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Kitchen Casino ups the ante of cooking competitions, bringing together four talented chefs in a high-stakes game of chance that is all about skill, speed and adaptability. With one eye on the ticking clock, competitors have to outcook and outsmart their competition in three casino-themed challenges — slots, poker and roulette — for a chance to win a $30,000 jackpot. Chefs at the top of their game should be able to make magic with whatever Lady Luck puts in front of them, but these competitors will have to double-down on their skills or risk being eighty-sixed. Place your bets!


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S01E01 High Steaks 07/04/2014 Four chefs are excited to gamble on their skills but the slot machine proves to be difficult when a chef takes a chance with meatballs. In round two there are high stakes with flank steaks and a chef goes bust when the roulette wheel is just too much to handle. Chips are stacked high in the final round of poker and the chef with the best strategy for salami, rutabaga and fruit punch gets a chance to win $30,000 at the winner's wheel.
S01E02 Game of Bones 14/04/2014 Four talented chefs go all in when the slot machine comes up with a Caribbean-inspired breakfast dish, but the chips fall in the direction of an unlikely chef. It's anybody's game at the start of the Roulette challenge, but one chef stumps the rest and ends up a high roller. And, the final two chefs take a chance with poker where bone marrow and sardines are king.
S01E03 All In 21/04/2014 The fate of four chefs is challenged when the slot machine pairs coffee and Indian cuisine. Nothing's ever a safe bet when the roulette wheel spins and the remaining three chefs all start with the same ingredient — unbutchered lamb. In the final round, two chefs compete for the big win with one of the world's most decadent ingredients, all the while following the cardinal rule of poker: never show your hand.
S01E04 House of Cards 28/04/2014 Four chefs test their luck when the slot machine yields an unlikely combination of waffles and tailgating. All bets are off in the roulette round, when one chef suspects foul play with a short rib. In the poker round, it's hard to tell which chef is bluffing when the house deals an unusual ingredient — nopales cactus.
S01E05 High Risk, High Reward 11/05/2014 Four high-rolling chefs try their luck on the slot machine, but their culinary knowledge is challenged with a Mexican and marshmallow dish. Only three chefs will make it through to the roulette round where adaptability and luck are needed to make a catfish dish. And finally, the last two chefs standing bet the house in poker — and a chance to walk away with $30,000.
S01E06 Fear and Searing 18/05/2014 Four chefs are eager to show off their skills in the first round, but the slot machine presents some unforeseen challenges. In round two, the chefs gamble with their strategies when roulette raises the stakes with venison. With only two chefs left, and one $30,000 jackpot, the competition turns fierce and it's all about luck of the draw in poker.
S01E07 Aw Shucks 25/05/2014 Four chefs ante up in the kitchen, and the slot machine proves to be a challenge for a chef who attempts a savory pizza dish. In round two, chefs not only need luck to play chef roulette, but they also must shuck their own scallops. In the final round of poker, the two remaining chefs must decide to go sweet or savory with chicken liver, puff pastry and maraschino cherries.
S01E08 Kiss My Bass 01/06/2014 In round one, four chefs need all the luck they can get when the slot machine lands on coconut, Greek and backyard barbecue. In chef roulette, the three remaining chefs must make a bass their own. In the final round, the two remaining chefs gamble with strange dairy and exotic fruit in hopes of going to the winner's wheel for a $30,000 spin.

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