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Chiyoko Kurotori s’intéresse aux forces occultes. C’est la raison pour laquelle elle n’est pas surprise quand ses camarades de classe lui demandent d’invoquer Cupidon. Elle s’exécute donc ; seulement, ce jour-là, elle a le nez bouché. Au lieu de faire appel au messager de l’amour, sans s’en rendre compte, elle fait venir Gyubid, une sorcière qu’elle est la seule à pouvoir voir et qui décide de faire de Chiyoko son apprentie.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Kuromajo-san ga touru!!

S01E01 Episode 1 04/04/2012 When Chiyoko "Choco" Kurotori attempts to summon Cupid with a stuffed nose, she instead summons the black witch, Gyubid, who decides to train her to become a black witch. Her first job involves investigating a ghost roaming around her school.
S01E02 Episode 2 11/04/2012 When the school decides to hold a cycling rally, Chiyoko asks for Gyubid's magical help to compensate for her inability to ride a bike.
S01E03 Episode 3 18/04/2012 Chiyoko finds herself in a middle of a psychic debate between two boys over the existence of psychic powers, both of which want to date Chiyoko should they win their argument.
S01E04 Episode 4 25/04/2012 Perverted classmate Naoki Kojima takes an interest in a new transfer student, Lulu Ramon. However, Gyubid suspects Lulu to be a spirit attempting to sacrifice Naoki in order to become a black witch.
S01E05 Episode 5 09/05/2012 Chiyoko finds her classmates have been turned into cats by an evil peddler who wants to make them his familiars.
S01E06 Episode 6 16/05/2012 While shopping in Harajuku, Chiyoko and her friend Megu are approached by a supposed model scout. However, this scout appears to be more than meets the eye.
S01E07 Episode 7 23/05/2012 While on a field trip, a girl named Rio Mukai is lured into a house by a witch named Baba Yaga, and it is up to Chiyoko and Gyubid to save her.
S01E08 Episode 8 30/05/2012 As one of her classmates helps prepare something for a picnic, Chiyoko ends up giving him an ingredient from the spirit world which causes everyone who eats the food to go love crazy.
S01E09 Episode 9 13/06/2012 Chiyoko's friend Rinne asks her to help get rid of her bad luck.
S01E10 Episode 10 20/06/2012 Chiyoko and a select few are invited to star in a TV wizardry show. There, she meets a former classmate of Gyubid's, Angolmois, who wishes to make Chiyoko her student.
S01E11 Episode 11 27/06/2012 Wanting to help her classmate Touko Miyase relax, Chiyoko gets Gyubid to help turn her school into a hot spring inn. She soon learns her classmate, Kyou Oogata, is really a wizard trained by Angolmois.
S01E12 Episode 12 04/07/2012 As Chiyoko's class goes on a trip to the beach, a strange being from the Spirit World named Akuma Joe warns Chiyoko that the bus will explode once it reaches the end of the tunnel. In order to save everyone, Chiyoko chants a spell putting everyone inside the Spirit World, where she must play the role of Cinderella in order to escape. As Chiyoko struggles, Gyubid appears to help her get to the ball.
S01E13 The Black Witch`s Cinderella (Part 2) 11/07/2012 As Chiyoko continues through the story, she and Gyubid discover the culprit is Kyou, who vows to conquer the Spirit World and make the entire class his pets. However, Chiyoko manages to get everyone to return home safely.
S01E14 Ms. Black Witch is a Big Sister? (Part 1) 12/09/2012 Chiyoko is asked by Megu to take her cousin, Momo, to the mall. Whilst at the arcade section, Momo coaxes Chiyoko's friend Touko Miyase into winning a mysterious hand puppet for her siblings. As Touko's siblings suddenly go missing, Momo is revealed to be Gyubid's underclassman, Touka Blossom, who is plotting to sacrifice Touko's siblings to summon a demon.
S01E15 Ms. Black Witch is a Big Sister? (Part 2) 19/09/2012 Chiyoko manages to reveal that Kyou is behind the incident. Touka reveals she was only pretending to be manipulated so she can try and seal away Kyou's powers once more using the puppet. Kyou attempts to have his cuckoo minions steal the puppet, but Chiyoko, Gyubid and Touka manage to recover it and place it on his hand again, sealing his powers once more. Afterwards, Touka starts living in Chiyoko's house to continue her black witch training.
