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When it comes to a kitchen, renovation can literally bring down the house. Homeowners want a showplace but often end up overwhelmed, out of money and frustrated with the process of overhauling their kitchen. On DIY Network's Kitchen Impossible, carpenter and electrician Marc Bartolomeo works with homeowners to achieve the kitchen they've always wanted. But getting the job done right can mean changing plans or ripping out existing construction. Our cameras are there to capture the twists and turns that come with home improvement. In the end, Marc shows homeowners that with a little work and ingenuity, getting their dream kitchen is never impossible.


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S01E01 Big Trouble and No Room for China 04/03/2009 Vernon & Nicole Davis learn the proper way to install a backsplash, get a tutorial on the templating & fabrication of countertops and completely open up the entire space by removing a load bearing wall.
S01E02 Single Girl Double Duty 06/03/2009 After a self-motivated demolition, Lea Bogdan learns the basics of electrical, plumbing and framing rough-ins and the not so expected problems that come along with them. Marc also helps her understand why a good foundation is so important.
S01E03 From Shaggy to Chic 18/03/2009 Mike & Jess Trout learn the process of removing an exterior wall and installing support beams, the importance of why and where we install soffits, and how to lay tile.
S01E04 More Than a Quick Fix 25/03/2009 After relocating into a historic home from the West Coast, Chris & Risako Robbins get some much needed help on finishing their kitchen. Layout is a huge problem with an old home that's not so ready for modern day appliances. And with Chris being so handy, Risako gets a crash course in a few of the basics including painting and mixing grout.
S01E05 Impossible Island 10/04/2009 Marc helps Mike & Theresa Cheshire get rid of a massive island that has been taking up most of their kitchen. They also finally get some much needed cabinets & learn about soapstone countertops. Hiding an eyesore of a radiator & installing a tile floor are also on the list quick tips for these hardworking homeowners.
S01E06 Outside the Box 06/05/2009 Marc helps the homeowners knock down a wall to open up the space more. He also creates a new exterior entrance into the kitchen by closing up the window. Updated electrical wiring, a new layout, and eclectic features like a brick accent wall, maple finish cabinets, and 12x12 porcelain tiles with 6x6 accent tiles for the floor creates a new open kitchen that Mike & Kristen have only dreamed of.
S01E07 Traditional Look Modern Methods 13/05/2009 Marc teaches sean some modern techniques to keep a traditional kitchen up to date. By creating a pass-through, adding a faux tin ceiling & some other architectural details such as wainscoting he's able to bring a new feel to a historic home just intime for Sean and Becky's new baby.
S01E08 Cool Craftsman Style 20/05/2009 Marc helps Dan & Barbara Brown join an outdated kitchen to a preexisting dining room to add some much needed space to their home. He also replaces a preexisting window and door into with a beautiful french style door.
S01E09 From Faux to Flashy 27/05/2009 Samantha knew at settlement of her new home it was going to require some real sprucing. Marc shows her the best way to get the kitchen she desires with some new flashy touches.
S01E10 The Little Kitchen That Wood 03/06/2009 With a new baby ready to start walking & talking Marc helps John & Danielle Rech finish tearing through layers of a 1970s kitchen and bring in some beautiful natural materials.
S01E11 The Price of Victory in a Victorian 10/06/2009 Greg has a history of accidents while renovating that makes Kathy weary of allowing him to work on their new kitchen. Marc teaches him the right way to make their kitchen a safe and friendly environment for their three kids just in time.
S01E12 Beyond the Open Range 17/06/2009 Marc teaches Chris & Aileen how to fit modern appliances into a retro style kitchen by expanding the kitchen into an adjacent room. Adding a large style island for entertaining, a new hardwood floor and some much needed lighting is also on the agenda.
S01E13 Good Housekeeping Magazine Episode 15/07/2009 Marc teams up with Good Housekeeping Magazine to help newlyweds Eric & Kathryn Hollenbeck have an up to date kitchen for their growing family. Hardwood floor and window install are explained as well as other features of the new appliances.
S02E01 Two-Tone Harmony 25/10/2009 Bill & Kirsten's 1980's kitchen is hanging on by a thread, some glue & some velcro. Marc helps them take their kitchen from dysfunctional to dazzling by adding some two-tone maple cabinets, quartz countertops and gorgeous oil rubbed bronze appliances.
S02E02 Refinishing Rescue 25/10/2009 Tom & Laura's kitchen isn't so much in need of a renovation as a rejuvenation. Marc teaches them the resourcefulness of refinishing cabinets and adding matching additions along with different tile layouts to save face and money.
S02E03 Modern Magic 30/10/2009 Glenn & Marni need help keeping an old style home up to speed with their lifestyle. Marc introduces them to some very sleek cabinets, new counter top materials and cutting edge appliances that create much needed functionality and usable space in their kitchen.
