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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Kommissar Beck

S01E00 00/00/0000
S01E01 The Decoy Boy 27/06/1997
S01E02 The Man With Icons 17/12/1997
S01E03 White Nights 27/02/1998
S01E04 Serial Killer 27/03/1998 In this film Beck and his team are trying to find a serial killer, whose victims are spread all over Sweden. An obvious connection is that all the victims are women, and they were all in the same class, and Beck thinks that a scandal back in the past has something to do with the murders. But no one wants to talk about the past and it becomes a struggle to find the perpetrator before the final murder - only one woman is still alive.
S01E05 The Pearl Hotel 08/04/1998 Inspector Beck and his team get involved in a large-scale smuggling of cesium 133. A gang from the east uses refugees who with a promise to stay in Sweden and with danger to their own life take in the dangerous explosive chemical substance.
S01E06 The Monster 20/05/1998 A bomb threat is called in to a police station in Stockholm. The police bomb squad blows the briefcase to pieces and it looks like false alarm, until a baby is found inside. Soon, e-mails are sent out to every newspaper about the nasty situation that the police had tried to keep secret. Will the police ever overcome the "Monster"?
S01E07 The Money Man 03/06/1997 A homosexual police officer's double life is paid by Beck's archenemy, Gavling, a man who runs Stockholm's underworld. In return, the officer has been providing Gavling with secret information from the police archives.
S01E08 Night Vision 31/10/1997 A serial killer who decapitates people is on the loose in the Stockholm subway. Martin Beck and his colleagues try to catch the killer, while the panic in the city increases.
S02E01 The Revenge 21/06/2001 Two patrolling cops stumble on to three criminals who have just stolen large amounts of explosives, and are killed in cold blood. Martin Beck and his team must now work day and night to find out who the killers are and what they are planning to do with the explosives before it's too late. Meanwhile, Gunvald Larsson who was a close friend of one of the murdered cops is ignoring all rules in his quest for revenge.
S02E02 The Man without a Face 07/11/2001 A man is found dead, stabbed to death with a knife. The shocking thing is that his face has been removed. Upon questioning, his wife describes their marriage as having been "stable." She also states that a mysterious foreign man had knocked on their door the day before the murder. Beck and his men are given the case.
S02E03 The Cartel 12/12/2001 A Greek restaurant owner is brutally tortured and killed. Beck and his team investigate, and are drawn into a world of smuggling, threats, and violence.
S02E04 The Recluse 16/01/2002 An Asian woman is found dead in the water of Stockholm's archipelago. She has been murdered, and everything indicates that she was a prostitute. Meanwhile a series of break-ins has occurred on an island outside of Stockholm. Suddenly a retired old man is also found dead in his own yard. Now Beck has two cases to solve and they both point in the same direction.
S02E05 Unknown Sender 13/02/2002 Martin Beck, Gunvald Larsson and Alice Levander investigate the mysterious murder of an accountant that was found shot to death at the airport parking. At the same time a reporter receives a package from an anonymous source, with information regarding the embezzling of funds that should have been used for fixing up nuclear reactors. When the reporter contacts Beck, his home gets blown up by a bomb.
S02E06 The Ad Man 20/03/2002 A man is raping women after having met them through ads on public noticeboards. At first this seems like an easy crime to solve for Martin Beck and his colleagues but they soon discover that somebody's motivations are far more complex.
S02E07 The Boy in the Glass Bowl 10/04/2002 Mother of an autistic boy is found murdered in her home. The boy holds the murder weapon, covered in blood.
S02E08 Blind Profit 04/01/2002 A series of grisly murders where the victims faces have been removed by acid starts to turn up around Stockholm. Detective Martin Beck and Gunvald Larsson are once again drawn into the darkness.
S03E01 The Scorpion 28/06/2006 A brutally battered woman, Monika, manages to flee from her home with her two children. Later, the body of a dead man is found in the same house. The murder was preceded by an assault; bloodstains found in the kitchen correspond to Monika’s DNA.
S03E02 The Unclaimed Girl 12/11/2006 A small girl is found dead in a deserted underground cellar. She has been dead for some time but there is fresh food for her. Who is she?
S03E03 The Vulture 19/11/2006 Swedish politician John Veden vanishes without a trace. There's no hint he's dead yet but Beck's team gets the case due to Police Chief Oberg's friendship with the man whom she dined with him the evening before he vanished. When they find out Veden was a gambler with heavy debts battling his addiction the case leads Martin Beck, Gunvald Larsson and freshly returned Lena Klingström into Sweden's illegal gambling scene. And Veden was planning to expose his own addiction and his party's huge financial profits from gambling in a confessional book - which his political allies got wind of via illegal data theft. With several people having an interest that Veden stays missing the team tries to find the politician and the true perpetrator while Beck is grappling privately with his ambivalent feelings about working with ex Lena again.
S03E04 The Attorney 26/11/2006 A famous Swedish lawyer is brutally murdered in his apartment. Martin Beck and his team find a clear murder motive. Hansson had a good chance of winning a case against a multinational company. But it appears Hansson was not completely honest and had several links with the underworld.
S03E05 The Japanese Painting 04/11/2007 Martin Beck gets a phone call from his German colleague, Hans Sperling, who is in Stockholm to buy a painting at auction. Sperling has found a dead woman in his hotel, and needs Martin's help. The murder investigation leads them into a dark world of art fraud.
S03E06 The Weak Link 23/03/2007 A young girl is killed on her way back to her parents home after leaving a party. Martin Beck and his crew quickly start the hunt for evidence before the trail goes cold. There are several suspicious people to investigate but do they really know how everyone is connected to one another?
S03E07 The Silent Scream 18/11/2007 Two young girls are killed on railway by a passing train. It does not seem to fit the profile of a normal suicide. So if this is a double homicide who would do this and why? Martin Beck and his team start following the step backwards in order to figure out what has happened. With good and intensive police work they find man side trails from the main path.
S03E08 In the Name of God 25/11/2007 A paparazzi photographer gets brutally murdered in Stockholm. His apartment is searched and the computer together with photo equipment is missing. Martin Beck (Peter Haber) seeks the motive behind the murder.
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