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Once there was a piece of very special red bean bread baking in the oven, but tragically while the tray was being removed the bread fell and became a burnt brown bread now known as Kogepan. No one would buy burnt bread or be nice to him, so Kogepan became an outcast with no emotion for others. He ran away from home, gets drunk off milk, smokes, and always says negative things about himself. To pass the time, Kogepan reads books on how to become better bread and teaches the pretty bread what he knows of life. He dreams that someday if he works hard enough, he can be worth something too.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Kogepan

S01E01 A Day in the life of Kogepan 05/11/2001 A brief introduction to Kogepan
S01E02 Kogepan meets another 06/11/2001 Kogepan meets another bread of similar burnt fate. They travel together.
S01E03 Kogepan and the young pretty breads 07/11/2001 What NOT to say to young bread.
S01E04 Kogepan's Friends at the bakery 08/11/2001 A look at Kogepan's friends at the bakery.
S01E05 Kogepan's Origins 09/11/2001 The story of how Kogepan came to be Kogepan.
S01E06 The Dreams of Kogepan 12/11/2001 Kogepan tries to become a better bread.
S01E07 Quest for perfection 13/11/2001 The attitude of Kogepan and his ongoing quest for perfection.
S01E08 Enter Ichigopan 14/11/2001 Enter Ichigo Pan, the soft pink bread with essence of Strawberry.
S01E09 A Pretty Pan likes Kogepan 15/11/2001 A Pretty Pan takes a liking to Kogepan, but it was not to be.
S01E10 Spring is here! 16/11/2001 Spring is here! Followed swiftly by Summer, Autumn and Winter!

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