S02E04 Better Together 30/10/2009 Tim & Laura's kitchen is quite literally falling apart. Marc decides to help it along by tearing down a divider wall and creating a brand new kitchen in a much larger space. A breakfast bar, travertine floor tile, and some handmade wainscoting help pull the new larger space together.
S02E05 Inspiration Station 20/11/2009 Sonia is ready to make her house a home but the kitchen has kept her far from it. Marc helps her see her drab kitchen in a whole new light with some major rearranging of the plumbing, a bright decorative coifered ceiling, and a floor medallion that takes center stage add the beginning touches to a stylish new first floor of her home.
S02E06 Hazard to Haven 13/11/2009 Kevin & Theresa's kitchen is outdated and incredibly dangerous. Marc not only gets them new--and safe--appliances, but he also helps them install new French doors, a quartz countertop, a breakfast bar, two-tone cabinetry, a tile floor that looks like hardwood, and a special butcher block top island that he and Kevin build themselves.
S02E07 Bamboo Blowout 09/10/2009 Nick & Melissa have renovated the rest of their house, but after seven disappointing contractors, they don't know what to do with the kitchen. Marc helps seal some useless windows to make way for new cabinets and brings in granite and marble counters, a wet bar, and an environmentally-friendly bamboo floor.
S02E08 Lemon to Smooth Ride 08/12/2009 Kelli and Harold love to entertain, but their kitchen is too tiny for them to work together, and their bar is pitiful. Marc steps in to make better use of their kitchen, providing more counter space, new cabinets, a stainless steel wall and a new bar.
S02E09 Cooking with Gas 12/01/2010 Carl and Kelly live in a 19th century converted barn, and they love it -- except the kitchen. Marc helps them refinish their old hardwood floor, install a new gas stove with a brick oven motiff, double their counterspace and triple their cabinetry.
S02E10 Heat Wave 05/01/2010 Carl and Kelly live in a 19th century converted barn, and they love it -- except the kitchen. Marc helps them refinish their old hardwood floor, install a new gas stove with a brick oven motiff, double their counterspace and triple their cabinetry.
S02E11 Curves & Canines 08/12/2009 Scott & Lori have a beautiful old home, but the kitchen just doesn't work. Marc helps them keep the style of the house, but adds new floors and cabinets, vintage-style appliances, arched doorways, a restored staircase, and a special area for their dogs.
S02E12 Puzzle to Perfection 06/11/2009 Derek & Shantell Coleman's kitchen is an impossible puzzle, complete with a chimney in the middle of the room. Marc not only covers the chimney with manufactured stone, but he helps install staggered cabinetry & black granite tile countertops.
S02E13 Let There be Light 26/01/2010 Brian and Cheryl have a dark and dreary kitchen with corkboard wall coverings. Marc helps them enliven the room with functioning appliances, maple cabinets, a breakfast bar and brand new windows and a door to lighten the space.
S03E01 The Two Year Wait 02/02/2010 Nicole and Jay started their kitchen renovation two years ago and it has been a construction site ever since. Host and carpenter Marc Bartolomeo reignites their quest for kitchen completion by putting a new touch on an old relic. Together they even out the beam fatigue and create a unified floor that matches the new copper counter top and accented tile backsplash.
S03E02 Breaking the Mold 09/02/2010 When JP and Elizabeth bought their first house, their oven door read "please do not open". The label should have been on their front door, as they discovered their entire house had mold crawling from every corner. With host and carpenter Marc Bartolomeo's help, JP and Elizabeth's kitchen goes from mold to gold when they install black granite countertops, new cabinets, porcelain tile, a movable island and paperless drywall that resists mold build up.
S03E03 A Final Fix 23/02/2010 Erin and Megan have a kitchen that has been falling apart for forty years. They hold it together creatively with whatever objects they can find, whether it be a fork in the fan or baskets in drawers. That is until host and carpenter Marc Bartolomeo arrives and gives them a dose of his creativity. By replacing the fork fan with an oven range and installing an island and a new set of cabinets, Marc makes sure the only ingenuity in the kitchen is the cooking.
S03E04 22 Year Facelift 02/03/2010 After 22 years of wear and tear, Rob and Karen's kitchen was in desperate need of a facelift. Everything from the cabinets, to the floor, to the appliances will be getting a modern makeover. The original cabinets are saved but given an updated look with a DIY re-facing using a veneer technique. With the addition of a new sub-floor, island and working appliances, their kitchen is now up to the challenge for another 22 years and more.
S03E05 Cramped and Crumbling 16/03/2010 When they first purchased their 80 year old home, Cass and Liam knew they had a lot of work ahead of them. Their tiny, outdated kitchen is not only the first but the biggest job to overcome if they ever intend on expanding their family. Knowing they couldn't handle the major tasks that follow knocking down the walls, they enlist the aid of host and carpenter Marc Bartolomeo.
