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Asuka est une lycéenne mignonne et innocente dont chaque chose qu’elle fait, est sexuellement suggestif aux hommes autour d’elle. Chaque chapitre se focalise sur une situation maladroite.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Kyou no Asuka Show

S01E01 Panties 03/08/2012 Asuka doesn't realise her panties are exposed. A businessman tries to point this out to her and doesn't receive the response he expected.
S01E02 Swimsuit 27/08/2012 Asuka, deciding it's not embarrassing to wear swimsuits "near bodies of water" decides to test this theory on a rainy day.
S01E03 Popsicle 07/09/2012 Asuka wants to buy a popsicle but has forgotten her wallet. The seller offers her one for free if she eats it in a rather suggestive way.
S01E04 Good Deed 14/09/2012 Asuka helps an old lady cross the road whilst walking home with a classmate, which leads to another unexpected "exposure".
S01E05 Confession 21/09/2012 A fellow student tries to ask Asuka out. Asuka rejects him, but offers some helpful advice on how to sell himself better.
S01E06 Rise & Shine 28/09/2012
S01E07 Allergies 05/10/2012
S01E08 Umbrella 12/10/2012
S01E09 Part-time Job 19/10/2012
S01E10 Capsule Toy 26/10/2012
S01E11 Mixed Bath 02/11/2012
S01E12 Homework 09/11/2012
S01E13 I-Cups 16/11/2012
S01E14 Sweat 23/11/2012
S01E15 Late 30/11/2012
S01E16 Public Bath 07/12/2012
S01E17 Setsubun 14/12/2012
S01E18 Takkun 21/12/2012
S01E19 Scouts 28/12/2012
S01E20 The Park 05/01/2013