S01E16 Ms. Black Witch's Class Visit 26/09/2012 On Class Observation day, Gyubid disguises herself as Chiyoko's mother in order to investigate her teacher, Mr. Matsuoka, who's been possessed by a demon. After exorcising Matsuoka, they discover the culprit to be Akuma Joe, who was accidentally swallowed by Matsuoka.
S01E17 Ms. Black Witch's Sports Day (Part 1) 03/10/2012 As the class prepares for Sports Day, they hold a contest for who will be at the top of the human pyramid event. As athletic Suzuka Suzukaze sails through the contest, Gyubid deduces she is a black witch student. Chiyoko and Gyubid tail Suzuka to a hospital as she meets with her instructor, who desires Suzuka to perform a ritual in exchange for her brother's success in undergoing surgery.
S01E18 Ms. Black Witch's Sports Day (Part 2) 10/10/2012 Come Sports Day, after Gyubid casts an unknown spell on her, Chiyoko spots Angolmois speaking to another man, Count Leonare, about the purposed ritual, learning the truth that perfoming the ritual will not help Suzuka's brother. Before Chiyoko can warn Suzuka, Angolmois uses paralyzing magic to prevent her from interfering with the ritual which Suzuka begins to perform atop a human pyramid. However, the ritual fails as Suzuka's magic had mysteriously disappeared. As Suzuka's brother's operations goes smoothly, Chiyoko learns from Touka that Gyubid had used a forbidden magic to sever Suzuka's pact with Angolmois, the punishment of which is becoming trapped in a tree in the Spirit World.
S01E19 Ms. Black Witch's Halloween (Part 1) 17/10/2012 In the run up to halloween, Chiyoko learns from Touka that police from the Spirit World are hidden throughout the town, meaning Gyubid is still around town somewhere. They manage to find her in an antiques store. They are confronted by the Spirit World Police, but are aided by Akuma Joe, who tells of a conflict between the Public Magic School Gyubid graduated from and the Black Witch Academy, who got the police on their side. Feeling guilt for allegedly causing her school trouble due to her actions, Gyubid decides to travel to the Spirit World to help her school, with Chiyoko and Touka deciding to come along.
S01E20 Ms. Black Witch's Halloween (Part 2) 24/10/2012 Upon arriving in the Spirit World, the gang, joined by Exnome, go to see Gyubid's principal, Melusine, who assures Gyubid that what she did was the right thing. As Gyubid and co try to escape into town, Chiyoko becomes separated from them and is forced to transform into a dried frog to avoid capture. However, she forgets how to transform back but is luckily noticed by Gyubid before she ends up getting eaten. Just then, they are caught by Leonare and the Spirit Police, where it is revealed that Exnome had betrayed them.
S01E21 Ms. Black Witch's Halloween (Part 3) 31/10/2012 As Gyubid is put on trial, Chiyoko receives evidence from Melusine that can prove Gyubid's innocence. With help from Touka and a few others, Chiyoko breaks out of prison and arrives at the court room, revealing a letter Leonare wrote explaining how Gyubid was set up by him and managing to get Exnome to testify about its authenticity. After Leonare is taken into custody, the judge decrees that Gyubid should not leave Chiyoko's side until she graduates as a black witch.
S01E22 Ms. Black Witch as a Dog 14/11/2012 As Gyubid brings up some magic cards that bring proverbs to life, a grammatical error on Chiyoko's part leads her, Gyubid and Touka to become transformed into dogs. As the card that can change them back ends up being taken by a crow, the gang chase after it. Chiyoko gets seperated and meets Megu's pet dog Gumi, who ran away from Megu since he didn't want to wear silly clothes for a dog fashion show. They eventually manage to retrieve the card and return to human form.
S01E23 Ms. Black Witch is Scared of the Swimming Pool Ghost (Part 1) 21/11/2012 Chiyoko and Gyubid investigate reports of a ghost hanging around the school pool. Finding the ghost to merely be Naoki pulling a prank, Gyubid plans to do a revenge prank, only to find there is an actual monster lurking in the pool.
S01E24 Ms. Black Witch is Scared of the Swimming Pool Ghost (Part 2) 28/11/2012 Chiyoko, Gyubid and Touka soon discover that the culprit is Kyou, who has once again unsealed his powers. Chiyoko manages to perform a spell to cleanse Kyou's heart, although as a side effect she loses all of her manga. After the encounter, Gyubid arranges for Kyou's family to move in next door so she can keep an eye on him, with Touka acting as his little sister.