S03E06 Spanish Magic 23/03/2010 Molly and Alan love their Spanish-style house, but feel that their kitchen needs to match the rest of their historic home. With host and carpenter Marc Bartolomeo's help, they learn how to make their own tiled range hood, recreate a Venetian style backsplash and distress their new homemade tabletop.
S03E07 Radiant Renovation 30/03/2010 Mike and Katie can barely move around their tiny kitchen. Their growing family has forced them to either make a change or continue to face the wrath of claustrophobia. Carpenter and electrician Marc Bartolomeo comes to the rescue and aides the couple in knocking down a wall to expand the undersized kitchen. He also teaches them how to install radiant floor heating and create a luminous onyx island complete with LED under lighting.
S03E08 Tempting Tile Transformation 30/03/2010 After moving in and immediately gutting her kitchen, Julia is at a loss of where to turn next. With two sets of twin girls and one son, the simple laundry sink in the kitchen just isn't cutting it. Marc teaches Julia, along with her friend Joel, about the efficiency of foam insulation and how to make their very own mosaic kitchen table, along with other ways to accent her kitchen with tile.
S03E09 Plate Glass Glamour 20/04/2010 Gregg and Elise love their South Philadelphia row home but have trouble loving their outdated and tacky-looking kitchen. In addition to the retro style, Elise has very limited storage space and can't even reach her pots and pans. Host and carpenter Marc Bartolomeo offers to come by and help the two update their kitchen by installing 42" cabinets for ample storage and with the help of some specialists, learn how to install a unique, frosted plate-glass backsplash.
S03E10 Backsplash Bonanza 27/04/2010 Debbie and Ben moved into their house three years ago but are growing more and more disgusted by the 70s-style floor and mirrored backsplash in their kitchen. With three young kids at home, the couple is unable to survive very long without a working kitchen. Host and carpenter Marc Bartolomeo takes on the unique challenge of installing two dishwashers and a stunning marble, mosaic travertine backsplash.
S03E11 From Hippie to Hip 04/05/2010 Newly engaged couple, Swarna and Jim, is looking to start a new life together. Their goal is to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. The only thing holding them back is their kitchen stuck in the 70s. Host and carpenter Marc Bartolomeo is called in to tackle the job, which includes installing a beautiful bamboo floor and unique concrete countertop and sink combo.
S03E12 Masonry Madness 30/03/2010 Bruce and Lani's house has been in the family for over 50 years and are unwilling to get rid of the sentimental home. They are also unwilling to continue living in the cramped space with few working appliances and a mismatched laminate floor, so the young couple admit they need Marc's help. With Marc's aid, they knock out an entire brick wall, replace it with a steel beam, and install a thick wet bed in the floor for brand new tiles.
S03E13 Modern Marvel 18/05/2010 Ken and Stephanie were tired of their outdated eyesore of a kitchen. They began tearing parts of the kitchen apart themselves, but only succeeded in making things worse. They are thrilled to accept assistance from host and carpenter Marc Bartolomeo, who proposes opening walls up to create a better flow. Marc helps to install a fancy two-tiered glass bar on the kitchen island and a decorative light panel in the half wall which both help to modernize this outdated marvel.
S03E14 Kitchen Impossible Top 10 13/04/2010 Kitchen Impossible's Marc Bartolomeo counts down the top ten ways to make a killer kitchen. Revealing how installing a huge piece of stainless steel on the wall can change whole look of the space, an appliance that can help kick start your morning and finally how to turn your kitchen into the focal point of the house!
S04E01 Drive-Thru Demo 00/00/0000 Steve and Aimee Key moved into their home knowing it'd be a makeover challenge. Unfortunately, they were at a loss at how they could change their "drive-thru" kitchen windows into one uniform kitchen that would suit their cooking needs. On one of Kitchen Impossible's smallest kitchens yet, Marc Bartolomeo comes to their aide by knocking down several walls that help open up the entire first floor of the Keys home and leaves them with a warm, spacious kitchen.
S04E02 A Rare Gem 00/00/0000 Doug and Sara Mans bought a true fixer-upper and are looking to kick off the renovations in the kitchen. In staying true to their ideals, this eco friendly couple wants to revamp their old space while reducing their carbon footprint.. With the removal of a wall and the addition of a 19th century gem, this updated kitchen will still retain it's sense of history. With the help of Marc Bartolomeo, they will finally get the kitchen of their dreams.
