word on life in the busiest Emergency Department in the country.

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