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Welcome to the L.A. Firefighters guide at TV Tome. L. A. Firefighters follows the lives of the members of Fire Company 132 in Los Angeles. Jarrod Emick stars as Jack Malloy, 132's fire captain, who has his fair share of problems to struggle with both on the job and at home. Christine Elise is the team's new member, Erin Coffy, daughter of the Battalion Chief Dick Coffy (played by Brian Smiar). Dick has never wanted his "little girl" to be a firefighter and this is the root to a lot of conflicts. The other original cast members were Carlton Wilborn as Ray Grimes, Alexandra Hedison as Kay Rizzo, Brian Leckner as J.B. Baker, Michael Gallagher as Lenny Rose, Elizabeth Mitchell as Jack's wife Laura Malloy and Miguel Sandoval as Bernie Ramirez, a former firefighter turned arson investigator. L. A. Firefighters debuted on FOX on June 3, 1996. Unfortunately, the show was not a hit with the critics and there was also a lot of fuzz because some offended real-life firefigh


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S01E01 L.A. Fire (Pilot) 03/06/1996 The members of Fire Co. 132 are led by Captain Jack Malloy. The rest of the team include: the experienced Kay Rizzo, a brave firefighter who doesn't open up easily; Ray Grimes, a courageous black firefighter for whom this job was a way out of the Ghetto; Lenny Rose, the team's greenhorn who keeps bringing his kinky girlfriend Flame to the fire station; the spiritually inclined J.B. Baker; and Phil Regan, an old school friend of Jack who is starting to get sloppy. The team's newest member is Erin Coffy. Although a gifted firefighter, Erin is constantly getting a somewhat skeptical eye from her father, fire brigade boss Dick Coffy. Erin is also struggling with a crush on Jack. The team runs into problems while trying to evacuate a burning house. J.B. is confronted with an overweight woman who refuses to leave her house and points a shotgun at him. Meanwhile, Phil panics, leaving his partner Jack alone. Luckily, a branch on the extendible ladder turns out to be the last-minute rescue for
S01E02 Till Death Do Us Part 10/06/1996 Everyone is still affected by Phil's death - especially Jack, who keeps blaming himself. Bernie is intent on finding the serial arsonist who is indirectly responsible for Phil's death but the cops - led by Detective Cerone - offer little help. Meanwhile, after trying to be supportive of Jack, Laura has had enough and leaves him. Firefighter Mike Durning joins Fire Co. 132 as Phil's replacement. Not exactly in an easy situation, Mikes ""life-goes-on-comments"" to a grieving Jack doesn't improve the situation and the two are off to a rocky start. But already on his first day, Mike proves himself by saving a man from a burning house and then saves him from suffocation with a bronchial tube cut. But in doing so, he disobeys Jack's orders; thus the rift between them continues. Jack tries to take care of Phil's widow Helen and her two kids. Ray is looked up by public defender Michelle Goldstein, who tells him that his younger brother Bobby is in jail on a drug charge. Ray is sick and tired of
S01E03 It's A Family Affair 17/06/1996 Erin does a heroic effort to save a woman from a burning building. At the same fire scene, Kay detects evidence indicating that this is the work of the arsonist: a key to an academician club. Jack and Mike are really not getting along at all. They compete in everything and Jack is a sore loser. Dick appears to be critical to Erin's every move and disapproves of the way she dresses. Erin gets angry and accuses her father of being a drunk. Bernie is working hard on the arsonist case. The similarities between all the burned-down houses are that they were apartment buildings inhabited by minorities. The media is focusing closely on the case and the upper police boss, Brodie, lays down the law to Bernie. Michelle Goldstein tells Bobby that the D.A. has offered him a good deal but Bobby refuses to accept it. Ray goes completely ballistic and tries to persuade Bobby to go ahead with the deal. Kay gives Bernie the key she has found. Erin goes to Chief Deputy Al Morrison and requests a transfer
S01E04 The Fire Down Below 24/06/1996 With chainsaws and their bare hands, the Fire Co. 132 team struggle desperately to save Erin and J.B. They manage to save J.B. but it is more difficult to get to Erin, who is running out of oxygen. Luckily, Erin is saved just in time and Jack gives her CPR. Bernie investigates the building and it appears to be the serial arsonist who has struck again. Happy that both their colleagues have survived, Jack and Kay end up in bed together. Bobby comes to see Ray and tells him he's stopped doing drugs for a week now. However, he needs to get off the street to keep this up. Ray agrees to help. Mike suffers a guilty conscience as everyone seems to think the accident with Erin and J.B. was his fault. Back from the hospital, Erin assures Mike that she doesn't blame him. In fact, Erin is so grateful to all those who saved her life that she decides to not go ahead with transfer anyway. Dick promises Erin that he'll deal with his alcoholism. Kay runs into Laura and she feels very awkward talking to
S01E05 Curiouser And Curiouser 01/07/1996 Erin appears to still have a crush on Jack, so she asks Kay if she's sleeping with him. Kay lies that she isn't. Still dissatisfied with Mike, Jack works on Dick to get him to transfer Mike to another unit. Bernie brings Norman to the police. Detective Cerone promises that there's going to be a lot of publicity and the very fire-fascinated Norman confesses to being the arsonist. Jack argues with Laura and they accuse each other of seeing other people. Bernie is far from convinced that Norman in the arsonist and wants Cerone to check if the fingerprints he has found matches Norman's. Cerone, however, doesn't think it's necessary, so Bernie has to go to Dorfman for help again. The results come as no surprise: the prints don't match. Bernie goes to the D.A. and an angered and embarrassed Cerone has to let Norman go. However, thanks to Norman's confession there's a big lynching mob that harasses Norman and his mother. Erin confronts Kay again and this times she confesses to having slept wi
S01E06 A Mad Tea Party 08/07/1996 Dick has to go before a committee and answer question about his alcoholism after he appeared drunk at work. Jack testifies against Dick before the committee. When Erin finds out, she is disappointed and their friendship comes to an end. Chief Deputy Al Morrison is also called as a witness and he puts up a brave argument on Dick's behalf. A bossy, pregnant film studio executive flat-tires her Rolls Royce. Her husband runs to the fire station for help and Lenny, J.B. and Flame end up having to help deliver the woman's baby. Bernie has narrowed his list of suspects down to twelve firemen. Jack helps him out with fingerprints and they are shocked to find out who the arsonist is. Bernie then arrests the culprit: Al Morrison. However, Morrison has plenty of connections and is quickly let out on bail. Jack feels a bit guilty that he wasn't able to lie for Dick but Dick's wife drops by the fire station and assures him he has done the right thing. Kay realizes she's in love with Jack but she is
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