S04E03 Soffit to Me 00/00/0000 After a long search in the city for their dream home, Sarah & Narayan finally find a beautiful bi-level in a convenient, happening neighborhood. The only problem is their cramped & "clinical" whiteout of a kitchen! With Marc's help, the couple replace their old & dangerous appliances, install beautiful veneered soffits, custom-made quartz backsplash and a sizeable stainless steel island. Will Marc be able to transform the Chowdhury's kitchen from doctor's office chic to a modern chef's dream?
S04E04 Great Room Expectations 00/00/0000 With three kids, two cats and one dog, Jody and Brian Bowden's household is running on all cylinders at all times. Unfortunately, their tired outdated kitchen can't keep up with their busy lifestyle. Carpenter Marc Bartolomeo proves you don't have to sacrifice beauty for durability when accommodating for a bustling family. He helps create a gorgeous space for Jody and Brian by introducing a new look to an old dining room, resilient vinyl hardwood floors and a gorgeous hand-made window bench.
S04E05 Savvy Storage Solutions 00/00/0000 Damon & Jamila Kinsey would never dream of moving away from the home they've lived in for close to 10 years. With one teenage son and two young children, the couple loves having the support of their family nearby. Unfortunately, they're not sure how much longer they can survive in their tiny, cramped kitchen. Marc helps them to utilize the space they have in the form of under cabinet storage, a window minimization and even a custom-built basket drawer system!
S04E06 Out With the Old, In With the New 00/00/0000 Dave and Diana moved into their historic home with the hope of updating it's features while retaining it's charm. In the case of the kitchen, however, there's nothing left to salvage. It's in desperate need of a complete gut and Marc Bartolomeo is the man for the job! Along with installing a beautiful backsplash, a trey ceiling, and new wainscotting, Marc must deal with the dreaded problem of asbestos removable. Don't worry though, he'll try 'As-Best-As' he can to guide you through it!
S04E07 Hospitable Home Makeover 00/00/0000 Guy & Eileen Triano were both restaurant & hospitality majors in college. Unfortunately, their galley kitchen is so small the two can't even dream of preparing any impressive meals together! Marc Bartolomeo arrives to help the couple learn how to make the most of the space they have. They open the entire kitchen up and learn how to make space savers like drawer organizers and a custom-made drop leaf countertop!
S04E08 Crowning Achievement 00/00/0000 Mike and Carla Donato own a beautiful home that is hiding a horrible secret - their awful 70's kitchen! With all the old styles, and DIY projects gone wrong, the couple is willing to admit they need some outside help. They call in Marc Bartolomeo to help get rid of their drop-leaf ceiling and add a center island. Hopefully Marc can successfully modernize the Donato's kitchen to their taste!
S04E09 Add a Bit of Shine 00/00/0000 Gabriella & Ariana Albater are sisters who decided it was finally time to fly the coop and purchse their own home. They found a spacious home with nothing but potential - after their father volunteered to gut the entire house! Now, 8 months after buying their home, the girls are beginning to get a little anxious and are worried their dream home will never be completed. That's when Marc steps in to help them get past the most complicated and expensive renovation in any home: the kitchen! The Albater girls receive a fun lesson in sistering ceiling joists & creating fancy, copper bar fronts.
S04E10 Faux Show! 00/00/0000 Rob and Megan Coll moved into their dream home with only the highest aspirations for their budding family. That is until they got accustomed to their tired, old kitchen. With a behemoth of a range hood, a full-blown indoor grill top and crumbling baby blue tile straight out of the 60s, Rob and Megan are ready for a complete overhaul. With 25 years of renovation experience under his tool belt, who better to call for the job than carpenter Marc Bartolomeo?
S04E11 Stepping it Up 00/00/0000 Homeowners Brian and Michelle McGovern bought their home when they saw potential in the amount of acreage in their backyard. What they didn't see much potential in was their cramped and antiquated kitchen. The couple decides they can't make the changes they need without some professional help, so they call in carpenter Marc Bartolomeo. After opening up the kitchen for added space, Marc shows the couple how to add more light by installing sprawling French doors complete with a custom-built staircase.
S04E12 Kitchen with a Punch! 00/00/0000 Former child star, TV icon and current radio personality Danny Bonaduce and fiance, Amy Railsback, have a huge problem with their tiny, outdated kitchen. Carpenter Marc Bartolomeo steps in to help and he brings in a big piece of big machinery. When Marc is done, the kitchen will be completely updated, but still have all of its old charm.
S04E13 Ceiling is Believing 00/00/0000 Danielle Havelin and her husband Paul bought their home from an old family friend. Though she has many fond memories of growing up in the house, it hasn't been updated in nearly 50 years. The young couple wants their kids to make their own happy memories so they've to call carpenter Marc Bartolomeo to help them update the kitchen. Marc helps the couple install thermal plastic ceiling tiles and a mixed pattern as well as a white backsplash for a stunning, classic look. Will Marc succeed in helping Danielle and Paul achieve the classic yet updated look they are dreaming of?
