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Get your mud shoes out and crab hooks on because sisters Ali and Mitch Torres are cooking up the fresh tastes of Kriol cuisine accompanied by a yarn or two on the latest food show around: Kriol Kitchen premiering 2 April on NITV. The sisters invite special guests to divulge recipes inspired by their rich Kriol lineage in the culturally diverse northern part of Australia, a melting pot of Aboriginal Australian, Malaysia, China, Japan and the Philippines influences. Sometimes revealing long held family secrets, the guests impart some deadly recipes featuring liji liji, coral fish and bush fruit, seasoned with flavours such as lemongrass, chili, ginger and coriander, while sharing the stories of their mob along the way.


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S01E01 Episode 1 02/04/2014 Chinese influenced chicken with vermicelli and Gubinge custard dessert. Mushroom and Chicken is a popular dish in Kriol cooking. It has been handed down through families with a Chinese connection and it has many variations. The foundation of the dish is the use of soya and oyster sauce and relies on the earthy influence of the mushroom to penetrate the flesh of the chicken.
S01E02 Episode 2 09/04/2014 Bindook | Brian bin Saaban | Malaysian and Chinese influenced Chilli Crab, Singapore noodles with turtle, bunyjman, liji liji shell in a soya and chilli sauce. Every Kriol cook boasts about his or her “Chilli Crab”, and Brian bin Saaban is no exception. His chilli crab dish is one he whips up every time he wants to impress friends and family with a fiery dish straight from the ocean. Ali and Mitch journey to Bindook, a small family community north of Broome where Brian lives.
S01E03 Episode 3 16/04/2014 Broome | Carol, Amy and Lexie Tang Wei | Chinese influenced Family Chinese Long Soup. Under the guidance of Lexie Tang Wei, daughters Amy and Carol and granddaughters Lauren and Marli make their famous Chinese Long Soup from scratch. This recipe holds a special place in the lives of many Broome families who would purchase the soup from Mr Tang Wei’s restaurant right up to when he closed down.
S01E04 Episode 4 23/04/2014 Goobaragun | Kathleen Cox | Malaysian influenced Blue Bone Soup and Chilli Fish. There is even a song called ‘Blue Bone Soup’ sung by one of the sister’s uncles to great acclaim; that is how famous this dish is. Ali and Mitch travel two hours north of Broome to a tourist camping destination named Goobaragun and spend the day with Kathleen Cox.
S01E05 Episode 5 30/04/2014 Minarinyj | Sylvia Clarke | Malaysian and the Philippines influenced Clear Whiting Soup with chilli, garlic and ginger | Mullet Soup with Black Bean. For many Kriol families who were doing it tough, living off the ocean would help to supplement the meals for larger families and the Clarke family were no exception. Originally a Broome-Beagle Bay family, they moved to Port Hedland with the Catholic Church back in the 1940s to help establish a community with the Catholic ethos. Growing up on a meagre wage, Sylvia’s father always took his family fishing to catch crab, fish and other delicacies that the ocean offered, doing wonders for the soul.
S01E06 Episode 6 07/05/2014 Broome | Veronica Francis | Malaysian influenced Beef Curry using foundation spices and Ikan Bilis (anchovies) with chilli and eggs. In this episode we enjoy the culinary skills of Veronica Francis who draws on Malaysian influences from her father who taught her how to cook, albeit in a secretive manner. As a young woman Veronica journeyed to the land of her father to discover her other roots. What she found were similarities between the way families interact with each other back in her homeland and she felt right at home. Veronica will be cooking two dishes, both very hot and spicy.
S01E07 Episode 7 14/05/2014 Broome | Pat Torres | Djugan influenced Gubinge Jam with Bush Fig & Bush Fig Cup Cakes with a Bush Passion Fruit Icing. This episode takes a break from recipes that use chilli and instead features bush fruit desserts. Ali and Mitch join their cousin Pat Torres and learn how to whip up some sweet treats using local bush fruits found in the region. Gubinge, river figs, bush passionfruit and a myriad of other bush fruits and soft spices form the basis of the dishes that Pat prepares in this episode.
S01E08 Episode 8 21/05/2014 Broome | Neil Hamaguchi | Malaysian and Japanese influenced Steamed Barramundi with ginger, shallots, soy and pickled Chinese cabbage drizzled with crunchy garlic oil & pearl shell Sashimi. If there was ever a dish that took care of itself then this would be it. Ali and Mitch join their cousin Neil Hamaguchi and learn how to make the most amazing barramundi Kriol dish they have ever encountered. Drawing on his long history as a pearl diver, Neil shares the history of how this recipe came to be.
S01E09 Episode 9 28/05/2014 Yellow River | Mark bin Sali | Malaysian influenced Spicy Joombood Patties with Chilli and Raw Skippy (fish) with lemon, chilli, garlic, soy and vinegar Sashimi. In this episode Ali and Mitch travel with Mark bin Sali in the north of Broome to a popular fishing and camping spot, a place you can reach only with a 4WD and the bush know-how to find it. Mark shares with Ali and Mitch two of his favourite dishes that he has perfected since he was a young lad growing up in Broome and working on the pearling luggers off the south and north coast of Broome back in the 1980s.