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Demolition derby drivers in rural Utah compete with rivals for tiny purses and big bragging rights.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Kings of Crash

S01E01 To Have and Have Not in Kamas 10/02/2013 Racing against time, lack of money and ultimate destruction, the country's hardest hitting demolition derby drivers meet up for a clash of the titans in one of Utah's highest paying events.
S01E02 Man Down in Heber 17/02/2013 Drivers' bodies and egos are feeling the pain of derby season as the Sweat brothers clash over who is the maddest of MAD DOGS. One driver rolls his first car ever sending another off the field in an ambulance.
S01E03 Pushing the Grey in SLC 24/02/2013 The Mountain Guys clash with the Cityidiots over rules about their cars. The Days of Destruction Derby claims yet another driver, sending him out of the arena and off to the hospital.
S01E04 A Father and a Son in Davis 03/03/2013 Father/son duo, Johnny and Dalton Gullo, hatch a plan to drive with each other in the Main Event. Ryan and Katy Sweat clash with derby officials over disqualification. And Lazenby risks brain damage against doctor's orders..
S01E05 Redemption in Logan 12/03/2013 After a tough losing season for Mont Sweat, he puts everything he has into his car. Lazenby protects a newcomer to derby. Johnny and Dalton Gullo are called out for team driving while Katy and Ryan deal with "The Dickman Issue."
S01E06 A Proposal in Tooele 17/03/2013 Gumby and his fiance strike a deal on an ill-fated camping trip. Will it be enough for them to finally get engaged? After pushing himself to impress his dad, Lazenby blacks out in the derby. Katy fights with Ryan about driving with the men.
S01E07 Her Turn in Evanston 24/03/2013
S01E08 A Ghost in the Machine-Utah State 31/03/2013

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