S05E01 Kitchen Impossible 00/00/0000 On this special episode of Kitchen Impossible, Marc Bartolomeo tackles the kitchen of the Blog Cabin with the help of host John DeSilvia. In the process, he'll show you everything you need to do to complete a previously drywalled kitchen in just four days. From the usual fare like the putting up the cabinets and installing the appliances to the extraordinary like creating a beadboard ceiling and constructing a rustic wine rack, no tip is left untold!
S05E02 Stairway to Bakers Heaven 00/00/0000 The Shellenbergers are very family oriented especially in the kitchen. They are constantly cooking and baking together. As the couples three daughters start taking over in the kitchen, Hank is ready to do whatever it takes to provide his family with a more organized baker's kitchen. With the help of Marc Bartolomeo, they reface the staircase leading into the attic, build a radiator cover out of stone, and provide plenty of storage for their appliances including a double over and their mixer.
S05E03 Butcher Block Party 00/00/0000 Courtney and Cameron are sisters who absolutely love to entertain their guests.Unfortunately the lack of space inhibits the amount of people they would like to entertain. Marc Bartolomeo arrives to help these sisters create their own house party. After they open the wall between the kitchen and living room to be spacious, they repurpose the ceiling beams, make a butcher block out of scratch, and install in-ceiling speaker.
S05E04 Rekindling the Fire 00/00/0000 Clayton & Sherise purchased their first home together 10 years ago because they loved the brick fireplace between the kitchen and dining room making that their main focal point around the entire renovation of their home. After redoing their living room, they decided to finally tackle the kitchen renovation. The Beales are so desperate that they have finally turned to Mark Bartolomeo for help. Will Marc be able to turn this dysfunctional kitchen around while working around this fireplace?
S05E05 A Concrete Decision 00/00/0000 Bill & Krista moved into their home four years ago with their three children with dreams of doing all renovations themselves. The first room in the house they wanted to tackle was the kitchen but.. Even the kitchen was small the bigger problem was the concrete underneath the floor. After trying to fix a few things in the kitchen only to find out it would counteract with another problem. They have finally decided to give up and turn to Marc Bartolomeo for help and work around this concrete by giving the Russells a brand new kitchen.
S05E06 Country Style 00/00/0000 The Shanks have gone through many trials and tribulations to renovate their kitchen and dining room with as little money as possible. With Peters carpentry talent he has made the rest of the house have more of a country feel. Will Peter with the help of Marc Bartolomeo work as a team and tackle this dilapidated space and turn it into the kitchen of their dreams.
S05E07 The Kitch-Den 00/00/0000 Jen and Don Neely are in desperate need of not only a kitchen makeover. but a complete overhaul! With an undersized kitchen situated next to an unused den, Marc sketches up a plan that is sure to utilize the potential of both rooms! Along the way, the ceiling is vaulted, double ovens are installed, and bench seating is created to help produce the Neely's dream kitchen.
S05E08 For the Love of Construction 00/00/0000 Claire & Ryan DeCurtis moved into their "new" 1970s home a few months ago & immediately started working on it. The DeCurtis began ripping wall down, wires and anything they could possibly get their hands on. Before they knew it , the DeCurtis' were in over their heads with their renovation. Now that most of all the dirty work is done Mark Bartolomeo will step in and turn this construction zone into a beautiful spacious kitchen. They will add a cool hopscotch floor pattern and unique Egyptian glass backsplash bringing their kitchen up to date.
S05E09 The Hood, the Bad, and the Ugly 00/00/0000 Theresa and Bill Stickney have way too tiny of a kitchen for their large family. Plus, their 100-year-old house came fully stocked with bicentennial wallpaper, an outdated floor and a dilapidated ceiling. Host Marc Bartolomeo decides that in order to give the Stickneys the large space they have always dreamed of, the wall separating the kitchen and dining room needs to come down. This family will end up with a roomy new layout and a beautifully updated living space that they all can enjoy.
S05E10 Now We're Cooking 00/00/0000 Chris and Gina Hill enjoy cooking together as a family but they are at their wits end trying to figure how to gain more space in their cramped kitchen. They have used every room in the house including the garage for storage space. Will Marc Bartolomeo be able to give the Hills a more spacious kitchen so that cooking will be more enjoyable.
S05E11 Under the Tuscan Arch 00/00/0000 Robert and Kimberly Young purchased their beautiful but outdated home four years ago with plans of renovating the kitchen as their first priority. They have always dreamt of having a Tuscan style kitchen and have turned to Marc Bartolomeo for help. Marc will show the Youngs how to remove soffits and rerout the ductwork. They will finish it off with a Venetian plaster archway giving it a true Tuscan-style accent wall.
