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Humans are taking engineering to new heights and depths – which could only have been dreamed of - until now. The second series of 'Kings of Construction', profiles more of the most ambitious architectural projects of our time. This must see six part series tells the story of more of the most ambitious and ground-breaking large-scale 21st-century construction projects, from the first new Subway station in New York City since the beginning of the 20th century, to forging a tunnel through the previously impenetrable Hallandsas Ridge in Sweden. Viewers will learn about the projects, the obstacles, and the personalities behind the incredible visions.


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S01E01 Snohvit: Arctic Gas 00/00/0000 The construction of Europe's first liquefied natural gas plant, in the Spanish port of Cadiz
S01E02 El Cajon Dam, Mexico 00/00/0000 The building of the El Cajon dam on the Rio Grande, the largest current building project in Latin America. It had an original budget of $750 million and was inteded to supply two per cent of Mexico's electricity
S01E03 Tung Chung - Hong Kong's New Cable Car 00/00/0000 The construction of the Ngong Ping 360 - an advanced cable car on Hong Kong's mountainous Lantau Island that stretches for 5.8km over the South China Sea
S01E04 Dubai: The Ski Resort in the Desert 00/00/0000 Project Ski-Dubai, which built the seemingly impossible - an indoor Alpine resort in the middle of the desert. Rising from the Gulf emirate's sands, the 25-storey structure boasts runs up to 400 metres long with a fall of more than 60 metres
S01E05 The Woodrow Wilson Bridge, Washington DC 00/00/0000 The building of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, one of America's most ambitious engineering projects, which crosses the Potomac River in Washington, DC
S01E06 Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland 00/00/0000 A look at the Gotthard Base Tunnel project, which will create a rail link through the Alps and become the world's largest construction of its kind
S01E07 Building the Biggest: Rollercoasters 00/00/0000 Great Rollercoaster Race. Construction like never before. Delve into the lives of the men behind the biggest projects and experience the pure power of the machines involved.