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Yuuki Ojima fait partie du Club de recherche alimentaire dans une école privée qui dénombre plus de 6 000 étudiants. Un jour, l’un des lycéens les plus populaires propose lors de sa campagne pour devenir Président du Conseil des étudiants, de fermer tous les clubs improductifs, ce qui met en péril celui de Yuuki. Seule solution qui s’offre à notre jeune protagoniste; Concourir pour le poste de Président des élèves. Mais s’attirer les faveurs des électeurs (et électrices) n’est pas aussi simple que prévu…


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

S01E01 Disbanded! 06/07/2012 While taking pictures of members of the student council involved in a shady deal, Kana ?gibashi is run over by a car and has her evidence destroyed. Soon after, the time comes for the student council's elections and the members of the Food Research Club learn that the front runner Satsuki Shinonome proposes that clubs that have no merit should be sorted out and abolished. Fearing of being forced to disband the club, the Food Research Club decide to have one of their own, Yuki Ojima, run in the election.
S01E02 Candidacy! 13/07/2012 Hiroki who was ordered to candidacy for president of the student council election nominations from Chisato by Ken shot all members to give out and stop Schocken Chisato angry to say arbitrary, the next morning, I came to wake. Ken member who shot heard it is shocked, I was figuring out how Yuki will not quit. On the other hand, Hiroki skip an activity that had been strolling. Along the way, encounter a beautiful girl of any person, including the Satsuki, I would inflate the chest feeling of love ...
S01E03 Strategy 20/07/2012 It was Schocken the candidacy of Hiroki is officially accepted, set up a task force election, has entered the election campaign in earnest, because there is no staff have the know-how of the election, it would get stuck early. At that time, evening clouds Mori Head of the current student council president and security appear. Because I offer to refrain from running for election to president by Osawa incident, the security forces would like to back up the campaign Hiroki instead. Although I was wary Chisato hearing this, whether it is not there something behind ...
S01E04 Funding! 27/07/2012 The food research club searches for a way to fund their campaign on making ?jima the student council president. They decide to sell ?jima Rolls, and 3,000 Yaoi candy sticks that Oboro's parents' company make and sell. During this time, ?jima learns more about Shinonome's reasons to become the student council president, and by reading her manifesto, he gets a lead on what he could put up as his own manifesto. Meanwhile, Aomi gets bullied by four of her classmates, which results in them taking her panties off and throwing it in the garbage can. While she searches for her panties, ?jima passes by her and offers his help, but she strongly declines it. Later, she continues her work on replacing the school's light bulbs, telling her brother to eat without her first.
S01E05 Festival! 17/08/2012 To make this 20 "roll Oshima" sold at the venue primaries, Hiroki had muffled the club room and cuts classes. You will spend time alone with Yuki, the mind can not I can not move, you have created a Mifuyu speeches in the club room also had secretly wrote a secret diary. However, the moment came, staff and visitors to disturb the work of one after another, Hiroki is also happy, Mifuyu myself when I'm not in the mind. Although I welcome the preliminary election day ... and finally
S01E06 Results! 17/08/2012 After Yuki headed to speech, Mifuyu I noticed that I have passed to Yuuki the secret diary that was printed by mistake and speech manuscript. I just want to avoid that the secret diary that would have been read to Yuki. Mifuyu was panic, hurried to Hiroki tries Torimodoso diary. On the other hand, Yuki was waiting in the waiting room is the order of the speech I could not concentrate on being distracted by the speech of Satsuki and Shigeru Heiji, his speech manuscript in mind. Although I look down at the documents to have on hand and will re-read the manuscript finally ...
S01E07 Camp! 24/08/2012 ?jima finds out that even he just made it past the preliminaries; however, now that the preliminaries are over, he needs to claim the swing votes if he's to win the election. Hazuki causes ?jima more problems when he forced to carry her into the girls' dormitory.
S01E08 Truth! 31/08/2012 While stuck in the girls' dormitory with Satsuki, ?jima learns more about her family and her sister, Hazuki.
S01E09 Accident! 07/09/2012 ?jima wants to end the discrimination against financial aid students and comes into conflict with Yakumo because it would be an unpopular policy. ?sawa returns to her position in Security Affairs claiming to be against ?jima because he isn't likely to be a puppet candidate.
S01E10 Mess! 14/09/2012 ?jima gets hit by a truck, but isn't hurt terrifying those around him especially Chisato. ?jima finds out that Michiru and Kana are both spies of the disciplinary section to help maintain security in the school.
S01E11 Investigation! 21/09/2012 ?jima learns that the attempted murder of Kana was to hide evidence that she had gathered, and that in order to help her Yakumo put ?sawa in charge of Public Safety. The Katahira faction is now blackmailing Yakumo to stop all support for ?jima or they will let Kana die. ?jima tells Michiru where Kana is and she takes her from the hospital and reminisces with her causing her to wake up from her coma. Still at home, Chisato takes a good look at herself and tries to straighten out her feelings. The episode ends with the Katahira faction attacking ?jima and Chisato.
S01E12 Election Day 28/09/2012 ?sawa made her move and kidnapped Chisato. She will only let her go if ?jima drops out of the election. With Election Day coming up, the Food Club and Yakumo decide to put a plan into action. At the end, ?jima became the President and Satsuki became the Vice President.
S00E01 Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Picture Drama 26/09/2012
S00E02 Love Sister 27/03/2013 Unaired 13th episode released on the 7th DVD/BD.