S05E12 Hidden Treasure 00/00/0000 The Catenas have been living in their home with their twin boys for ten years and have managed to tackle every room in the house but the kitchen. After many attempts to make repairs to their kitchen, the Catena's are trying to keep the kitchen from literally falling at the seams. They will knock down the wall gaining access to their living room while also gaining storage space.
S05E13 Full of Memories 00/00/0000 The Kotzkers purchased their home from Dari's parents four months ago with anticipation of renovating their 1980s kitchen. While growing up, Dari has many fond memories, especially in the kitchen . With Marc Bartolomeo help the Kotzkers will start their own memories as a growing family in a brand-new kitchen.
S06E01 Homemade Special 00/00/0000 Alan and Pam Whatley purchased their home one year ago and immediately knew a kitchen renovation was a must. First, the Whatleys installed a new tin backsplash and painted over their cabinets and countertops to fit their modern taste. Unfortunately, their renovations don't seem to be holding up and these hardworking homeowners are tired of constantly keeping up with their kitchen. Host Marc Bartolomeo will help the Whatleys open up their kitchen with an archway and install an air conditioner and brand-new cabinets. With Marc's help, the kitchen that was once an art project will become a design masterpiece.
S06E02 The Duct Tape Dilemma 00/00/0000 Cindy and Josh's kitchen cabinets have suffered major water damage and are falling apart, but they don't know how to fix anything without using duct tape! The room has potential, but will host Marc Bartolomeo be able to help this couple? Marc will add brand-new cabinets for the storage they need, and he'll also seal the countertop seams and install a new faucet to prevent any future water disasters.
S06E03 Double Duty 00/00/0000 David and Colleen Murphy purchased their home ten years ago as a young couple with tons of drive and ambition to renovate their entire home. However, three children later, the power tools were replaced with bottles, toys and art supplies. Now the Murphys are anxious to start working on their kitchen with the help of host Marc Bartolomeo. The Murphys will tear down the wall between the kitchen and dining room and gain more cabinet space. They'll also make drawer organizers to hold the children's drawing utensils so that it's also a kid-friendly area.
S06E04 Picking up the Pieces 00/00/0000 Kareem and Heather Bryant purchased a fixer-upper three years ago but were unaware of what they were getting themselves into. Every time they turn around, something else seems to fall apart in their kitchen. The Bryants are scared to replace anything with the fear of their kitchen crumbling down. Host Marc Bartolomeo will rescue the Bryants by picking up the pieces. They'll make a pass-through to make the kitchen appear bigger and will also add more storage space, all while making it very stylish and up-to-date.
S06E05 Flip Flop 00/00/0000 James and Martha McKay love the charm of their 82-year-old home, but they would really like to bring it into the 21st century, especially the kitchen. The McKays have tried everything to make the space somewhat functional, but something always falls apart. The kitchen also has space issues. They've used everything from the dining room furniture to bungee cords and glue to cover problem areas. With Marc's help, the McKays will move the kitchen into their current dining room and add a desk area, seating for the children and even a space for the family dog.
S06E06 Old to Orderly 00/00/0000 Joe and Jen Tully have tried to bring out the retro style of their 1950s kitchen, but they're starting to realize the space is just plain old... not to mention completely disorganized! The Tullys have tried everything from painting the cabinets and countertops to even "magic-markering" the floors. Host Marc Bartolomeo will help out by opening the kitchen up and replacing their metal cabinets with something more modern for lots of storage. He'll then show the couple how to outfit those cabinets with soft-close hinges to prevent wear and tear, plus introduce loads of features to help them stay organized.
S06E07 Windows of Opportunity 00/00/0000 Ken and Wendy Prothero absolutely love the charm of their house but feel that it comes to a screeching halt in the kitchen. They have tried everything to fix the space, but because of the four doors and two windows, the Protheros are left with little room for improvement. With host Marc Bartolomeo's help, the Protheros will get rid of two windows, allowing for more cabinet and countertop space. Plus, the couple will even gain a breakfast bar.
S06E08 A Modern Flair 00/00/0000 Jackson and Shelby Derbish have lived in their home for three years and have always wanted to renovate their kitchen to make it more modern. They've tried doing a few minor changes but lack the skills to really make an impact. Now all that's left is a hole in the wall, burnt laminate tile and yellow paneling. Host Marc Bartolomeo will help the Derbishes inject some modern, eclectic touches by installing beautiful red cabinets and removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room to make it more open.
S06E09 Raising the Bar 00/00/0000 Jessica Bolton and friend Caya have tackled their fair share of DIY projects throughout the house, but it all ends in the kitchen. The pair wants a place to entertain their friends, but the current setup has made it impossible. And since the kitchen is in the basement, they're worried they'll have a hard time getting full-size appliances into the space. They also are dealing with water damage and very old floors. Marc will help the ladies pour a cool concrete floor and move the old appliances out while figuring out how to load in a full-size range and refrigerator. Plus, they'll install floating shelves for the bar area.