S01E25 Demon's Library 05/12/2012 Chiyoko is asked to investigate a supposedly possessed library, which changes the contents of its books to be about trees. They discover the culprit to be one of Chiyoko's schoolmates who became possessed by a tree demon, which Chiyoko and Gyubid soon exorcise.
S01E26 Ms. Black Witch Wasn't Built in a Day 09/01/2013 After learning a time control spell from Gyubid, Chiyoko attempts to use it to skip a PE lesson. However, after a bug messes up her finger motions, she ends up stuck in an infinite loop where she must do her PE lesson over and over. After going through multiple loops, she manages to break out of it after managing to do a successful vault.
S01E27 Suspicious Confectious Cake Contest (Part 1) 16/01/2013 As a cake contest is held, Gyubid teaches Chiyoko a duplication spell to make a copy of herself to look for rare chestnuts for a mont blanc. Things soon get awkward as the copies start making copies of themselves that deviate further from the original with each duplication, so Gyubid and Chiyoko set off to capture all the copies.
S01E28 Suspicious Confectious Cake Contest (Part 2) 23/01/2013 As Gyubid grows suspicious of Ogata purchasing a large amount of rice bowls, she and Chiyoko discover him bargaining with a banshi from the demon world, presumedly as a soldier for hire. After they step in to confront him, they learn from Touka that the banshi is actually a chef who Oogata asked to teach him how to make a mont blanc.
S01E29 A Ritual Sacrifice After School!? 30/01/2013 Chiyoko gets dragged in by her friends to investigate the curious behaviour of their teacher, Matsuoka. After talking with Gyubid, Chiyoko fears that he may be engaging in a ritual to summon a demon. As it turns out, he was just learning how to make soup in secret.
S01E30 Valentine Panic 13/02/2013 As Valentine's Day approaches, Gyubid inadvertently feeds the chubby Iwata a herb that makes him seem attractive to everyone. This, Chiyoko must try and give him some chocolate with an antidote whilst facing up against all the other girls that are now infatuated with him.
S01E31 The Graduation Album Smells Like the Occult (Part 1) 20/02/2013 A strange occurrence appears to be interfering with the class photo shoot, which is soon revealed to be Ruru, who was inadvertently summoned by Gyubid in a magical game of shiritori.
S01E32 The Graduation Album Smells Like the Occult (Part 2) 27/02/2013 Ruru attempts to get revenge on Gyubid and Chiyoko by putting Naoki in harm's way so Gyubid will get expelled. With help from the class's otaku nerd, Chiyoko and Gyubid use the magical shiritori game to summon ingredients for an exorcism.
S02E01 Ms. Black Witch and Cherry Trees 03/04/2013
S02E02 Ms. Black Witch's Stationery Shop 10/04/2013
S02E03 Ms. Black Witch and Joke Telling 17/04/2013
S02E04 Ms. Black Witch's Quarrel Tempest 24/04/2013
S02E05 Tiny Black Witch 08/05/2013
S02E06 Ms. Black Witch's Grandma 15/05/2013
S02E07 Ms. Black Witch's Nightmare 22/05/2013
S02E08 Ms. Black Witch's Favorite is Fortune Telling? 29/05/2013
S02E09 Ms. Black Witch Goes to Spirit World (Part 1) 12/06/2013
S02E10 Ms. Black Witch Goes to Spirit World (Part 2) 19/06/2013
S02E11 Ms. Black Witch and the Red Thread 1 26/06/2013
S02E12 Ms. Black Witch and the Red Thread 2 03/07/2013
S02E13 Ms. Black Witch and the Red Thread 3 10/07/2013
S02E14 The Black Witch Isn't Good at Swimming?! 11/09/2013
S02E15 It's Animals, Black Witch 18/09/2013
S02E16 The Visible Scent, Black Witch 25/09/2013
S02E17 The Black Witch's School Art Festival 09/10/2013
S02E18 The Black Witch's Autumn Festival (Part 1) 16/10/2013
S02E19 The Black Witch's Autumn Festival (Part 2) 23/10/2013
S02E20 The Black Witch and Darudemon 30/10/2013
S02E21 The Black Witch's Christmas I 13/11/2013
S02E22 The Black Witch's Christmas II 20/11/2013
S02E23 The Black Witch's Christmas III 27/11/2013
S02E24 The Black Witch's Christmas IV 04/12/2013
S02E25 The Black Witch and Madame TenTen 22/01/2014
S02E26 The Black Witch and the Bread Thief?! 29/01/2014
S02E27 The Black Witch's Letter 12/02/2014
S02E28 The Black Witch's Letter Part 2 19/02/2014

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