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KYTV was a sketch-based show which lampooned the new satellite television companies which had begun to operate in the UK. Each week, a different aspect of 'cheap' television production and broadcasting provided the 'theme' for the sketches in the programme. Inept links and amateurish presentation were very much the order of the day.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de KYTV

S02E01 KYTellython 17/03/1992 KYTV puts on its own telethon, dubbed ""Brown Nose Day.""
S02E02 God Alone Knows 24/03/1992
S02E03 Good Morning Calais 31/03/1992 Anna Daptor reports from France on the opening of the Chunnel.
S02E04 Crisis Special 07/04/1992
S02E05 Speak for Yourself 14/04/1992
S02E06 Talking Head 21/04/1992
S03E01 The Making of David Chizzlenut 17/09/1993
S03E02 Those Sexciting '60s 24/09/1993
S03E03 Fly on the Walls 01/10/1993
S03E04 2000 'n' Whither? 08/10/1993
S03E05 Hot Crimes 15/10/1993
S03E06 Get Away with You 22/10/1993
S03E07 Children in Need Special 26/11/1993