S06E10 Dangerous in the Dark 00/00/0000 Eric and Jacquie Patterson have lived with their small and hazardous kitchen for five years. In the beginning they were fine with the space because it was for just the two of them. But since their daughter arrived, the pair has had enough and is ready for an update. As things are now, the garbage disposal rattles the room and the space has ugly fluorescent lighting. Plus, the couple is starting to realize that cooking in the dark can be dangerous! So Marc comes to their aid, teaching the pair how to brighten their space with lights both under and inside their cabinets. Plus, he demonstrates how to make a unique backsplash using acrylic and any fabric pattern, and how to install and care for a brand-new garbage disposal. The Pattersons should be able to enjoy their spacious kitchen while also feeling safe.
S06E11 Engineering a Dream Kitchen 00/00/0000 Engineers Adrianne and Jason Winterling purchased their first home two years ago, knowing that although the place needed to be renovated, it had plenty of potential -- especially the kitchen. But after a couple of failed projects, the Winterlings finally decided to put their engineering skills aside and ask for help. With Marc's guidance, the couple will knock down the wall between the kitchen and dining room. They'll also install a wet bar with a custom-made mirror backsplash, fix a floor joist and install beautiful tile flooring.
S06E12 A Bun in the Oven 00/00/0000 Cristina and Matt Hendrickson are preparing for the birth of their child and are on a time crunch to get their house in order, including the cramped kitchen. After a few failed attempts to update the space themselves, the Hendricksons have turned to Marc for help. To start things off, Marc will expand the kitchen by knocking the wall down between the kitchen and dining room. Plus, he'll install faux copper panels, ceiling speakers and a reclaimed wood beam to separate the kitchen from the dining space.
S06E13 Sky's the Limit 00/00/0000 Michele and Matt Rogers purchased their home a year and a half ago and immediately started working on it. After the majority of the house was finished, they turned their attention to the kitchen. The Rogers began ordering new things for the space and bought a sledgehammer to start knocking the walls down -- but quickly realized they were in over their heads. Knowing the room had a lot of potential, they turned to Marc for help. The Rogers will install a skylight and open up the kitchen, bringing in more natural light. They'll also use salvaged doors as a wainscotting for the knee wall underneath the island.
S07E01 Ramshackle to Retro 00/00/0000 Leigh and Aaron Goldenberg moved from NYC to Philadelphia in search of a home with the biggest kitchen that they could find for their money. They found it, but soon learned that it was filled with many odd surprises. For starters, the appliances were painted over, the dishwasher was stuffed to the brim with newspaper, and the interesting glass on the back door was covered in multiple layers of paint. Also, while investigating a mysterious water leak, they found an algae covered bucket lodged in their ceiling that they don't know how to get out. While this young couple has plenty of stories to tell, they are ready for Marc to help them create the stylish new kitchen of their dreams.
S07E02 Hot Plate Heaven 00/00/0000 Jon and Cheryl Harvey hated their home's kitchen, even before purchasing the house. Cheryl wanted to back out, based on the condition of the kitchen alone. Jon saw the kitchen's great potential and promised Cheryl that if they bought the house, the kitchen would be fixed up to her liking. It's now been two years and poor Cheryl is still cooking meals on a hot plate. Cheryl's patience is running out and they need Marc's help to make it the kitchen they've always dreamed of.
S07E03 Sticky Situation 00/00/0000 Tswana Sewell moved into her home five years ago and got to work right away on the kitchen. She thought she could handle the improvements herself, along with the help of her very capable Aunt Maryann. After many sleepless nights laying sticky tiles, ungluing cabinet doors that weren't dry yet, and peeling chunks of glue and old wallpaper from the walls, Tswana and Aunt Maryann have officially given up on the kitchen, but not on the hope that with Marc's help they can someday transform it to greatness.
S07E04 Little Kitchen of Horrors 00/00/0000 Ben and Kathy Miller found their home five years ago while selling real estate together. Not ready to financially commit to a complete kitchen overhaul at the time, they decided to make do the best they could. Now, touch any part of the kitchen, and it could come unglued, un-nailed, or un-hinged at any moment. With appliances that don't function properly and a kitchen table that's still considered temporary, they are at the end of their rope. With the help of Marc Bartolomeo, in two weeks, this kitchen will go from scary to warm and inviting-a place where they can comfortably entertain and teach their kids to cook.
S07E05 The Incredible Shrinking Kitchen 00/00/0000 Sabree and Rima Muhammad have owned their 100 year old home for 10 years. At one time, it was a good size for them, but now they are a family with two kids and a dog. They have ripped out a staircase, added hutches and a baker's rack over the years to create storage space, but now it looks like an exposed, unorganized mess. Between the space issue and multiple unsuccessful attempts to revamp the floor tiles, the Muhammad's have had enough. Time to call in Marc for a present day solution to an old house's problem!
