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Mysterious giant robot easily defeating many powerfull robots from many countries. Whole world is wondering what country made him. Aside from those battles in far little kingdom 3 princesses living. And one of them has constructed her precious friend.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Kirameki Project

S01E01 Sparkling Gaze, Who can That Girl be...? (Part One) 24/06/2005
S01E02 Sparkling Gaze, Who can That Girl be...? (Part Two) 26/08/2005
S01E03 To Each her own Sparkle. A new Voyage 28/10/2005
S01E04 The old guy and the Young Girl. A Sparkling Close Encounter 23/12/2005
S01E05 Sparkle now! The First Star in Your Heart 24/02/2006

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