S07E06 Standing Room Only 00/00/0000 Adam and Rana Laskowski bought their row home two years ago despite it's odd kitchen situation, the previous owners had moved their once decent sized kitchen into the mud room in order to have two dining rooms. Now, stuck with a tiny, drafty, galley style kitchen, Adam and Rana don't quite have the know-how to switch it back. Rana loves hosting parties at their home but the lack of kitchen space leaves Rana feeling mortified. It's time to put this kitchen where it belongs, and Marc will prove that it's not impossible!
S07E07 itchen Down Under 00/00/0000 Best friends Sandra Davidson and Kevin Coughlin spent months looking for a home they could invest in together. After finally finding it, they painted every room in the house and even mustered up the courage to renovate three bathrooms! When it was time to tackle the kitchen, inconveniently located in the basement, the project quickly became more than they bargained for. Sandra and David are willing to embrace their culinary cave by making it more functional and incorporate more light. These best buds are ready to put yet another home renovation under their belts and come up smiling!
S07E08 Watts Wrong With This Kitchen? 00/00/0000 Jay Butera is a speaker and advocate of clean energy but at home, he's having his own personal energy crisis! The watts pumping out of his old kitchen appliances literally keep him and his wife Bernadette up at night. The bright yellow paint in the kitchen will have you believing you're standing at the scene of a nuclear accident rather than inside a home that's run off solar panels. Furthermore, since the garbage disposal switch broke, they must use a wooden spoon to reach the other switch. These elements just don't add up-- a perfect equation for host/carpenter Marc Bartolomeo and Kitchen Impossible to solve!
S07E09 Baby Makes Three and a Smaller Kitchen 00/00/0000 When Kate and Jason Patarcity purchased their home 10 years ago, it didn't have the kitchen of their dreams, but it was perfect for just the two of them. Eight years and a daughter later, the Patarcity's once cozy kitchen has become an inconvenient burden! Host and carpenter Marc Bartolomeo brings this hopeless room back to life by giving this family a kitchen to be proud of.
S07E10 Kitchen Update: STAT! 00/00/0000 Mike and Deirdre Lake have been working tirelessly to update their home to the current decade, but their outdated kitchen is making them live in the past. The cabinets are chipping, despite painting over them three times! The countertop that was one time outdated yet acceptable, spontaneously caught fire one Thanksgiving and has a permanent scar. Host and carpenter Marc Bartolomeo steps in to create a warm, inviting kitchen that compliments the rest of the home they have worked so hard on.
S07E11 Victorian Vortex 00/00/0000 Twelve years ago, Lee and Keith McFadden moved into their beautiful Victorian home. Unfortunately, the outside has nothing to do with the inside. More specifically, the kitchen! While Keith has the enthusiasm for doing his own home repairs, he does not have the know-how. For instance, part of the backsplash became a casualty along with the faulty outlet Keith was working on. Instead of repairing it, he hid the hole with a toaster oven! When Lee couldn't stand looking at the busy kitchen floor anymore, she came up with the perfect solution to distract from it-a giant, green, hand-painted grape vine! Armed with their trusty handyman book and paintbrush, Lee and Keith just aren't cutting it. They desperately need help turning their kitchen into a haven as warm and inviting as the outside of the house implies.
S07E12 Operation Surrender 00/00/0000 Andrea and Brian Pollizi are officially waving their white flags, surrendering to the kitchen Gods. Since they moved into their 1930's home, they have enjoyed the work thus far, along with uncovering all of the nooks and crannies an older home can possess. However, the brakes come to a screeching halt at the kitchen doorway! With the floors falling apart, old ironing boards hanging from the walls, faux stainless steel countertops, and a layout that is not functionally friendly, the Pollizis are ready for the pros to come in. Andrea even sawed off part of a cabinet in a panic on moving day three years ago, when they realized their new fridge wasn't going to fit! Now, they can't wait to have a kitchen with modern conveniences that also compliments the integrity of their 1930s home.
S07E13 Spray Paint, Sweat and Tears 11/03/2012 Lolly and Ron Spaide used to live the life many people dream of, when Ron's job had them living in the Caribbean. When they decided to move back home, Lolly found a house for sale near her parents. But when Ron finally saw it, he burst into tears and pleaded with his wife to reconsider. She promised that in six years, the house would be perfect. In the past five years, Lolly has come up with some less-than-perfect solutions for her big plan. She has spray-painted the brown cabinets black, covered the gold flecked counters in contact paper, and covered the floors in sticky tile, all hand cut with scissors. What a mess! The next time Ron cries, he wants it to be tears of joy in his brand new kitchen.